apex: LAND Opportunities will be everywhere in 2021(edit/delete) - 08/03/11 01:08 PM
Opportunities will be everywhere in 2021 (edit/delete) As a young extremely agressive rookie agent in 1974 - I encountered a full scale recession and home interest rates  at 10% . I was new to my town( Raleigh , NC ) -and literally knew nobody .Perhaps I had just lost my mind ,as I quit my  secure corporate accounting job to sell real estate .
 All I heard was how bad it was but having a house payment, a wife and young daughter -I had to do it 
 I read books by Zig Ziglar "Get a Checkup from the Neck Up" ,Dale Carnegie's famous books, Think and Grow Rich -Ten Acres … (0 comments)

apex: Are new agents really different ? - 08/03/11 07:45 AM
Every generation is different and so is the crop now entering the real estate game.
I came out of the REBELLIOUS HIPPIE 60'S which is still trying to stay young and maintain control-we are called BABY BOOMERS.
I never knew many who survived the Great Depression and the Roaring 20's but those magnets must have really thought the later crowds were weird and useless.
The game of real estate has changed a lot since I started in 1974 with only mls bound books and homes selling for $20/ft.
We made a lot of cold calls,knocked on doors  did mail box and … (4 comments)

apex: Will land values come back in 2011 ? - 08/03/11 06:22 AM
In my personal investment plan that I formulated in 2008 I underestimated the future stagnation we are experiencing as of August 2011.
I am located in one of the most stable markets in the country (Wake County of NC) and it has not escaped the doldrums but has fared better than most.
Banks continue to shut off the finance valve for land as they still have the big problem of getting rid of their shadow inventories of REO property.
The recent financial debacles in our nation's capital have not helped.
I am located in Apex,N.C. which has 2 major stimulus projects … (0 comments)

apex: GET IN THE WAY AND MAKE BIG BUCKS - 05/27/11 05:33 AM
Learning how to buy in the path of future growth is the best game to play.This of course requires being able to get control of property by title or some form of option with extension capability.
In my career,I have been able to do this numerous times thus buying land by the acre and selling it years later by the square foot.
Most residential agents do not have this expertise but it can be learned by hanging around auctioneers and successful land brokers or developers.
Just one … (0 comments)

apex: THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM IN 2011 AND BEYOND - 12/06/09 02:33 AM
The single family home is the American dream as it is yours ( yours and the banks). Homes have always gone up in value until December of 2007 .
In today's economy , it is debateable whether renting and building a huge cash account or being strapped with buying a home is better. When you buy a home , that is just the tip of the iceberg.There are taxes,maintenace,insurance,higher utility bills and more which most homeowners do not seem to factor into the equation.
Since most Americans do not have the self control to save money ,I guess it really does … (7 comments)

apex: Why most people never own land - 12/06/09 02:18 AM
Everybody would love to have some land just outside the city to take their family to.
After being in real estate for 30 years , I have noticed that not ven realtors own land. Apparently it comes down to the old saying " the world is full of people who are going to do something tomorrow".
Most really really weathly people own land or got wealthy by buying it over a 10-20 year time frame.
It amazes me how people think the big corporation they work for will take care of them forever or their 401ks (which are now 201ks at … (2 comments)


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Real estate is a wonderful game when times are good but not so much fun in down times. The Great Depression of 2008 until who knows when is one of those unkind times. Some seasoned agents probably put away funds from 2003-2008 but most probably did not. Like all 100% commission sales professions our incomes can fluctuate big time . If you are one of those who prepared for The Great Ressession then you are possibly in a position to invest which is where the real money is. We have done the rental game but today just do the best -land .Anybody who can buy ,option, get land by owner financing etc. in 2015 should do it any way they can. In 5 years you will be a happy camper.




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