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Osceola Mortgage- Home of the "Ultimate Buyer's Program"

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Osceola Mortgage is a Licensed Correspondent Mortgage Lender. The company is just over 2 years old but the General Manager, Jim Lally has over 20 years lending experience in fields ranging from small consumer loans to Wall Street Securitizations.

When you work with Osceola Mortgage on your home loan you have the advantage of a company with excellent investor relations and two decades of management experience. We have seen hills and valleys in the credit markets before and are VERY bullish on the Central and North Florida Real Estate markets. We can help you with your home loan needs anywhere in the State of Florida.

Jim is a graduate of Troy University with a BA in Business/Communications, a lifetime brother in Delta Kappa Epsilon, a 5 year member on the Board of Directors of the Marion County YMCA and has participated with a number of other non- profit agencies. Previous to becoming invoved in the mortgage business, Jim founded and directed a company that was the largest independent auto loan originator in the United States. 

 Our philisophy is that our community is special and it is important to give back and everyone should have a chance at home ownership. We promise to do everything we can to make that a reality every time we have the opportunity and we consider it a priviledge to be of service to buyers and the Realtors that refer them.

We are also, always, available for training and market analysis for any Realty group that may wish to take advantage of this  free service. We do not charge for checking a buyer's credit or for issuing a pre qualification.

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We specialize in what we have named the "Ulitmate Buyer's Program". This program , depsite what you hear in the broad -brush media, allows for a buyer to purchase a home with no money down and even finance the closing costs. We have seen dramatic changes in the industry the last year and this is a stable solid program that is Governemant backed. The program is great for buyers. Realtors can feel secure knowing the buyer got a loan product that will not change , is priced fairly and  does NOT even require PMI even at 100%. This product saves buyers thousands and they do not need to have "perfect" credit to qualify.

We believe this product is a key component in moving inventory, insuring the long term success for the buyers and reinvigorating our market with buyer activity. We are an industry leader in the product, and in fact for the 2nd quarter of 2008 we have done more of these loans than any competitor in the North Central Florida

We of course offer all Fannie and Freddie products along with a unique 95% program up to $417,000 and a Foreign National Program with as little as 25% down with no credit report or income docs, and all at low conforming rates.

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