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My most recent article about Assignment of Contract has been published by NVAR in the Law & Ethics section of their website. I have written several times about Assignment of Contract. My latest article on the topic focuses on that section of the NVAR Regional Sales Contract. For some reason many ...
5 Reasons why you should consider selling your vacant house now. Property Tax Expense You must continue to pay property tax on your vacant house. If you choose to ignore the property tax bill, a tax lien will be placed on the property which must be paid in full when you sell the property later. I...
I recently attended an informative presentation about reverse mortgages. Here are the notes I took away from the information which was presented to a group of real estate investors. Fun Things You Can do With a Reverse Mortgage First of all - Take Your Home Off The Table: No matter what happens t...
Is the NVAR Regional Sales Contract assignable?Real estate agents and investors ask, is the purchase contract used for real estate transactions in Northern Virginia assignable to another buyer?You may have heard agents tell you that the contract cannot be assigned. Let me share a story with you.R...

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