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My blog will try to provide you insights into mortgage lending, my prospectives into the real estate market and general information. I provide this based upon my 39+ years in the real estate, building and now for the past 23 years the mortgage industry.



In this short video, Dave Kosmecki explains the basics on Mortgage Insurance. What is it? Why is it necessary? Who pays for it? Based upon my 27 years of experience, I see so much confusion about mortgage insurance. I also see people doing everything possible to avoid it. Mortgage insurance now ...
In this video, Dave Kosmecki explains what an "REO" is.  He describes the pros and cons to purchasing an REO. REO or bank owned property can be a real value but Buyer beware! When you consider this type of purchase, be sure to get expert advice on condition. Based upon my 30+ years of experience...
In this short video, I explain the confusion about "NO COST LOANS". All mortgages have closing costs. The "no cost" option really refers to who pays the closing costs. No Cost Loans can be a "good deal" in some cases. In other cases, it's a bad deal. The question that determines what's right for...

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