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Thinking of selling your home?  Do you own a pet or are on the borderline of being called a zoo?  If so, the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  In other words, here are a few simple rules to follow to help entice buyers and not have your pet(s) create a hinderance:1)  Va...
When selling one's home, the first thing, apart from the exterior curb appeal, that a buyer sees is the front door, as that is when the buyer's agent is usually obtaining the key from a lock box and it takes a bit to get the door open.  During this time, the buyer(s) are looking around at the doo...
When selling a home, listing agents will sometimes create a "home book" with pertinent information about the home and surrounding area.  Many items can go into this book, such as all the recent improvements, plat map, tax information, physical characteristics, maintenance history, warranties, sch...
TMI...Too Much Information.  Have you heard this yet?  Probably more than you wanted to, especially at the holidays when all the relatives want to unload their stories in great detail.Moving on does this relate to selling one's home?  Quite simply, TMI is a bad thing for a listing agen...
Virtual tours -- this term gets bandied about and promoted more heavily than just about any other marketing topic I've seen these past two years.  Some companies think that if you simply show a bunch of pictures, one after the other, by clicking some "next" button, that it makes for a virtual tou...
Should you buy the smallest and/or most inexpensive home in the neighborhood or the opposite?  From a financial standpoint, the former holds true, as their is less volatility in a down market, and more upside in a hot market.  Especially if you aren't sure how long you will be in the home.  First...
Does it really matter?  Depends on the strength of the market.  What is deferred maintenance?  It's normal maintenance that has been deferred that a home needs to keep from falling into a state of disrepair.  While it's best to do it on a regular basis, getting it done BEFORE your home enters the...
Should a buyer's agent take buyer(s) in their own car or have the buyers follow them?  I've done it both ways and have found that most buyers prefer to ride in their own cars.  They can talk more freely amongst themselves, as well as relax, take in the scenery more, and get a feel for distance as...
Ever wonder why your agent is asking you what you thought of a house upon exiting it?  Most listing agents will requested feedback after a showing.  Feedback is an important link in the chain as it helps a seller and listing agent look for patterns of information: "Priced way too high", "that liv...
When a buyer is searching intensely for a new home, a concept known as the perfect house is always just under the surface, and sometimes becomes front and center when the progression doesn't go smoothly.  Normally, there is no such thing as a perfect house, unless the requirements are pretty gene...

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