short sales help: I need help to Avoid a Foreclosure - 04/04/14 05:43 AM
Attention Homeowners always work with a Licensed Real Estate
Agent when seeking Real Estate Services. 1st Prime Realty
is a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage by the California Bureau of
Real Estate.
This Article is Titled "I need help to Avoid a Foreclosure"
Homeowners there is help to avoid a Foreclosure through the
Short Sale Process. If you are behind on your Mortgage Payments,
Loss of Income, Relocating, Sickness, or Illness making it difficult
to pay your Mortgage Payments you may Qualify for a Short Sell.
A Short Sell is Selling your Home Less than the Amount owed. For
example you Own a Home which has a Home Loan … (0 comments)

short sales help: Short Sales help for San Diego Homeowners - 03/26/14 01:30 AM
Behind on Mortgage Payments? Avoid Foreclosure we can help.
1st Prime Realty has helped many Homeowners in Short Selling
their Home, and Avoiding a Foreclosure.
More details:

Don Alexander REALTOR(R)
1st Prime Realty
CA BRE LIC 01456248

short sales help: Short Sale your Home. Avoid Foreclosure - 03/20/14 11:09 AM
Avoid Foreclosure, Short Sale your Home. Find out if your Qualify:

short sales help: Don Alexander REALTOR(R) in San Diego California - 09/27/13 01:45 AM

I'm Don Alexander REALTOR(R) in San Diego California, with 1st Prime Realty. I've been in Real Estate since 2004 over the years I've been Exposed to Great, Good, and Bad Real Estate Markets. The Real Estate Market is on the Rise if you ask a Knowledgeable Professional. There are many Homeowners struggling to keep their Home, but in some cases their Financial Hardship out ways the Hopes of keeping their Home. Before your Home is foreclosed I encourage any Homeowner that needs help to communicate with their Lender, and ask for HELP.
Short Selling your Home should be your … (0 comments)

short sales help: Keep your Home California - 09/05/13 06:34 AM
Attention Homeowners,
 Its possible you may qualify for Programs which will assist you in Keeping your Home.  I recommend you call your Lender(s) 1st, and inquire on Any Programs that may assist your in Keeping your Home. Here is a Website that may benefit you, or someone you know:
Beware of Predatory Lending Practices, Short Sale Rescue Scams, Avoid Foreclosure Scams, Homeowner Rent Back Scams, I Buy Houses Fast Scams.
1st Prime Realty's recommendation to Homeowners seeking Short Sales assistance: Work with a Licensed Real Estate Professional. Ask and Review their Credentials such as: Real Estate Licensed number(Verify their License … (0 comments)

short sales help: How to Stay in your Home. No Broker Fees. - 07/31/12 04:20 AM
How to Stay in your Home.Home Owners you have OPTIONS. There is a vast amount of Information, and Resources tohelp you keep your Home.What are your OPTIONS?*Principle/ or Interest Rate Reduction.*Loan Modification.*Mortgage Relief Programs.*Short Sales.*Deed-in-Lieuand More."Making Home Affordable" Program.Before you pay any Company to Modify your Loan, or provide any Mortgage Rescue services.I can help for "FREE"I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Certified Short Sales Agent. My goal is to help Home Ownerskeep their Home. There is no cost for this "FREE" information.Save your Money, and I can HELP.Don Alexander REALTOR(R), Broker1st Prime Realty619-581-4255CA.DRE.LIC.01456248

short sales help: Do you Qualify for a Short Sale? - 06/19/12 09:30 AM
Do you Qualify for a Short Sale?
It is possible you may qualify for a Short Sale, but what is the reason for your default?  Some Lenders will request important documents to justify the Short Sale.  There are many ways to Avoid a Foreclosure, here are a List of Options: Principle/ or Interest Rate Reduction Programs, Loan Modification, Short Sale, Deed-in-Lieu, or Foreclosure.
If your Option is to Short Sale your home, Hire the right Licensed Real Estate Professional.  Ask your Real Estate Professional have they received any Short Sales Certification/or Training to assist you in Short Selling your home.  An Experienced … (0 comments)

short sales help: Foreclosure Prevention. Licensed/ Certified Short Sales Agent. - 02/01/12 07:42 AM
Foreclosure Prevention: Avoid Foreclosure, get help today.
1st Prime Realty has assisted Homeowners, with successfully Short Selling their homes.We were able to help these Homeowners avoid a foreclosure, they did not pay any Broker fees.
Our Experienced Short Sales Team is here to help. We negotiate with your Lender(s), in gettingHomeowners who qualify Short Sale Approval.
Short Selling your home is an Alternative to a Foreclosure, there are many options to consider:*Payment of Delinquent Mortgage Balance.*Loan Modification.*Principle Reduction/ or Rate Reduction.*Deed-in-lieu.*SHORT SALE.*Foreclosure.
1st Prime Realty is Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, and Short Sales Certified bythe National Association … (0 comments)

short sales help: Avoid Foreclosure! Licensed/ Certified Short Sales Broker. - 12/19/11 09:24 AM
Don Alexander Real Estate Broker, with 1st Prime Realty assist Homeowners with Short Selling their home. If you are a Homeownerand Mortgage payment are behind call our Short Sales Team Today.
Our Short Sales Team is Experienced, Licensed, and Certified.1st Prime Realty is Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, and Short Sales Certified by the National Associationof REALTORS.
We do not Charge any up front Real Estate Broker fees. If you arebehind on Mortgage Payments, and unable to afford your homedue to a Financial Hardship call our Short Sales Team Today.
*************IMPORTANT SHORT SALE INFORMATION*********************1st Prime Realty is a … (0 comments)

short sales help: Short Sales Help. Licensed/ Certified Real Estate Broker. - 09/01/11 11:33 AM


short sales help: Certified Short Sales Broker, Helping Homeowners. Call Us Today! - 03/19/10 09:07 AM

Don Alexander (1st Prime Realty)

Don Alexander

San Diego, CA

More about me…

1st Prime Realty

Address: 270 E. Douglas Ave, El Cajon, Ca, 92020

Office: (619) 581-4255

Mobile: (619) 581-4255

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Short Sale Assistance, 1st Prime Realty is here to help... Get Help today. 1st Prime Realty assist Home Owners in the Short Sales process. What's a Short Sale? Its selling your Home for Less than you Owe. Example: Home Bought in 2004 for $350,000, Home Owners are in a Financial Hardship, because Loss of Income. Mortgage Payments are 3months behind. Home Owner Contacts 1st Prime Realty, Home Owner Authorized the Sale, Marketing Plan Locates a Qualified Buyer, Offer $180,000 with acceptable Terms/Condition, Submitted to the Foreclosing Bank, with Short Sales Package, Bank reviews the Offer, Senior Management Approves, Sends Letter approving Short Sale, Home Owners Signs, Home Buyers Sign, Escrow Closed, and Home Owners are able to move forward without a Foreclosure. Short Sale Approved. The above is only an example, the Short Sales process, has many stages, and a Trained Short Sales Broker should always assist Home Owners in the Sale of their Home. 1st Prime Realty is a Certified Short Sales Real Estate Brokerage by the National Association of REALTORS, and has been given the Short Sales, Foreclosure Resource Designation. We strive to assist all Home Owners who are seeking a Short Sale of their home. Not all Short Sales are approved, the determination depends on many Factors, and your Financial Hardship is the Primary concerns of Most Banks. If you are a Home Owner, and have a Legitimate Financial Harship call 1st Prime Realty, we would like to help. Financial Hardships: *Loss of Income. *Job Loss. *Relocation. *Divorce /or Legal Separation. *Illness. *Death of Spouse/ or Partner. *Victims of Mortgage Fraud. etc. Call us today for more information. Don Alexander REALTOR/Broker 1st Prime Realty 619-581-4255 D.R.E Lic.#01456248 • Location: El Cajon Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture




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