dryer vent cleaning: Dryer Vent Cleaning and Electric Dryer Problems - 07/19/09 09:21 AM
Dryer vent cleaning is the number one prevention of clothes dryer fires.  When dryer vent systems become clogged with lint, air flow is restricted, causing the dryer motor to labor.  As a result, clothes take longer to dry and you will experience higher energy bills.
When a clothes dryer isn't functioning properly dryer vent cleaning cures the problem in most cases.  There are other things that can go wrong with a clothes dryer, but lack of air flow is the number one problem with malfunctioning dryers.
On a recent job the customer had reported a heating failure.  The technician … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: Dryer Vent Cleaning Technician in St. Paul, Minnesota Finds Serious Fire Hazard with Electric Dryer - 07/19/09 09:20 AM
When dryers fail to function properly the problem is usually caused by restricted air flow
St. Paul, MN - Carl Hein owns and operates Dryer Vent Wizard in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He specializes in all dryer exhaust issues.  When clothes dryers fail to function properly the problem is usually due to lint clogged dryer exhaust ducts.  Failure to properly maintain and clean dryer vents is the number one cause of clothes dryer fires; however, there are other causes as well.
Carl Hein recently went on a call when the customer complained that the dryer was making a scraping noise … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: Dryer Vent Cleaning Technician in Minneapolis Comments about Recent Dryer Fire Reports - 06/13/09 04:53 AM
Most clothes dryer fires are the result of poor maintenance; dryer vent cleaning is the number one defense against dryer fires
Minneapolis, MN - Carl Hein, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, is a dryer vent cleaning technician servicing the Twin Cities, Minnesota area.  During a recent interview, Carl said, "Of the 15,000 clothes dryer fires reported annually, most of them could have been prevented with proper maintenance.  Annual dryer vent cleaning is recommended to provide proper airflow required to keep a clothes dryer operating safely and efficiently.   Not only will dryer vent cleaning prevent fires, it also helps to reduce … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: Dryer Vent Cleaning is the #1 Defense against Dryer Fires in Minneapolis, MN - 06/13/09 03:58 AM
Home, yard and appliance maintenance are a never ending project; there is always something that requires a homeowner's attention.  Whether for looks, durability, safety or efficiency, all home maintenance is essential to keep things in working order.
The most common appliance maintenance issue often overlooked by homeowners is the clothes dryer.  Most people are unaware that the clothes dryer is one of the most likely appliances to cause a fire if not properly maintained.
Unless you're one of the unfortunate people who have experienced a dryer fire you probably haven't given it much thought.  Over 15,000 clothes dryer fires … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: "Dryer Vent Cleaning" – St. Paul, MN Expert Warns about Hidden Danger Lurking - 10/04/08 08:35 AM
Clothes dryers are the simplest of appliances to use; so simple, we allow our children to operate them!  They are a wonderful convenience, and they are often taken for granted.  Throw in a load of wet clothes, turn it on, go shopping and return to take out dry clothes to be folded and put away.  Sound good?  Think again!  
What is your clothes dryer really doing?  It is removing about 1/2 gallon of water, hot air and lint from each load of laundry you do.  Where do the heat, lint and water go?  Most of the lint is caught in the … (2 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: Add "Dryer Vent Cleaning" to your Appliance Maintenance Schedule Advises Expert in Minneapolis, MN - 10/04/08 07:44 AM
Appliance maintenance is essential to prolong its life and efficiency.  Most people are aware of this as they schedule maintenance and cleaning for their furnace or clothes dryer.  Once a year is usually sufficient; however, if you have a large family and you're doing more than the average amount of laundry, you might need schedule this more often.  Here are some things to consider when deciding how often to have your dryer vent system serviced:
Age of the Dryer:
Older appliances are generally less efficient than newer models.  The older your dryer is, the more likely it is that … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Acknowledged by Consumers in Minneapolis, MN for Dryer Vent Safety Tips - 10/04/08 07:07 AM
"Don't Let Your Dryer Start a Fire, Keep Your Home Safe & Sound" are part of Dryer Vent Wizard's ongoing campaign promoting dryer vent safety & fire protection
Minneapolis, MN--According to the US Fire Administration, dryer fires account for an average of $15,000 dryer fires annually.  Carl Hein, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Minnesota said, "Failure to properly clean and maintain dryer vents is the major cause of clothes dryer fires."  Carl Hein is franchise owner/operator of Dryer Vent Wizard (DVW), Dry Clothes, Safe Homes, a home service franchise based in Minnesota serving the Twin Cities area. 
In … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: Carl Hein, "Dryer Vent Cleaning" and Repair specialist in Minneapolis, MN, urges Landlords to have Dryer Vents Professionally Inspected - 10/04/08 06:47 AM
Carl was upset when he heard that a dryer fire broke out in a local apartment building, costing many occupants their home 
Minneapolis, MN--Recent news reported a clothes dryer fire in an apartment building causing serious damage and leaving occupants homeless.  Thankfully, there were no injuries, but many people lost everything they have.  "Most upsetting is the fact that this could have easily been prevented," said Carl Hein, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, servicing the Twin City area of Minnesota.
Carl Hein, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard recently attended landlord's association meeting, where he set up a display to … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: “Dryer Vent Cleaning” “Dryer Vent Repair” Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota - 10/04/08 06:17 AM
Don't let your dryer start a fire; keep your home safe and sound.  Dryer Vent Wizard professionally inspects and cleans clothing dryers for homeowners and in commercially-owned buildings. Poorly maintained dryer vents cause fire hazards and cost substantially more to operate.

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is so Important!

•·                     Dryer vents clogged with lint cost $18-24 more per month.
•·                     There are 15,500 fires every year caused by dryer vents.
•·                     Dryer manufacturers recommend you clean your dryer vent every year.
•·                     Regular dryer vent maintenance prolongs the life of your dryer.

dryer vent cleaning: Clothes Dryer Fires: Tips From Carl, "Dryer Vent Cleaning" St. Paul, Minnesota - 08/16/08 03:33 PM
According the to the US Fire Administration, dryer vent fires cause damages of over $88 million, in addition to deaths and injuries, annually.  There is a need for increased consumer awareness on proper installation and maintenance of dryer vent systems.  Failure to clean is reported as the number one cause of clothes dryer fires.
Common Causes of Dryer Fires:
•·         Failure to clean dryers, lint traps, and venting systems
•·         Improper venting material
•·         Storage of combustible material near dryer
•·         Leaving the dryer running unattended
•·         Mechanical or electrical failure
Tips for Dryer Fire Prevention:
•·         Clean lint … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: "Dryer Vent Cleaning" and Maintenance Prevents Fires and Reduces Energy Bills for Consumers in the Twin City, Minnesota area - 08/11/08 12:49 PM
Reports show the average home spends $1900 a year on energy costs; many homeowners are unaware of how much they can save with proper dryer and dryer vent maintenance
St. Paul, MN-Technicians who work for Dryer Vent Wizard in the Twin Cities area are working to educate consumers on dryer fire safety.  Home owners who think its normal for their dryer to take more than one cycle to dry clothes are in danger of starting a fire due to clogged dryer vents.  They advise their customers that lint accumulation in dryer vents causes a dryer to over heat and to … (1 comments)

dryer vent cleaning: "Dryer Vent Repair" Wizard- Servicing Twin Cities Minnesota Advises Consumers - "Dryer Vent Cleaning" will Prevent Fires - 08/06/08 11:19 AM
The Dryer Vent Wizard knows everything about dryer vents and dryer vent cleaning. Here is more information on the care and maintenance of your clothes dryer vent.
Who needs dryer vent cleaning?
Commercial laundries Town homes Condominiums Apartments Duplexes Single-family homes Spring and Fall are ideal times to schedule a dryer vent cleaning.
Your Dryer Vents are All-Important
There are many things that contribute to the proper operation of a clothes dryer. The venting is perhaps the most critical. Below we describe a dryer's functions and how its venting plays a part.
One of the most important functions of … (4 comments)


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