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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!



this is really funny! Unfortunately it is a story that does happen....Read my blog post from yesterday We have all had delayed closings and the bigger the bank the more likely the delay... I hope you enjoyed this song as much...
I hate dealing with big banks.  It started a couple of months ago. I had new clients that came with their own loan officer.  They wanted to deal with their "own" bank.  The bank is Wells Fargo. The loan officer seemed competent and had been recommended by their previous real estate agent.  They a...
Day 27 and Day 28.... Spent most of my real estate time babysitting my pendings.....One will close tomorrow...One on Friday.... And one is part of TAX SALE HORROR and need a lot of work..... I wonder how long I will have my buyer.....So far the new title company agreed to overwrite the judgement ...
Mike always has some great advice... He used to be a minister and he certainly is a great blogger.... He always makes me think....  This is a great time to start over as 2012 approaches....One really cool thing about being Jewish is I get 2 New Years!!!The one thing I love about New Years is that...
In 2008 I won my parties nomination for Candidate for the House of Representatives in CD2 of Idaho....I was my parties sacrificial lamb against a 5 term incumbent... Mike Simpson....I ran mostly so the people in the second district would have a choice....I also felt that no one should be able to ...
Happy Chanukah from my home to yours!!!!!  This is the fifth candle of Chanukah and my middle son just arrived for the holiday.... We had a tradtitional (NOT) dinner of meat and vegitarian lasanga....One can only eat so much fried food in 8 days.....My husband read the boys both Hershal and the ...
Mike say's it best in this open letter to the CEO at Chase.   Short sales are frusterating and the banks have been bailed out by the taxpayer without the taxpayers needs being considered.  Many bank have been difficult to deal with as the American dream becomes the American nightmare.......This t...
Tax sales.....Lots can go wrong.... During July 2010 I was contacted by an investor... His request was that I go by homes up for the Ada County tax sale and give him an approximate value.  I investigated 5 or 6 houses.  I also studied tax sales... They are not quite foreclosures.  In Ada county y...
  Yesterday I had one of those really hectic days leading up to the holiday….  I thought it was going to be a light day but in our industry When I woke up I started putting my dishes away and realized that they were gross… That meant the filter in my 2007 Whirlpool dishwasher had clogged yet agai...
For my challenge I made two really great blog posts: Should I take my home off the market for Christmas? and Working together .... Lets try to put this one together! And I worked my deals!  One appraisal in!  3 counter offers! and a bunch of calls!  I also went holiday shopping with my husband, h...

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