fsbo: Mortgage Pre-Approval Still Important For Today’s Buyers - 09/22/08 03:33 AM
As today’s lending standards require higher credit scores and larger down payments than in the recent past, it’s more important than ever for buyers to be pre-approved for a mortgage before starting the home shopping process. Here’s why: * Knowing exactly how much money you can qualify to borrow will ensure you don’t waste your time looking at homes you can’t afford. * Based on your loan pre-approval, you’ll know in advance what contract terms you’ll want to negotiate with sellers–for example, seller-paid points, closing costs, inspections, etc. * If you find a particularly good deal on a home, you’ll be … (0 comments)

fsbo: Property Tax Calculator for Homeowners - 09/22/08 01:59 AM
A Property tax Calculator Added to Fizber.com for Consumers. Miami Beach, FL (PRWEBFizber.com) September 2, 2008 — When relocating to a new area or purchasing that second home, there are often questions which arise regarding the single word feared by many Americans… Taxes! Fizber.com launched a Property Tax Estimator on their website to help home buyers calculate property taxes for a prospective real estate property within a click of a mouse. Obtaining this figure ensures that buyers can make informed decisions when deciding to purchase a home. To help house hunters find out more about homes before they buy them, Fizber.com … (0 comments)

fsbo: Loan Fraud on the Rise in Florida - 09/20/08 01:58 AM
You might assume that with home purchases and new mortgage volume off by 30 percent or more in many markets during the past year, loan fraud would be down as well. Wrong. A bench mark quarterly study released Aug. 25 by the mortgage industry’s principal compiler of fraud reports, the Mortgage Asset Research Institute, found that the number of cases jumped by 42 percent between the second quarter of 2007 and the same period this year. They ranged from hoked-up income verifications and credit reports to falsified employment records, financial assets illegally “rented” to buyers to beef up their loan applications, … (0 comments)

fsbo: Real Estate CEO Stole $17 Million - 09/20/08 12:25 AM
MANHATTAN—A former real estate executive at Max Capital Management Corporation has been charged with stealing more than $17 million from a panoply of banks and individuals. The defendant, Adam Hochfelder, 37, of East 96th St., New York, has been indicted on six counts of first degree grand larceny, two counts of second degree grand larceny, 24 counts of second degree forgery, 24 counts of first degree falsifying business records, one count each of first degree scheme to defraud and first degree offering a false instrument for filing. Prosecutors say the crimes charged in the indictment occurred between October 2002 and February … (0 comments)

fsbo: Realtors Peddle Real Estate to Bike-Happy Clients - 09/19/08 04:01 AM
With gas prices high, bicycles flying out of stores and a buyers’ market for houses, a handful of real estate agents around the country are touting the two-wheeled appeal of their listings. Some even show houses exclusively by bike, wheeling through the neighborhood with potential buyers to show off bike lanes and bike-focused businesses and repair shops. Clad in a purple helmet with plastic flowers dangling from her handlebars, Portland’s Kirsten Kaufman is part of a new generation of agents eager to replace the stereotypes of hauling clients around in fancy sedans or SUVs. The mother of three starting hosting bike … (1 comments)

fsbo: Seasonal-Selling Strategies - 09/18/08 03:12 AM
Fizber.com Advice on Selling Homes in the Fall With the children going back to school and holiday season fast approaching, it is not surprising that looking for a buyer a property will be so much more challenging. But there are some changes home sellers can use to make their home show better in the fall than those that make no effort to change their strategy. Consider the following seasonal-selling strategies from Fizber.com to sell a home in early fall: 1. Be Festive With the fall colors making everything look warm, homeowners can immediately improve how their home looks by adding some … (0 comments)

fsbo: 5 Real Estate Marketing Tips - 09/18/08 12:37 AM
1. Build a Quality Website Think of your website as “Web Marketing Central.” It’s the all-important centerpiece to your online marketing strategy. Build as much value into your website as possible. Load it up with helpful content, articles, listings, real estate news, mortgage calculators, etc. In web marketing circles, this is known as making your website “sticky.” The more valuable content you offer, the more likely people will be to stick around. Just keep in mind that the more content you add, the neater things must be. Organize your web content so people can find things easily. Keep things clean and … (0 comments)

fsbo: Real Estate Marketing - The Importance of Listing Language - 09/13/08 01:49 AM
A real estate marketing story. John and Jane have just seen a listing photo of a home that matches their needs. It’s within their price range, and it has all the features they want. Now, continuing in the process, they read the details. They read what you’ve written to describe the house. This is when your listing language either moves them forward, or leaves them behind. The basic parts of the listing are simple to write, and they’re often enough to get a buyer to come out for a visit. Square feet. Number of bedrooms. The basics. But your goal is … (0 comments)

fsbo: Easy style tips: Refresh your bathroom - 09/09/08 04:33 AM
You don’t need a new suite to update your bathroom. The key to a tranquil bathroom is keeping it organised. # Place a large shallow bowl near the bath and use it to store everything from face towels to soap. # Keep the look consistent by choosing matching accessories like this linen basket and bath mat. # Design a smart hanging area by attaching a curtain pole to your bathroom wall. You’ll have the perfect place to put clothes and towels while you are bathing. # Make essentials look posh by ditching the packaging of basic buys like cotton and soaps … (0 comments)

fsbo: Middle Village, NY, 11379 - For Sale - 09/09/08 12:48 AM
2 Family House Fully Renovated with full finished basement, Driveway, two car detached garage and backyard. Quality Brick, Excellent Appearance. House was completely renovated from A to Z, Everything was replaced and is brand new from top to bottom. The home features wood and marble flooring, and marble bathrooms, high ceilings; all three apartments all have separate entrances. Lot size is 25X100, building size 18X43, all three apartments have around 750 square feet each. Yearly Taxes $ 2,389, Very Quiet neighborhood, Close to Shopping and Transportation, Community District 24 School District. To directly access this property, use this shortcut: http://www.fizber.com/New-York-buy-Duplex-Triplex-Multi-Family-home-5798061.html  … (0 comments)

fsbo: Should Trulia Give More SEO Value to Their Agents? - 09/04/08 12:42 AM
Trulia uses 302 redirects that prevents the flow of links to the brokers’ source sites which essentially stops Google from following these links and makes Trulia the original source of the content. We at Fizber don’t find it wrong because these sort of things are common with any general online advertising arrangement. And we don’t know what all the hype is about. It’s a standard practice online, and some of the top sites around the web use this method as well. If you complete a link exchange with another site, you purchase a follow or nofollow link. Nofollows are designed to … (0 comments)

fsbo: Fizber in Chinese - 09/02/08 04:42 AM
The Fizber team has just returned from the trip to Beijing for the Olympic Games. Ever wondered how do you say Fizber in Chinese? The Chinese pinyin for it is ‘fáng dōng zì shòu’ (Homes For Sale By Owner”) and the word “Fizber” is written in Chinese hieroglyphics below: Fizber.com … (0 comments)

fsbo: Collegiate house-hunting - 08/27/08 04:34 AM
Five things to consider before buying a pad for your college student Rising college costs are causing some parents to consider an alternate housing plan for their students: They’re bypassing the dorm and off-campus apartments in favor of purchasing a condominium or single-family home. In some cases, it might be not a bad idea. Take the Oklahoma City area. Here, a single-family home will cost an average $764 a month, including the mortgage payment and taxes, assuming a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and a 20% down payment, according to data from Cyberhomes.com, a consumer home listing portal owned by Fidelity National Financial. … (0 comments)

fsbo: Neighborhood Event Finder - 08/27/08 04:00 AM
If you've ever felt trapped in your career, there is a good chance that you have considered relocation.  The thought of a new city and a fresh start feels like just the thing to jumpstart your stalled professional life.
 When searching for a home in a new area, you'll research the schools, analyze the taxes and crunch those crime rate numbers.  But an often overlooked point of research is the "culture" of the neighborhood. From sporting events to street fairs, performing arts to comedy clubs, identifying these events will not only ensure entertainment for the entire family, but they can … (0 comments)

fsbo: Spice Up Your Real Estate Listings with Video - 08/22/08 11:02 PM
Cameras are revolutionizing the way we sell our homes. It's only customary for home sellers to offer photos of properties put up for grabs. But adding video clips could boost credibility and add detail to your real estate listings - and you may reap a nice reward from your efforts.
Using Webcam to Sell a House
Home owners can also use a Webcam to sell their home’s features on For sale by owner website Fizber.com. Webcam is the easiest way to create a property video because there is no need to transfer it to a computer for … (5 comments)

fsbo: Fizber Around the Globe - 08/22/08 03:50 AM
House may be the most expensive thing you have ever bought…And of course it is very important step in your live. So you have to think twice before choosing any. There you may find some nice houses for sale ;))))) They are not real homes. But if so many people visit them it's possible to earn a lot ))). It's nothing but Saturday joke. … (0 comments)

fsbo: Don’t Overlook The Garage When Getting Your Home Ready To Sell - 08/22/08 01:47 AM
The garage is a classic junk area. As you go through cars, bikes and motorcycles, you end up with used items that you figure you might someday use. You can often have old oil lying around, used tires that you figure you could turn into a swing or planter. Because you are often tired after working on your car or bike, you leave things lying around, making it even more difficult to start the next project. Start with shelving units and wall hanging units. Plastic works well because it won’t rot, decay or rust. Now, before you start just sticking things … (0 comments)

fsbo: All Things Web 2.0 – Buy and Sell Real Estate Web 2.0 - 08/22/08 12:31 AM
Information is power, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to real estate. Catering to savvy buyers and sellers who crave Web 2.0 tools, Fizber, a for-sale-by-owner Website, aims to connect buyers and sellers. Despite pricing uncertainty in the current market, the site’s traffic continues its upward trend, landing the site at 41,318 on the WebReport 100k - up almost 84% over the past 60 days.
What sets this “homes for sale by owner site” apart are a myriad of helpful tools. Some are available on similar sites, but it’s nice to have them all assembled under one … (0 comments)

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