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Ducking past a woman heaving a brown pandanus basket into her shopping cart, and dodging another reaching for a yellow bird print solimene platter, I entered the bazaar.  No, I wasn’t vacationing in an exotic location – I had only traveled to the local mall, and found myself unwittingly tossed in...
We all know that staging a property will make it look its best for presentation on the market. But there are other reasons for Realtors to work with stagers above and beyond simply improving the appearance of a property. Some Realtors (gasp!) even think that it's in their best interest to do the ...
The more I learn about the real estate industry, the more I realize that it's a "people" business.  It's not just about the properties and dollars being exchanged.  Sure, in the end, the deal is going to depend on the property's location, price, and, of course, appearance (plug here for staging!)...
My husband has been telling me for weeks that I should get into blogging, so here goes nothing...Lately I've been visiting open houses to see what's going on in the market and in home staging.  I've visited a bunch of beautiful properties in Redwood City, Palo Alto and Mountain View, and met just...

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