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By Phil Stevenson, CRMP, "Mortgage Nerd" in Miami, Florida and Texas
(PS Mortgage Lending 305-791-4874 or 888-845-6630)
In The Broker Business, Nothing is Ever Boring According to an article publiushed by Mortgage Professional America, "Major Lender Closing Broker Channel," EverBank, is closing its wholesale broker lending channel in order to focus on correspondent and consumer-direct business. The decision will effectively close wholesale lending centers in Dallas, Sacramento and Jacksonville, which will eliminate 150 positions nationwide. Company spokesperson, Michael Cosgrove said: "In recent years – particularly in the wake of the financial crisis – the broker lending business has been in a state of transition. Given the recent rise in interest rates and the resulting dampening effect on refinance activity – coupled with the evolving regulatory burdens specific to the broker business – we’ve decided ...
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By James R. Venney, CMP, CMPS
(Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust)
Success has it's privileges one of which is Private Mortgage Banking.  I am in the twin cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul (yes, it's freezing...why don't they hold these events in Hawaii?) attending a Private Mortgage Bankers conference and I realized that most homeowners and Real Estate professionals in the Miami area are not aware of what Private Mortgage Banking can do for them. As Private Mortgage Bankers we have more flexibility in how we interpret income and tax returns particularly for business owners or professionals that have significant bonus and/or commission income.  Many times by looking at income from a cash flow perspective we are able to secure an approval for an applicant that would not otherwise qualify under standard mortgage underwriting guidelines.  Additionally we c...
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By Susan J. Penn, PA, CDPE, SFR
(London Foster Realty)
How do you locate professors at University of Miami with nearby available listings? I have three homes waiting for a student or professor within walking distance.
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