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~ 11-11-11 ~ Every morning I wake up and go through my morning routine.  I take my little guy, Kobi, for his walk.  I pick up my mail.  I turn on the radio for some music and humor.  The TV gets turned on for a short time for the weather forecast.  I take my shower, fix my hair, put on my make up...
~ Fall Season of Miracles - A Year of Trials & Tribulations ~   The POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul group gives you the opportunity to share the miracles in your life during this fall season with a creative writing challenge . Join in on the challenge with the  FALL SEASON OF MIRACLES CONTES...
~ Printing on the Go - Where Was Technology 10 Years Ago? ~ Where was technology when I needed it 10 years ago?  Back then the real estate market was just booming in the Denver area.  I was working with several buyers and sellers.  Properties were not on the market long, especially if the home wa...
~ Buy What You Can Afford! ~ When it comes to real estate, this is the best piece of advice you will ever hear.  Buy what you can afford.  I know it is very enticing to fall in love with a home that "has it all", your dream home, if you will.  And it's easy to get sucked in to the glamor and shin...
~ No Thanks, I Think I'll Just Rent ~ It bothers me when I hear this comment.  This usually comes from the mouth of someone that is not fully educated on the current market.  As I explained in an earlier post, Should I Buy or Should I Rent a Home in south Aurora?, now is the perfect time to purch...
~ I'm Waiting for Prices to Hit Rock Bottom ~   I have been working with some buyers who want to purchase a home in south Aurora.  They have been hesitant to go through with a purchase.  Why?  Because they are waiting for prices to hit rock bottom.  They want to make sure they purchase a home at ...
What a fabulous post with some great advice for people who are thinking about selling their home. Peggy explains why it is extremely important to list your home properly from the get-go.  Adjusting your list price after you place your home on the market may have you chasing the market.   Advice f...
~ Should I Buy or Should I Rent a Home In South Aurora? ~ I have heard this question lately and I am surprised.  Why?  Because now is the perfect time to buy.  It's a win-win market for buyers. What do I mean by a win-win real estate market?  That's an easy question to answer.  In the past, buyer...
Jane Peters, an experienced agent in Los Angeles wrote a terrific post on handling repairs in a home inspection.  Buyers and Sellers are on the opposite end of the spectrum when dealing with inspections.  Buyers want to spend as little as possible for the house and want it in top condition, while...
~ How Many Piles Do You Have ~ Since I have been back in town, I have decided to reorganize my house and my business.  After having to go through all of Mom's things when she passed away, and I brought back lots of her stuff, I decided that I had too much stuff. Mom was VERY organized.  I think i...

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