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Shannon Slater of DW Slater Appraisals in Texas explains this topic much better than I and wanted to share!   Perhaps there is a contract on your house.  You are in the middle of packing.  Boxes are everywhere and you get a notification that the appraiser is coming to perform an inspection of the...
Dos and Donts of Appraiser - Agent Communication from The Appraisal Foundation as published in REALTOR Magazine by David S. Bunton. This post is about Louisiana, Agent/Broker Comps and Agents measuring homes.  I know other Agents in other States don't measure homes and some say they won't take on...
Recently, Time Magazine did an article on whether a homeowner should install solar panels.  They cited the affordability of solar panels, with a nod of approval towards the approximately 700,000 households in America, who have installed them. However, the article failed to bring up a very import...
Good Appraiser Video Helping To Educate The Public On What We Do by Virigina Home Appraiser, Jonathan Montgomery! I absolutely agree with Jonathan's video about Agent comps and I know this is highly controversial, testy topic. Some Appraisers will disagree and I expect that.  "I just don't see th...
Gap between Appraiser, Homeowner perceptions of home value doubles in July...evident to Baton Rouge Appraisers for "some" appraisals. See below.   This is Bill Cobb Appraiser commentary on the recent Housingwire / Quicken Loans article about the growing gap between what homeowners think their hom...
What Is External Obsolescence - How Baton Rouge Home Appraisers Think?External Obsolescence can be locational factors which decrease the value of your home.  And, it can add "A;Res:" classification for "Adverse" location.   Lenders "may" frown on lending on a home with an adverse location."The de...

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