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Today I was told that my clients interest rate with a very popular lender on a FHA loan would be 6.875 which really doesn't seem that bad. However this loans is going to cost the buyer a three percent down and some closing cost and pre paids that the seller is not covering. So on a 160000 roughly...
Got a person that has a home that is in a area that some of the most recent comps. are for 27000, 35000, and the most 50000. Here is the deal the person owes 65000. The person needs to SELL the home really bad because they have two mortgage two light bills and you guys know the drill. What would ...
The title is so true..... Normally this time of the month blogging is the last thing on my mind. With a market as slow as it is right now and companies like Countrywide laying people off it is another BLOGGING DAY. I am truly blessed I have a closing today. After today I have nothing except some ...
I was reading a blog from another agent stating that a few main subprime lender are filing bankrupcty. So when I googled the information provided I was SHOCKED to see that AMSTAR mortgage company is layoing off a huge amount of its employees. Guys we are need to think of something in all area to ...
Here recently when it comes to Real Estate I have been thinking outside the box. For example, I 've been text messaging listing to everyone in my phone. Not just Real Estate agent but friends and family. I've been sending e mail and faxes to businesses with in the property infornation on it. Also...
Has anyone ever closed a Rural Development loan through USDA. Well here is the deal from what I understand. A rural development covers rural areas with NO PMI. The interest rate is like 6.5 the only catch is it has to be in a rural area. You can go online to the usda rural development web site to...

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