mybuildingfundscom: Are Hard money Lenders really hard on borrowers or are they less Difficult to deal with? - 10/09/08 02:01 AM
And they are also declining them!  So what's the point?  Getting a loan approval depends on meeting the lenders revised guidelines.  Private Money Lenders ARE Hard Money Lenders.  Today they even try to call themselves "situational" lenders.  It seems back in the day, the high interest rates normally associated with "private" money lenders led to the private money community being defined as why didn't we call good credit lower interest rate lenders "soft money lenders?  Perhaps this is a classic example of a business sector's failure to define itself before others did.  Hard money can actually do what other banks REFUSE … (0 comments)

mybuildingfundscom: Bailout the banks that didn't go bad! - 09/28/08 02:09 PM
So what about those banks that didn't do bad loans?  They did right by their customers and what do they get?
More business?  The chance to take business from banks and investment banks that went belly up?  That seems like the case but they don't get a check from the government. 
I am just wondering, maybe more acknowledgement should be given to the banks that did not do so many pay option arms.  Maybe those banks that we don't hear about as having bad loans deserve our business because they did not cost taxpayers $700 billion and di NOT watch families … (2 comments)

mybuildingfundscom: New York Hotel and Motel Commercial Loans Marketing Campaign has been launched by American Cash Solutions Inc - 08/27/08 12:38 PM
I called around to some and its lady said she owns some franchise hotels and from that also created her own independent hotels.  There are so many throughout the country and they are a vital part of the Tourist industry.  I am targeting New York but hotel and motel owners across the country are welcome to call me and explain their situation!
Independent Hotel and Motel Owners have cash flow needs just like any other business and sees the Holidays as generators of cash.
Hotels and Motels need to keep their rooms furnished.  If a curtain is set on fire … (4 comments)

mybuildingfundscom: Press Release Regarding American Cash Solutions Inc! - 08/18/08 01:07 PM
Press Release:Charles G Hennebeul is pleased to announce his purchase of the domain name
The website which has yet to be developed will allow Hennebeul to penetrate the Business to Business market and begin to realize healthy profits that will surpass that of his competitors.
"The revenues that can be generated from the business to business market is clearly dependent on what a company has to offer.  If it sells itself the rewards can be millions upon millions of dollars.  Self selling ideas, products or services can be copied by the competition but the creativity and innovation is what makes … (0 comments)

mybuildingfundscom: Kentucky Fried Chicken and My Website - 04/10/08 09:39 AM
Well here is a question...which do you like better...KFC or my website (http://www/
Well I am in such a good mood right now because I am going to order a supasize bucket of KFC.  I've been working out and don't mind any protein from KFC. I am rewarding myself for updating the website.  It will have more and more info on it as time passes.
Hey, how come down in Louisiana they served me corn on the cob and corn dogs but up here in NY they don't serve these two items?  That's like eating an english muffin without butter!
Well, here is my … (4 comments)


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