going green: Grandma Being Green... ☺☺☺ - 09/18/12 02:30 AM
Love this!!!

This is a must read. Great story to share.  Grandma Being Green...

Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren't good for the environment.

The woman apologized and explained, "We didn't have this green thing back in my earlier days."

The young clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment or future generations."

She was right -- our generation didn't have the green thing in its day.

Back then, … (10 comments)

going green: Caruso's Green Tip of the Day ~ Use Less Water - 08/18/12 03:36 AM

With summer’s warm temperatures in full swing, it becomes even more important to be mindful not to waste water – as the average MNWD customer uses 70% more water during the spring & summer months. Here's an easy way to use water more efficiently.
Do you know how often your irrigation controller is set to water your landscaping? Could your sprinklers be running in the middle of the night or while you're at work & you not know it?
Did you know most lawns only need a maximum of eight minutes of watering four days per week … (3 comments)

going green: Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Did You Know - 05/18/12 07:00 AM

Moulton Niguel Water District does not have the benefit of access to local supplies of water, so all of the Districts water is imported from the Colorado River and the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta.
This water travels hundreds of miles before reaching local homes and businesses. It’s a journey that requires a great deal of energy, but many customers aren’t aware of the connection between water & power.
Each year, nearly 20 percent of the state’s energy is used to transport, treat and utilize water. In fact, California water and wastewater agencies spend more than $500 … (0 comments)

going green: Caruso's Earth Week ~ Conserve Water - 04/21/12 07:34 AM

In the United States we are lucky to have easy access to some of the safest treated water in the world – just by turning on the tap.
We wake up in the morning, take a shower, brush our teeth, grab a cup of coffee and head out for the day. Water is an important part of our daily lives and we use it for a wide variety of purposes but do we really understand how much we use? The average American family of four uses roughly 400 gallons of water per a day at home. Roughly 70 … (0 comments)

going green: Caruso's Earth Week ~ Buying Green - 04/20/12 10:12 AM

I came upon a recent survey (The 2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker) that found over three-quarters of people will stop buying a product if the company behind it exaggerates environmental claims. The 2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker also reveals a solid demand from Americans for companies to green up their act. According to the survey report, American consumers expect companies to address the full environmental impact of a product’s lifecycle, including: - impacts associated with manufacturing the product (90%)- use of the product (88%)- disposal of the product (89%) An interesting point to emerge from the survey was a whopping 42% … (2 comments)

going green: Caruso's Earth Week ~ Save the Butterflies - 04/17/12 10:03 AM

Butterflies play a critical role in maintaining the health of our environment. They help pollinate fruits, flowers and vegetables; provide food for other animals; and enchant children and adults alike with their beauty and flight. But like many other creatures, more and more butterflies are becoming endangered as the wild places they inhabit are lost to development or as they fall victim to pesticides.
Here's what you can do to help bring the butterflies back:
Garden for wildlife. Grow plants butterfly caterpillars like to eat. In many cases, these will be plants that are native to your region; they'll … (2 comments)

going green: Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Spring Forward to Water Efficiency - 03/27/12 07:34 AM
As winter begins its transition to spring, the weather will soon become warmer and our water habits will start to change. It’s natural for MNWD customers to use more water in the warm spring and summer months, but it remains critical all year long to use only the water you need. Follow these four simple steps this spring to become more efficient with your water use:
1.)    Tune-up your sprinklers: Make sure your timer is set to only water a maximum of three days per week, replace any broken sprinkler heads and adjust the spray so there … (0 comments)

going green: Caruso's Pre-Cleaning! - 03/03/12 06:55 AM

Spring is almost here so why not start your spring cleaning early - Start by PRE-cleaning!-          REDUCE the amount you have to clean by going through the closets, drawers, and shelves where clutter lives.  Chances are there are a few shirts with the tags still on or books you read years ago and haven't picked up since... Donate them!
-          REUSE what you find in the spring cleaning process!  Your stock pile of old shopping bags can help you reorganize your closet, and you can cut down on waste by cleaning with those old towels rather than paper … (0 comments)

going green: Caruso's Green Tip of the Day ~ Cleaners - 02/09/12 10:47 AM

Make your own cleaners.
Household chemicals, including some cleaners, contain volatile organic chemicals, which contribute to indoor air pollution and may cause disease.
A cost-effective way to make your home greener is to make your own household cleaners.
Many homemade cleaners use non-toxic ingredients and clean just as well as commercial cleaners.
*Making your own cleaner costs about 10% of the price a bottle of commercial cleaner, according to Karen Logan, author of "Clean House, Clean Planet." She says a bottle of her all-purpose cleaner costs 23 cents to make, versus a price tag of $2.69 for … (4 comments)

going green: Caruso's 12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 1 - 12/14/11 10:17 AM

On the 1st day of Christmas, Caruso gave to me 1 Christmas Green tip...
Christmas tree collection will begin on Monday, December 26th for a two week period through January 6th. If your tree is 6’ tall please cut it in half and place at the curb on your regular collection day. You may also place small trees inside you green waste cart (if you have one). Christmas trees are organic waste, which means they can be composted, mulched or even converted into fuel. A tree is only organic if it’s stripped down to its original form, which means … (2 comments)

going green: Caruso is Celebrating! - 11/15/11 08:25 AM
TODAY is America Recycles Day!! American Recycles Day is the ONLY nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United Sates. Michael Caruso is Celebrating, are you?!
To celebrate America Recycles Day, CR&R Environmental Services together with the Cities of San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Rancho Santa Margarita, & Laguna Hills will distribute 30lb bags of processed green waste (compost) to their valued costumers. It's their way of thanking the community for supporting recycling programs in our communities.
Due to the high demand and limited supply, … (1 comments)

going green: Do You Drink Bottled Water? - 11/10/11 01:34 PM

Do you drink bottled water? I bet at least half of you are chugging one right now or have one sitting on your desk. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have been ripped off. The bottled water market in America is worth over $10 Billion!
Have you ever had Evian water? Spell it backwards. N-A-I-V-E.
Our obsession with buying high priced water in a bottle is contributing to global warming. The energy that goes into making a bottle of water is astounding. To produce 31.2 billion liters of water for America’s bottled water market took approximately 17.6 … (9 comments)

going green: Digging the Dirt with Caruso! - 11/01/11 08:42 AM

Safe Use & Disposal of Pesticides
Pesticides are designed to be toxic to the pests they target – insects, weeds and other unwanted home and garden invaders. Always read pesticide product labels carefully and follow all directions on proper use, storage, and disposal of empty pesticide containers. Product labels are your main source of information on how to use a product safely and legally. They include guidelines needed to protect you, your family and pets. The only allowable way to dispose of unused pesticides is through a household hazardous waste collection site.
If you must use pesticides, follow … (3 comments)

going green: Caruso's Halloween Week ~ Costumes - 10/26/11 08:42 AM
Are you tired of going as a witch for Halloween? Don’t have the money to spend on a new costume? Don’t fret! A lot of people this year are making their own costumes using supplies you can find around the house. Plus another advantage of making your own costume is you’ll be the only one with it! So take the plunge!  Make your own costume this year with these easy directions & you'll save time and money!
Bubblegum Stuck to a Shoe: Raid your closet and find a pink pair of leggings, a pink tee-shirt, and an old (but … (2 comments)

going green: Caruso's Green News! - 10/15/11 07:01 AM

I have read in the news that many cities are adopting local ordinances prohibiting the use of Single use Plastic Bags & Styrofoam. Why take such drastic measures to eliminate a specific waste stream? A recent report by Clean Water Action & Clean Water Fund in California spotlights the litter from disposable plastics and other single-use containers, napkins, and fast-food packaging are the culprits in the flood of trash making its way from city streets and neighborhoods into area waterways and then the ocean. Plastics likely make up a size able portion of the marine debris that exists today. Exactly … (3 comments)

going green: Keep Our Water Clean with Caruso! - 08/30/11 07:35 AM
Home and garden pesticides and fertilizers are contaminating California creeks, rivers, and oceans. Garden chemicals cause pollution when people dump them down drains or when they are washed into gutters, drains and creeks by rain, garden watering, or hosing down sidewalks. Here's what YOU can do to help.
1.) Avoid Using Pesticides. Be sure you have identified a specific pest problem before applying any pesticide. If treatment is necessary, use non-chemical methods or least toxic pesticides where ever possible.
2.) Keep Fertilizer and Pesticides off of Hard Surfaces. For example like sidewalks or driveways. Sweep any material … (1 comments)

going green: Did You Know with Caruso... - 08/09/11 08:01 AM

Did you know......
About 89 billion plastic bags, sacks, and wraps are used each year in the U.S. According to the EPA, about 12 percent of plastic bags and wraps were recycled in 2007  Plastic bags are primary source of litter because they are light and aerodynamic and are easily transported by wind into the watershed. Once littered, plastic bags essentially never biodegrade. Instead the sun breaks them into small pieces that can choke and kill sensitive marine species such as turtles and birds. A five-year-long study by the Ocean Conservancy found that small plastic bags made up … (3 comments)

going green: Caruso's Green Tip of the Day! - 06/16/11 07:03 AM

Install water-saving devices on your faucets & toilets; for example install a low-flow shower head.
Also replace old toilets with new ones that use a lot less water. *Flushing the toilet accounts for 30% of household water usage!
Lastly make sure you are always checking & fixing any water leaks.
And that's your green tip(s) of the day!

going green: Get Your Green Thumb - 06/01/11 08:31 AM

Growing you own vegetable or herb garden can help trim the fat on your grocery bill - and your body! So are you ready to start planning? HGTV experts suggest that you consider these tips before you let your garden grow.
Start by making a list; it's easier to plot out garden beds when you put everything down on paper. Write down the herbs you commonly use and look up their soil, light and water needs. Take note of a plant's growing patterns too. For example, mint, a popular herb, tends to overtake gardens so is best planted by itself.

going green: Caruso's Green Tip of the Day! - 05/12/11 08:32 AM

Avoid using leaf blowers & other dust-production equipment.
Make sure to use an electric lawn-mower instead of a gas-powered one.
Don't forget to leave grass clippings on the yard - they decompose and return to nutrients to the soil.
And that's your green tip of the day!

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