advice: What is the MLS and Why is it so Important to YOU, the Seller? - 02/04/16 01:19 AM
Well, first things first, MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and this is a database for real estate that provides information and the status about a home, land or commercial property.  This database is actually private and is maintained and paid for by real estate professionals.  So, why is it so important to you then as the Seller?  After all, you don't input anything into this database, you don't see the database and you don't pay for this database.
There are a lot of little reasons why, but the most important reason is that it is YOUR property's introduction to other REALTORS®, … (1 comments)

advice: Don't Let Knowledge and Fear Stop You from Getting Pre-Approved! - 01/13/16 10:34 PM
It isn't this way for many areas in the nation, but in our area I have noticed a decline in people wanting to be pre-approved.  They really want to go look at houses or property, but when the question is asked, "who is your lender"' or "what type of loan are you getting," etc. the response has been an overwhelming "Oh, I want to find the house (property) first, then I will find a lender."  
So, after several calls with this same answer, I decided to think about why someone wouldn't want to find a lender first.  After all, there are … (2 comments)