clark properties: 2020 Pantone Color of the Year– Classic Blue - 01/30/20 03:45 PM
2020 Pantone Color of the Year– Classic Blue
Drum roll please – Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as their color of the year. Over the past couple years, bold colors on walls has become common place in designer magazines and new model homes. Bucking the old guidance of using bland, light hues to make rooms look larger, deep greens, rich reds and even soft blacks are used in even the smallest spaces. This year, Pantone has chosen a fresh Classic Blue to inspire homeowners and designers in 2020.
Classic Blue is just want it sounds like – as classic. Think of your … (1 comments)

clark properties: 3 Critical First Steps For The First-Time Homebuyer - 11/22/19 07:35 AM
It’s tough being a newbie at anything, right? Learning new lingo, how things are done and how you’ll do them is a little confusing at first. Once you get the hang of it, though, everything becomes clear and you can relax into whatever it is you’re learning.
 The same holds true for the home-buying process; when you’ve never bought a home before it can be challenging to know where to start and tempting (but not wise) to jump into the process by looking at homes for sale.
So, let’s get you off to a good start – one that will lead to success … (0 comments)

clark properties: Home-Buying Lingo You Should Know - 10/17/19 06:18 AM
If you are a first time home buyer, or even a repeat buyer, you quickly realize that real estate has a language all its own. Understanding some of the lingo can help you navigate the process a little easier. By learning a few critical terms, you will be in a better position to ask the right questions and make the best decisions.
• Buyer’s Market – A real estate climate where the amount of listings outnumber qualified buyers.
• Seller’s Market – A real estate climate when there are very few desirable properties listed for sale.
• Contingencies – Specific conditions … (4 comments)

clark properties: The Life Expectancy Of Home Appliances - 10/16/19 12:12 PM
Whether you’re shopping for a home or already own one, knowing the current age of the appliances is important. Like us, they have an average life span. Unlike us, they can be replaced. But it’s pricey to do so.
The experts at Consumer Reports recommend that you replace appliances if the cost to repair them is more than half the price of a new one. While that’s a good rule of thumb, it’s something you can put off with care and proper maintenance of your home’s appliances.
As a bonus, your appliances won’t become energy hogs.
Clark … (2 comments)

clark properties: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Current Real Estate Market - 10/14/19 06:36 AM
Whether you’re entertaining notions of buying or selling a home, you’re no doubt keeping up with housing news. And, what you’re seeing may concern you.
Doom and gloomers, naysayers and, curiously, even some experts are claiming that they are worried about the housing market.
The fact is, the real estate market is the one bright spot in the economy right now, and there are three reasons we can say this with confidence:
Pending home sales Mortgage rates Consumer confidence Let’s take these one-at-a-time and break it down for you.
Pending home sales When a homebuyer signs an agreement to purchase, the … (1 comments)

clark properties: #1 Feature Homebuyers Want (and it's surprising!) - 10/11/19 09:17 AM
Home sellers and listing agents across the country spend a great deal of time and energy trying to determine what home buyers want. They pour over magazines and read blogs to learn what is the #1 feature they can add or enhance to ensure home buyers find their home irresistible.
 The National Association of Home Builders’ released a 2019 home trend and buyer preferences report which cited a surprising and very practical answer – laundry rooms. In the report, 91% of those surveyed stated that having a separate laundry room was essential in their new home.
The association surveyed over 4000 home buyers and … (3 comments)

clark properties: Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen - 10/11/19 07:27 AM
Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen
A small kitchen doesn’t have to mean dark or cramped, you can maximize a small kitchen by using these clever tips. From tricking the eye to great ways to get extra storage, these easy design ideas will help you love your small kitchen.
• Tone on Tone Colors Scheme – Trick the eye by using subtle variations of the same color palate. • Strategic Shelving – Add a shelf above the backsplash to add room for spices or décor; place on a wall to display glasses or dishware and gain extra storage in the process.
• Design … (3 comments)

clark properties: 4 Reasons To Sell This Fall - 10/09/19 02:27 PM
Traditional lore says that the best time to list your home for sale is spring and if it hasn’t sold by the end of summer, you’re out of luck. Along the same lines, homeowners across the country are often advised not to list in the fall and wait until after the holidays to list. The truth is that a great home will sell at any time of year and in fact there are some very good reasons to list in the fall, while everyone else is busy doing other activities. 
4 Reasons to Sell this Fall
1. Less Competition
– As mentioned above, most … (5 comments)

clark properties: USDA Loans (they just may be the best option for low income buyers) - 10/09/19 01:50 PM
Keeping your nose to the grindstone, using credit wisely and responsibly and paying your bills on time every month have their rewards, no matter how much or how little money you make.
One reward is how much easier it is to realize your piece of the American Dream – the opportunity to purchase your own home. A bonus for the low-income earner is a government-backed loan with no down payment.
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Single Family Housing programs may just be the best option for low-income folks with good credit and a steady job to buy a house.
Two … (2 comments)

clark properties: Quick Fixes For A Stinky Home - 10/08/19 08:17 PM
That’s just a fancy way of explaining how we humans can, over time, become accustomed to something unpleasant.
If you’ve ever lived near railroad tracks or under the flight path of a local airport you know what we’re talking about. At first, the noise was torture. After time, however, you may have barely noticed it.
It’s the same with smells. We become accustomed to the odors in our home and it’s not until either someone very honest comes to visit or we return home after some time away that we realize just how stinky the home is.
While pets and smokers are obvious causes … (6 comments)

clark properties: Dreaming Of Life On A Golf Course? - 10/08/19 08:05 PM
There was a time when real estate agents could confidently tell their clients that one of the biggest advantages of owning a home on a golf course is that the verdant view would be permanent.
Today, many owners face a view of brown, dead fairways, vandalized buildings and uncertainty about what may pop up when the land is sold.
Chalk it up to the busyness of Americans. The lengthy game of golf has declined in popularity, leaving course owners to deal with the consequences.
Or, blame the oversupply of golf courses and the waning of Tiger-mania (among other reasons), as  John Eidukot at does.
Whatever the … (2 comments)

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