foreclosed properties: Storage Space - 05/30/10 02:33 AM
No matter how much storage space they have, most people feel that it's never enough. Most buyers put storage space high on their list of priorities for a new home, and all sellers must face the minor indignity of having prospective buyers open all of their closets to determine the size of each one.Even an enormous closet looks small if it is cluttered. Your closets should be as organized as possible while your property is on the market. If you have too many things, have a yard sale, rent a storage unit temporarily, or make a tax deductible donation to a … (1 comments)

foreclosed properties: Need Title Insurance? - 05/26/10 02:53 AM
Title insurance is one of the closing cost items on the closing statement when a home is purchased. This insurance protects the buyer from defects in the title that are not discovered until after the closing. There are two kinds of title insurance--coverage that protects the lender for the balance of the mortgage if the buyers have a loan, and coverage that protects the buyers' equity in the property.It is prudent to purchase owners' coverage because most of the title problems that arise after a closing are not from a sloppy title search, but are the result of inaccurate information in … (0 comments)

foreclosed properties: FHA Advisory - 05/25/10 06:11 AM
If you are in default on an FHA-insured mortgage, and the lender intends to foreclose, you should know about the Mortgage Assignment Program. You will have to provide certain information to the FHA to apply for this program. To be considered eligible for assistance, the home must your primary residence, you must be at least three full payments behind on the mortgage, and the reason for your failure to make the mortgage payments must be due to circumstances beyond your control, such as unemployment. The FHA must be reasonably certain that you can resume making the payments at the end of … (0 comments)

foreclosed properties: The Title Search - 05/24/10 03:11 AM
The people who do title searches have an extremely important job. They must ensure that the sellers really own the property being sold and that all liens against the property are being paid off as a result of the sale.If the seller has had financial difficulties, for instance, and didn't pay his bills, there may be judgments that must be satisfied on or before the closing. Someone in addition to the party who signed the sales agreement may have an interest in the property. If so, it will be necessary for that person to sign the sales agreement and the deed … (4 comments)

foreclosed properties: Need Mortgage Protection? - 05/23/10 02:08 AM
If you have a mortgage on your home in town, you have probably gotten several offers from insurance companies that sell coverage to pay off your mortgage if you die unexpectedly. Insurance is a good idea in most cases, however, mortgage insurance is usually a poor value.If you read the large print, it looks like the policy will protect your family if you die before your mortgage is paid off. All you have to do is fill out the paperwork, have a physical exam, and pay a little more each month. The fine print, however, may limit the coverage to accidental … (1 comments)

foreclosed properties: Evaluating Neighborhoods - 05/22/10 04:32 AM
When sellers think about curb appeal, they usually think about their own front yard and the effort required to keep the house looking good. When prospective buyers look at homes, they evaluate the house and the neighborhood. If you need to move, the price that your neighbors get for their house could have an impact on the value of your home.This knowledge makes its own case for doing your part to make the neighborhood appealing. The time to take remedial action is before you think about moving if your house is the one with peeling paint, over-grown bushes, rusty bicycles, and … (1 comments)

foreclosed properties: The Settlement - 05/21/10 05:19 AM
The buyer and seller will sign the settlement sheet at the closing, detailing all of the charges that each party has incurred during the sale of the house. It is crucial to go over the sheet for accuracy and to make sure that you understand everything on it before you complete the transaction.When a contract is negotiated, each side agrees how to divide the loan fees (or points), as well as the other closing charges, such as state or local taxes or escrow fees. Your Realtor can go over the settlement sheet and help you compare it with your purchase agreement. … (1 comments)

foreclosed properties: Moving Day - 05/20/10 09:05 AM
The closing on the sale of your home is Friday morning at 11:00, and that afternoon at 3:00 you are to complete the transaction on the house you are buying. Your sellers are completing the purchase of their new house on Monday. As sellers, each of you is obligated to leave your house vacant and clean at the time of the closing, and you will take possession of the home you are buying after the closing.If you are faced with a game of musical moving vans, you may want to negotiate with your buyers or sellers to remain in your old … (1 comments)

foreclosed properties: Deadlines - 05/16/10 07:04 AM
Both buyer and seller should be aware of all of the deadlines in their purchase agreement. Each contract is different, but there are usually time limits covering the structural contingency, the financing application, the loan commitment, and the closing.If you are careless, you could lose your right to ask a seller to pay for needed repairs. There may be a limit on the time the seller has to respond to the buyer's request to complete repairs that are not required by the contract. Failure to apply for your mortgage on time may place your deposit at risk if the loan is … (2 comments)

foreclosed properties: Cosmetic Flaws - 04/30/10 02:11 AM
Many buyers make home buying decisions based primarily upon emotional reactions to the homes we show them. A freshly-painted house with clean windows and waxed floors will sell for top dollar, while a nearby home which needs a lot of cosmetic attention languishes on the market, even with a much lower asking price.If you find yourself in the position of comparing two such houses, put your imagination to work. If the only difference is paint, cleaning, and carpeting (or getting unsightly furniture moved out), remember that these are fairly low ticket items that you would probably choose to do even if … (0 comments)

foreclosed properties: Paperwork at Closing - 04/25/10 02:00 AM
When you buy a house, you are asked to sign an amazing number of documents, especially if you are obtaining a mortgage. It is prudent to read all of the papers before signing them, but it may not be practical to do this at the actual closing. There is a way you can read everything first without holding up the closing.The title company should have the papers ready for your review several days before the closing, but sometimes the lender delivers the paperwork at the last minute. If you insist on reading everything, including all fine print, you will probably draw … (0 comments)

foreclosed properties: Closing Day - 04/23/10 11:02 PM
Buyers will have an opportunity to walk through the home they are buying just before the closing to make sure it is in the same condition as when the contract was ratified. They will check the appliances and make sure that the agreed-upon repairs were completed.They usually see their new home empty for the first time just after the movers have left. Suddenly they see the dark rectangles and nail holes where pictures used to hang, as well as all the "dust bunnies". The contract calls for the house to be "broom clean" and free of trash and debris. Realtors encourage … (4 comments)

foreclosed properties: Buying New or Adding On - 04/22/10 01:58 AM

foreclosed properties: Are You Curious? - 04/21/10 09:10 AM
Perhaps you have no plans to buy or sell a home right now, but you are curious about your possibilities. Real estate professionals can answer any questions you may have about the ins and outs of real estate. We can provide you with information to help you make a decision.We will discuss the local real estate market with you and help you determine whether it is a good time for you to buy or sell. If you are a first-time buyer, you may have questions about legal descriptions, fair housing laws or sources of financing. You may be curious about how … (1 comments)

foreclosed properties: A Buyers Market - 04/20/10 01:05 AM

foreclosed properties: Offers and Counter-Offers - 04/19/10 04:07 AM

foreclosed properties: What to Leave for the New Owners - 04/17/10 12:28 AM
What to Have on Hand for the New Owners  
•·       Owner's manuals and warranties for appliances left in the house.
•·       Garage door opener.
•·       Extra sets of house keys.
•·       A list of local service providers - the best dry cleaner, yard service, plumber, etc.
•·       Code to the security alarm and phone number of the monitoring service if not discontinued.
•·       As a courtesy, you could provide numbers to the local utility companies.
•·       If it's a condo, leave information on how to contact the condo board.

foreclosed properties: Understanding Capital Gains in Real Estate - 04/16/10 03:56 AM
Understanding Capital Gains in Real EstateWhen you sell a stock, you owe taxes on your gain - the difference between what you paid for the stock and what you sold it for. The same holds true when selling a home (or a second home), but there are some special considerations.How to Calculate GainIn real estate, capital gains are based not on what you paid for the home, but on its adjusted cost basis. To calculate, follow these steps:1. Purchase price: _______________________ 
The purchase price of the home is the sale price, not the amount of money you actually contributed at closing.

foreclosed properties: How to Prepare for the Open House - 04/13/10 02:32 AM
How to Prepare for the Open House  
•·       Advertise your open house. Ideally you should advertise both the weekend before and the weekend of the open house. Check with the local paper to see when their ad closing deadlines are.
•·       Create a property summary sheet. This sheet gives prospective buyers an overview of your home. Include dimensions for each room, copies of a property survey, summaries of utility costs and property taxes, and a list of when capital items such as roofs and furnace were added.
•·       Develop a sign-in form for prospects' addresses. You'll ideally want both phone numbers … (2 comments)

foreclosed properties: Checklist: 17 Service Providers You'll Need When You Sell - 04/11/10 06:48 AM
Checklist: 17 Service Providers You'll Need When You Sell   
•□        Real estate attorney
•□        Appraiser
•□        Home inspector
•□        Mortgage loan officer
•□        Environmental specialist
•□        Lead paint inspector
•□        Radon inspector
•□        Tax adviser
•□        Sanitary systems expert
•□        Occupancy permit inspector
•□        Zoning inspector
•□        Survey company
•□        Flood plain inspector
•□        Termite inspector
•□        Title company
•□        Insurance consultant
•□        Moving company
Used with permission from Kim Daugherty, Real Estate Checklists and Systems,

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