five towns: Weekly Market Report for LI Five Towns Area 6/3 to 6/10/12 - 06/11/12 01:19 AM
In week of 6/3/12 to 6/10/12 - 14 homes closed (sales were complete and title passed to the new owners) in Long Island’s Five Towns (Cedarhurst, Hewlett, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Neck, Hewlett Harbor, Inwood, Lawrence, North Woodmere, Woodmere and Woodsburgh), East Rockaway and Lynbrook.
Home prices ranged from a high of $ 895,000 for a 5 bedroom Colonial in Woodmere to a low price of $ 291,000 for a 3 bedroom Colonial in East Rockaway.
The average days on market for these homes was 124 days. 2 of these homes sold in UNDER 11 DAYS!!!. Many of these homes took less than … (0 comments)

five towns: Review: Alfie's La Cucina, Hewlett NY - 03/28/12 01:26 AM
If you haven’t been to the latest Italian Restaurant to open in Hewlett then you are missing some of the best food around!
Luigi Muto owner of Alfies 2 has opened a Contemporary Italian Restaurant right next door.
Don’t confuse Alfie’s Cucina with an upscale pizzeria and come here for heroes on a fancy plate or basic spaghetti and meatballs.
La Cucina is an upscale contemporary Italian Restaurant with a well rounded mid priced menu. Cucina is managed by Kenny Kotchek original owner of The Porthole & former manager of Corbin & Reynolds & Sole. The man behind the food is Executive … (0 comments)

five towns: HGTV is NOT Reality TV – The true steps to buying your Long Island home… - 06/27/11 04:39 AM
Boy doesn't HGTV make it all look so easy! Within a half an hour to an hour you find a home, make an offer, get it accepted, skip the inspection, get a mortgage, close and get the keys. WHEW!
Sorry to tell you that is NOT reality - at least not in the Five Towns area of Long Island. Since the process is different all over, I thought I would take this chance to explain how the process works on Long Island from making an offer to closing.
Before you even start your home search you should speak to a mortgage … (3 comments)

five towns: Reduced in East Rockaway and Woodmere LI - 05/31/11 05:20 AM

five towns: I want to trade up my I traded up my car - 04/21/11 03:11 AM
I got a call the other day from a woman whose home I had listed a couple of years ago. Unfortunately what she owed on the home was a lot more than the home was worth, To make matters worse it was a 2 bedroom home in a less desirable neighborhood. Her listing expired with minimal showings. (She did not want to discuss alternatives such as short sale)
So, she calls yesterday and wants to sell her house again. I explained again that she will not get what she owes on the house based on the house size aand the current market … (14 comments)

five towns: Because you asked...Hewlett Elementary School, Broadway - Hewlett, NY - 04/20/11 06:10 AM
Hewlett Elementary School is one of 2 elementary schools in Hewlett Woodmere School District 14.
The other is Ogden Elementary School in North Woodmere.
Hewlett Elementary is located on Braodway Hewlett in the Five Towns of Long Island. It serves the neighborhoods of Hewlett, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Neck, part of Woodmere, and part of the Gibson area of Valley Stream. 
Hewlett Elementary School (and Ogden) house grades 2 through 5. The Franklin Early Childhood Center (FECC) houses grades Pre-K to 1st. After the children graduate Hewlett Elementary School they go the Woodmere Middle School and then on to GW Hewlett High … (0 comments)

five towns: Daily Mortgage Monitor Compliments of Five Towns Real Estate Guide & WFHM - 04/11/11 07:03 AM

Daily Mortgage Rate Monitor Alert Courtesy of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Today's Rates: April 14, 2011

five towns: CLOSED in the Five Towns LI & East Rockaway LI Last Week (4/1 – 4/8) - 04/08/11 07:39 AM
For the week of April 1 - April 8
3 Properties CLOSED in the Five Towns and East Rockaway - Prices ranged from $ 225,000 to $ 475,000
8 Properties WENT INTO CONTRACT in the Five Towns and East Rockaway - List Prices ranged from $ 335,000 to $ 1,995,000
TRULY Something in every price range!
The Five Towns of Long Island consists of Hewlett (also Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Neck), Woodmere (and Woodsburgh), Cedarhurst, Lawrence and Inwood. The 5 Towns and surrounding areas of East Rockaway, Lynbrook, Valley Stream and Oceanside are convenient to NYC by car or LIRR and are … (0 comments)

five towns: My Journey as a Seller - The Beginning - 03/24/11 08:47 AM
For many reasons my husband and I have decided it is time to downsize. We just don't need all the space anymore.
With the shoe now being on the other foot, I thought I would keep this online blog/diary of my Journey as a seller. The emotions, the sweat, the trials, the tribulations and hopefully the victory and then my follow up Journey as a Buyer!
When we decided it was time to sell I began to look at my house differently. From the eye of an outsider, of a potential buyer.  And WOW is it a trip.
First - Do … (9 comments)

five towns: Why Aren't We Looking at That House - Flip Side - 02/10/11 09:51 AM
There was a great Featured Blog today Why aren't we looking at that house? and many thoughtful comments as well.
I do see what everyone is saying, but I have to disagree.
I think that a buyer can have all the lists and must haves that they feel they need in a house, but so much of buying a home is emotional - and if they "Feel" a house, the lists go down the drain.
I am only saying the because it has happened to me for both of my homes, so I know this first hand.
About 20 years ago we … (4 comments)

five towns: It's not too late to close on that Five Towns Home before the school year starts... - 07/16/10 04:02 AM
Hoping to move in time for your kids to start the school year in their new district? Try these tips for closing quickly:
Communicate Call the district - you may have more time than you think. Some school districts let you enroll your child with a contract, so long as you provide a deed by a certain time. Also, make sure everyone - your broker, lender and attorney and the seller's team - knows you want your child to start the year in the new school.
Show the money Get prequalified for your loan, and have your down payment funds … (1 comments)

five towns: Hot Day on Long Island? Stop by Five Pennies Creamery in Rockville Centre - 07/11/10 10:40 AM
We "discovered" this wonderful home-made ice cream store last night after dinner.
I can sum it up in one word YUM!!!
All the products are made in house.
The staff was SUPER FRIENDLY - kept offering us more and more flavors to taste - we had trouble making up our minds.
Our favorite flavors were: Apple Pie Ice Cream, Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Smurf Ice Cream (beware it makes your lips, teeth and skin BLUE), and Bing Cherry Ices.
In addition to fine ice cream, Five Pennies Creamery turns out Coney Island custard (a rich, soft-serve ice cream made with eggs) and … (0 comments)

five towns: NCJW Five Towns 5K Fitness Walk - Next Sunday May 16th - Register Today! - 05/07/10 04:06 AM
Join NCJW in their SECOND ANNUAL 5K Fitness Walkto support the health and well being of our community's children
Sunday, May 16th, 2010 - 8:00 AM
Walk with NCJW to get fit, have fun, and support a great cause. Our goal is to inspire members of the Five Towns community and surrounding areas to get into better shape this spring.
NCJW's 5K Fitness Walk is open to the entire community. Women, men, and children are encouraged to participate.  The $20 advance registration fee ($25 after May 5) will help NCJW continue to provide more than 26 services to our community including … (0 comments)

five towns: Legal 2 Family Home - 1729 Broadway, Hewlett, LI, NY - 03/18/10 02:53 AM
Legal 2 Family Home - 1729 Broadway, Hewlett, LI, NY
People are always asking me if there are LEGAL 2 family homes available in award winning Hewlett Woodmere School District 14. Usually I have to say No, but now there is!!
This 5 bedroom home sits on a HUGE piece of property. it is a 2 bedroom apartment over a 3 bedroom apartment. The long driveway ends at a 2 car garage and opens to a large backyard. The first floor 3 bedroom apartment has just had the floors re done, a fresh coat of paint, and it is ready for you to move right … (0 comments)

five towns: My house began to twitch..... Quite a windstorm in the Five Towns of Long island - 03/14/10 09:26 AM
My house began to twitch..... Quite a windstorm in the Five Towns of Long island
We had quite the coastal storm here yesterday.
Rain and wind gusts up to 70 mph.
JFK International Airport was closed.
Many many people are still without power.
Trees and powerlines down all over the neighborhood. Roofs partially blown off. Fences blown down.
All last night it sounded like a war zone - constantly hearing the sirens from police cars and other emergency vehicles.
Just sitting in my house (with my stash of flashlight and candles)  watching the winds trees blow all around was quite scary. Fortunately … (0 comments)

five towns: NCJW Peninsula Section is getting ready for their 2nd Annual 5K Fitness Walk in the Five Towns of LI - 03/12/10 06:07 AM
Join NCJW Peninsula Secton (and me) for their SECOND ANNUAL 5K Fitness Walkto support the health and well being of our community's children
Sunday, May 16th, 2010 - 8:00 AM
Walk with NCJW to get fit, have fun, and support a great cause. Our goal is to inspire members of the Five Towns community and surrounding areas to get into better shape this spring.
Free Training Sessions beginning on March 18th, 2010
Meet us at the Hewlett High School Track for weekly training walks beginning on March 18th at 6:30 pm, rain or shine. The training walks are open to all registered … (0 comments)

five towns: Five Towns, Long Island, NY Real Estate Market Statistics - February 2010 - 02/28/10 11:44 AM

One of the reasons it is taking longer to sell some homes in the Five Towns is because there is a high inventory of luxury homes on the market and most buyers are looking for the lower end homes right now.
To reduce the time your home is on the market, price it where comparables have sold versus where comparables have been sitting on the market, this will greatly reduce the amount time on the market. 

five towns: UNCLE!!!! - 02/26/10 04:42 AM

I give up - I give in - I have had enough!!
We are on the tail end of our 3rd snow storm in February, thank goodness the month is just about over.
A third snow day from school, a third day of customer cancelling appointments, a third day of shovelling.
Good thing about being a Realtor is that I can work from the comfort of my home. I made my calls, checked on my deals, and worked on confirming a closing for next week.
In between I asked  myself why I live here. Whon on Long Island, why … (5 comments)

five towns: The Five Towns on Long Island - Inwood, NY (Town 3 of 5) - 02/15/10 07:07 AM
The Five Towns on Long Island - Inwood, NY  (Town 3 of 5)
The Five Towns is an informal grouping of towns located in Nassau County, NY on the South Shore of Long Island. The Five Towns is normally considered to be made up of: Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere (and Woodsburgh), Inwood and Hewlett (Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Neck, Hewlett Harbor).
The name "Five Towns" dates back to 1931, when individual Community Chest groups in the area banded together to form the "Five Towns Community Chest".
The Five Towns area is a great area to live work and play.
It is convenient … (0 comments)

five towns: Are you tired of......? A short quiz. - 12/20/09 08:31 AM

This was the biggest snowstorm I have seen in years in the Five Towns on Long Island.
We dug out our house and cars, then my parents house and cars. First year in a while my folks haven;t wintered in California, and I think today they might have regretted that choice.
How about you? Take this short quiz...
1. Are you tired of digging out your cars when it snows?2. Are you tired of the cold weather?3. Are you tired of searching for lost gloves?3. Are you tired of the high cost of heating your home?4. Are you tired of … (0 comments)