green buliding: Hybrid Home Tours- Showing Property in a PRIUS HYBRID ++ - 11/12/08 09:21 AM
I have launched a new concept in our area...EcoBroker-Buyers' Agent Services! Visit the website Please let me know your feedback, and let me know if you have any questions!
See the Prius Hybrid emblazened with vehicle graphics below, I have had some GREAT response from the eco-mmunity, (thanks to for the buzzword 'eco-mmunity') I promoted this new concept at the 2008 Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins.
Let me know if there is something like this in your area, or if you would like to franchise! The time has come for more evnironmentally responsible real estate practice!
If we all … (3 comments)

green buliding: Green Building and Remodeling for Dummies -----Part Deux - 02/21/08 05:29 AM
Photovoltaic and Home Wind Turbines- The time is now to embrace these technologies. The old-school needs to step aside and let PROGRESS lead the way. Prices are coming down!
Solar Tubes!- Awesome Daylighting Systems, like a skylight on Ginseng! Supercharged!
Natural Materials- Bamboo, natural stone, recycled glass tiles, reclaimed wood products
Wool Carpet- or NO carpet- The stench of new carpet is evil and disgusting. It's called Off- Gassing and it's dangerous.
Insulation- Recycled newsprint or Cellulose- blown in to R-40, also recycled Denim is HOT
Sips panels- Structural Insulated Panels-pre cast, pre-cut, pre insulated and the wave of the future. Half the build time, … (4 comments)

green buliding: Green Building and Remodeling for Dummies -----Part One - 02/21/08 05:27 AM

Okay here's the run down of Environmentally responsible building practices, materials and energy efficient technologies. In a nutshell.
Ready set go.
Tankless water Heaters! - Top of the list for a reason- tanks are huge energy wasters
Energy Star Appliances- Especially the Fridge!!
Front Load Washer- It saves more than water ( use non toxic soap!!!)
Energy Star Lighting Fixtures and Compact Fluorescent- Nearly HALF the energy is used!
Sustainably Harvested Materials- Forest Stewardship Council wood products, locally sourced if possible
Recycling Materials and Material Waste- This is a no brainer, but the construction industry is mostly BLIND to the need for this.
Low VOC Paints and Coatings- Linseed … (1 comments)

green buliding: Earth Works Expo in Denver July 27-29 - 07/29/07 09:37 AM
Day Three has brought some good numbers and I am planning to return next year. While some exhibitors are unhappy with the turn out, I feel that the first year was great success. For me anyway.
Having just one other agent out of 120+ is surprising. I am glad, however that I came and made some possibly very lucrative business contacts. Builders, developers, first time home buyers, resale move up buyers, even some retirees. I am convinced that  the business will come. I presented myself well, and see it as branding and exposure rather than direct, immediate sales.
Has anyone heard of a … (0 comments)

green buliding: On Location at the Earth Works Expo in Denver - 07/28/07 11:56 AM
Day two of the Denver Earth Works Expo and I have to say I am thinking I should have signed up sooner. The far corner of the venue is not seeing the traffic I had hoped. The other exhibitors are friendly, but there are about twenty solar panel guys. It's kind of mind boggling. I guess that technology is really taking off.
The food services offered by the Denver Merchandise Mart are not what I expected.
The good news is there was only one other Real Estate agent, so I had some VERY promising inquiries from a couple developers and many great … (1 comments)

green buliding: Home Energy Ratings - Evaluating Your Home's Energy Performance - 07/24/07 05:04 AM
Snapshot & Benefits:Home energy ratings are performed on new and existing homes to evaluate each home's energy performance. Home energy ratings are performed on new homes to verify energy performance for programs such as Energy Start Qualified homes. Existing homes may benefit from energy ratings by identifying cost-effective energy-efficiency improvements for the home. Additionally, home energy ratings are utilized by many financial institutions to qualify homes for energy-efficient mortgages. 
Estimated Cost Savings:Home energy ratings can identify cost-effective improvements that potentially save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year.
Issues:Please be careful not to assume that your home inspector can perform an energy … (4 comments)

green buliding: Built Green Colorado- Ahead of the Trends - 07/24/07 05:02 AM
Overview:Introduced in 1995, Built Green Colorado was created through the joint efforts of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver (HBA), The Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC), Xcel Energy, and E-Star Colorado.
The largest green building program in the nation, Built Green currently has over 100 builder members in Colorado, 45 sponsor members, and a Built Green Industry Leaders group. The operating budget of the program is generated from the dues and fees of the builder and sponsor members, and from the substantial financial contributions of the Built Green Industry Leaders. Built Green Industry Leader members are: James Hardie … (2 comments)

green buliding: Straw Bale Home Basics by Colorado Realtor Cyrus Green e-PRO, EcoBroker - 07/24/07 04:59 AM
Technology Snapshot & Benefits:Appropriate for a wide variety of climates, straw bale homes can be comfortable and can manage moisture effectively if designed and constructed properly.  These structures can provide good thermal (approx. R-30 to R-35) and sound insulation and provide some fire-resistance in ASTM testing. They use low embodied energy, low-toxicity building materials which are usually available locally.
Straw bale homes offer an alternative aesthetic with a variety of options for designs and finishes.
Estimated Cost Savings:Cost savings vary with climate and are related to home heating costs.
Issues:Most challenges with straw bale homes are related to inadequate design or construction practices that … (4 comments)

green buliding: Sundance Channel Website- FREE ECO-ADVERTISING!! - 07/24/07 04:55 AM
I'd like to share the news about this website has a free directory of green businesses and environmentalist organizations. I found this to be a well designed site, and it is heavily advertised on the Sundance Channel. Founded by Robert Redford, this is a great source of entertianment and information as well as an opportunity for networking.
  If you are part of this movement towards sensible, renewable and sustainable business practice, post your business on there. The potential for personal branding in your community is as great as the potential for widespread success for this website. You'll like it, … (4 comments)

green buliding: Sustainable Living Fair- Fort Collins, Colorado - 07/12/07 06:47 AM
Join me for a weekend of enlightening solutions that sustain our lifestyles while sustaining our environment.Mark your calendar now for the third weekend in September, as always!The Rocky MountainSustainable Living Fair is a solution based, hands-on, family oriented event designed to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about Sustainable Living Practices, Renewable Energy, Environmental & Social Responsibility, Natural Health, Green Building, Alternative Vehicles, Organic Agriculture, Local Economies and more.The Fair features Keynote Speakers, National Exhibitors, Hands-On Workshops and Demonstrations, 140 Exhibitors, Planet Youth, a Zen Zone, the Friendly Food Market, a beer garden and entertainment.The Fair is organized by the Rocky … (0 comments)

green buliding: Earth Works Expo in Denver July 27-29 - 07/12/07 06:43 AM
I am going to be an exhibitor at this event, and wanted to put the word out. This should be a well attended event focusing on Green Building & Renewable Energy. With over 150 exhibitors and some great workshops, speakers and a Sat. night Gala reception. Title sponsors include Redirect Guide, who I advertise with. They publish a directory of green businesses in Portland, Salt Lake City, and now Denver. Boulder and Fort Collins.
You may consider coming to this event to keep up on the latest technologies in Green Building, Sustainable Agriculture, Green Transportation, Resource Conservation, Relocalization and other environmental issues … (1 comments)

green buliding: Mold Mitigation in Homes and Buildings- Posted by an EcoBroker Cerified Agent in CO - 07/04/07 02:57 AM
Technology Snapshot & Benefits:Molds occur naturally in our environment. They reproduce by means of tiny spores. When a person touches or inhales mold or mold spores, sensitive individuals may have an allergic reaction. The key to mold control is moisture control, as mold spores cannot reproduce without moisture or water. Controlling moisture reduces the threat of mold problems. Where mold is already a problem, you must clean it up. Qualified mold mitigation contractors can be very helpful in cleaning up mold problems and preventing costly damage and/or adverse health reactions.
Estimated Cost Savings:When it comes to controlling moisture and eliminating mold growth … (3 comments)

green buliding: Green Fix-Up Project- Before and after Photos - 06/21/07 03:35 PM


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