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  What makes Mt Helix in La Mesa CA such a great neighborhood? The days of the Andy Griffith Show are long gone, but people still search for that sense of community and belonging, and most folks really do like to get to know their neighbors. Mt Helix is a community spirited neighborhood nestled i...
New and nearly new homes in La Mesa CA.... this one takes the prize! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, totally charming and almost all new, this fully permitted home has been beautifully renovated over the past 18 months. There aren't many newer homes in popular La Mesa CA, and if you're tired of looking at j...
  Mt Helix La Mesa CA-- community at its best! These days, people long for a sense of community and connectivity--  why else would Facebook, Farmville, and texting all be so incredibly popular? La Mesa, CA has long been called "The Jewel of the Hills", and Mt Helix, the scenic neighborhood tucked...
The good news is there are still plenty of excellent homes to choose from in San Diego and La Mesa-- short sales, foreclosures and regular sales too. But the clock is ticking on the Homebuyer tax credits of either (up to) $8000 or (up to) $6500. Full rules are at As a homebuyer, the d...
If you're considering purchasing a home-- maybe you're inspired in the hopes of getting up to $8000 in tax credit-- here's a quick survival checklist for today's San Diego market. 1. Stamina. Are you in this for the long haul, or just to 'snag a deal'? There are plenty of long waits (3,6,9+ month...
With so many bank owned and short sale homes, and their automatic answer of NO!!! to any repair request, it was easy to forget how in a regular transaction, the official Request for Repairs had the potential to open up a huge can of worms. In fact many times, this one document singlehandedly put ...
  Have you ever had to do major damage control after a home inspector blazed through a home and left the buyers stunned, overwhelmed, and ready to walk, and the sellers incensed, indignant, and not willing to negotiate anymore? Being thorough, detailed and knowledgeable are great traits for an in...
We live and breathe the real estate market-  I must say the words  "short sale" and "foreclosure" at least 100 times a day. But it still amazes me how much the general public does NOT know about what's really going on today. Weekly I'll get calls with people asking: Q. Can't I just talk with the ...
Just spoke with two more REALTOR(R) friends today who are personally considering short sales, and are in emotional angst over it having come to this. I asked them both: how would you advise a client who was in the same situation? For all of us, when it's yourself on the line, our thinking tends t...
All of San Diego is on edge, and still grieving for a beautiful young 17-year old who was found murdered last week by a known sex offender. She was out jogging, alone, enjoying nature. It's pitiful that we can't enjoy this lovely planet without constant fear of some crazed predator lying in wait....

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