The other day I talking with some friends over coffee and the subject turned to politics.  We are all Libertarians, so this is a common occurrence.  The discussion was on voting and who should vote and who should not.  We came to the voting topic when one of my friends brought up this old quote: ...
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  This is a day we all stop and give thanks for the blessing God has given to us not only over the past year; but, throughout our lives. Whether we are thankful for our children, our family, our friends and/or the people in our lives.  We live in a nation that allow...
If you have not changed the filter in your furnace yet now is the time to do so.  It is important to keep that furnace filter clean and to change it on a regular basis, so the furnace will to operate more efficiently.  How to pick a filter for your system: Look at the filter in its slot in the fu...
Are we going to have 2 Presidents now? If Hillary Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and if she becomes the next Secretary of State will that mean we will have 2 Presidents - one for domestic issues and one for international issues? One reason I am asking this question is the way Obam...
I know some of you may have seen this; but over the years I have had some friends who did not really understand where they stood in the political world. And yes it is a short test; but the 10 questions hit the 10 most inportant issues. Have fun and you may learn something. World's Smallest Politi...
Today I was surfing and I ran across poll that asked 12 questions of voters after they had voted on November 4th: 1. Before this past election, which political party controlled both houses of congress? 2. Which candidate could not say how many houses they own? 3. Which candidate said th...
When I saw this cartoon on I had to share. I love the simplicity of the image and its message of the difference of the moral standards of the liberals to those of conservatives. You may get the idea I do not like liberals. Well, one on one they are fine; it is when you get them toge...
Well I was on-line reading the the Wall Street Journal.  And what do I read Democrats are at it again. Read this article.  Their caught again with their hand in the cookie jar; but aren't they so cute. How could we ever not trust these caring Americans who have such love in their heart for (what ...
Veteran's Day is tomorrow on the 11th of November.  On this day millions of Americans will wake up not even thinking about what this day is for, classrooms around this country will not note it, and news media outlets will cover its events only if they have time left to do so. I only ask you to ta...
Politicians from the early 20th century started calling the United States a democracy. So what is the United States a democracy or a republic? First let us define these two words: Democracy:  a: government by the people: rule of the majority.  b: a government in which the supreme power is vested ...

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