california: Hemet - San Jacinto, California December 2010 Market Conditions - 12/15/10 09:36 AM
Appraiser Adjustment Matrix
Area              Hemet - San Jacinto                                    Date 12/15/2010

california: Moreno Valley - California: Real Estate Market Conditions in November 2010 - 11/23/10 05:53 AM
Appraiser Adjustment Matrix
Area                          Moreno Valley                           Date 11/23/2010

california: Murrieta - California: Real Estate Market Conditions: November 2010 - 11/23/10 05:48 AM
Appraiser Adjustment Matrix
Area              Murrieta, CA                                  Date 11/23/2010
Chart above show the decline in the number of homes sold in a 1-month period in 2009 (236) vs. 2010 (147) that is a decline of almost 38%.  Most sales last year were REOs - this year most sales are standard sales.  Most of the current listings are short sales, with the short sales taking the longest to sale.  Additional research between listings and 1-month of pending sales were now have about 4.5 months of standing inventory; there was about 2.5 months of inventory at the end of April 2010.  So we have … (0 comments)

california: Market Conditions: 11/18/2010 for Sun City / Menifee, California - 11/18/10 10:54 AM
Appraiser Adjustment Matrix
Area                          Sun City - Menifee                  Date 11/18/2010

california: Hemet & San Jacinto - California Real Estate Market Conditions: 11/17/2010 - 11/17/10 07:43 AM
Appraiser Adjustment Matrix
Area              Hemet - San Jacinto                                Date 11/17/2010
Data indicates most of the listings are now short sales (while in the same time period 1-year ago most sales were REOs).  Fewer home are selling (206 in the past month, compared to 283 last year in the same time period), also note days on the market are increasing.  Median prices have increased year-over-year, and the standard sales pull the highest prices per square foot. 
I am also finding the inventory is growing - now at about 4.5 months, while about 6-months ago the inventory was at about 2.6 months.  … (0 comments)

california: Riverside, CA - August 2010 Real Estate Market Conditions - 08/26/10 09:02 AM
Prices in Riverside, California are moving up at an average rate of $52.50 per day; however, in the last 3-month period vs. the same 3-months from 2009 23% fewer homes sold, but current prices are higher per square foot than last year. The biggest change in 1-year is the shift from mostly REO sales to more of a balance between REO, standard and short sales. REO sales continue to sell the fastest and the Standard sales pull the highest prices. … (0 comments)

california: City of Riverside, CA - real estate market conditions for August 2010 - 08/26/10 08:51 AM
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california: Moreno Valley, California Real Estate Market Conditions: August 2010 - 08/26/10 03:54 AM
As of 8/24/2010 Moreno Valley home prices are going up only $20 per day based on the median prices for the most recent 3-month period vs. the prior 3-month period, based on house size comparisons.  The difference in sales prices ranges from $62 to $66 per square foot.  There has been about a 32% drop in the number of homes sold in the current 3-month period vs. the same 3-month period from 1-year ago.  Home prices year over year are up; but now most of the listings are short sales, although most of the sales were the REOs.  Average days … (0 comments)

california: Murrieta, CA listing and pending sales - just the numbers August 2010 - 08/23/10 07:03 AM
In Murrieta, California the number of homes for sale has been increasing and the number of pending sales declining - with a current 4-months of standing inventory as of August 23, 2010.  Compaired to 1-year ago (8/19/2009) where the months of inventory was about 2-months.  In contrast in May (5/25/2010) there was about 3 months of inventory.
Per MLS the lowest current list price is: $131,000 for a 935sq' home on a standard residential sized lot.
The highest current listing is at $4,400,000 for a 10,784 square foot home on 4 and 1/2 acres.  
Per the current median … (0 comments)

california: Data Pull Shockler - 11/25/08 09:27 AM
So if you go to you can type in a zip code or city - and find the number of "Notices of Default", Notices of Trustee Sales" and REOs".  So I did that for 6 cities or a combination of cities, coming up with a total of NODs, NOTs & REOs.
Next I found the current populations of those cities and divided that number by 4 (guessing a family of 4 - average per house).  Next I divided the 1/4 population by the foreclosure total - coming up with ranges of 10 to 15%.  Did I do that right?  The percentages … (0 comments)

california: Moreno Valley, California - end of the year report - 01/01/08 06:02 AM
End of the year: Moreno Valley, California Real Estate Market
From Beverly A. Bayer, SRA - Real Estate Appraiser
There are a total of 2247 single family homes for sale
1093 are vacant - which is 48.6% (almost half)
68 of the total number of listings per MLS are owner occupied with a Notice of Default filed - add that to the number of vacant homes (1093) equals 1161 homes that need to sell.  121 homes sold since: 11/1/2007 - that is a rate of 2 per day - at that rate it would take 590.5 days or over 19 months to sell the 1161 … (1 comments)


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