photo editing: ActiveRain Essentials - Profile Photo - 02/04/21 07:40 PM
One the interesting facets of marketing ourselves on the internet is that someone can meet us online first before they ever see us in person. Having a blog is a way for us to share our expertise and help a person come to know and trust us. Letting them SEE who we are helps fill a hole in the whole virtual meeting process. Our profile photo then is a key element to introducing ourselves properly.
First let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid. Then we’ll go into the process of how to prepare your photo and upload it to ActiveRain.
Craig’s List -
What You Should AVOID … (39 comments)

photo editing: Leveraging the Cloud - AR Zoom Webinars - 01/16/21 10:37 AM
This coming Tuesday (January 19, 2021), I have the opportunity to take you on a virtual tour of some more AMAZING cloud-based tools that you'll want to know about. This is via the ActiveRain Zoom Webinar series that happens every Tuesday at 2:00pm EASTERN.
My theme is "Leveraging the Cloud".
You may be aware of, or heard of ideas like "cloud backup" or "cloud storage" or "cloud docs" but maybe hadn't explored why these are useful. Part 1 of my presentation covered some of these basics. Hopefully you joined me back in December. I'd love to hear in the comments of anything … (26 comments)

photo editing: Sights In NY Harbor - Robbins Reef - 06/06/15 01:30 AM
Today's photo post is showing the lighthouse on Robbins Reef which is just north of Staten Island in New York Harbor. I took this photo from the Staten Island Ferry on my morning commute to work. The lighthouse has a very interesting history including the keepers of the light in the days before it could be fully automated. (Yes, you are seeing right... that is a little tiny island!) Could you imagine this as your residence!! It was such for Kate Walker and her husband and her children. When her husband died, it became Kate's responsibility to care for the lighthouse … (26 comments)

photo editing: Real Estate Photo Editing - Making Your Listing Stand Out - 05/10/15 01:20 AM
If you are a listing agent, quality photography of the home that you are marketing to sell is critical. Imagine the couple that is ready to buy a home. They are browsing their choices online. Consider if there is an abundance of choices in their price range and the area that they are looking into. If your listing's photos are drab and lackluster, your potential audience may pass over rather quickly to the other homes. Are you missing opportunites?
Many agents opt for professional photography because of the special importance that quality real estate photos have. The first steps of home shopping happens online these … (34 comments)

photo editing: Picasa Series [#11] Tuning Listing Photos - White Balance - 01/29/11 01:55 AM

If you have been following my Picasa Series, you'll know by now what an amazing all-around photo app that Picasa is (and free too!). If you use photos in presentation work (ahem nudge nudge Real Estate Agent, Home Stager, Home Inspector) then you should really consider a post-production phase for any photos that you take. Picasa makes it extremely easy to do so. Today's post will be focusing on one of the tools that you can use to correct problems with your photos. The tool I'll focus on today is the Neutral Color Picker Tool. (BTW, if you missed the … (31 comments)

photo editing: Picasa Photo App Series [Part 8] Tuning Listing Photos - 10/03/10 03:47 AM

This is part 8 of the series where I'm teaching you how to use the Free Photo Organizing and Editing App called Picasa. If you need to catch up, check out my Picasa Series recap listing here and you will see the previous articles. Today we're going to be looking at Tuning Listing Photos.
I don't need to tell you that people are going to be looking online to find the next house that they want to buy. As a listing agent, you need to do all you can to create the best virtual presentation which will bring interest to … (27 comments)

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