website: How much traffic does your high ranked website get? - 08/21/11 06:17 PM
I'm looking to get a little bit of feedback from other realtors around the nation.   Do you have a website that is ranked high for a big keyword in your area?  Example: Chicago realtors, little rock real estate, etc? 
If you have a high google ranking website, I would like to know a little bit about the impact of your website.  How many closings does your company get per month off of those website leads?  How many visitors do you get?  What is your conversion ratio based on unique visitor / lead?  And then on lead / closing?
Feel free … (2 comments)

website: Spending 10 minutes to list property = 500+ people looking at your deal - 01/27/09 08:01 AM
Ok.  so we all know that investor property can be a great deal if you buy it right.  But that deal really does not do much of anything for you if you do not advertise it back to the market when you go to wholesale it or flip it.
I've made an accurate and educated estimate that if you spend 10-12 minutes posting your property deal in different places on the net you can get 500+  investors/flippers/wholesalers/ etc to view your property!  At 0 cost to you!! Which means you will get about 10-15 calls/emails on your property, and many times … (4 comments)

website: more places to advertise or spread the word? - 01/26/09 09:42 AM
does anyone know of any good places to advertise on the net for my investor website? is maintaining steady growth, but I need to make it ggrow faster!!  Therefore I am looking to advertise to larger investor groups.  I need to get my website to over 5,000 members within 3 months. 
Right now we are at 300+ but am looking to get more!  so let me know what yall know of and I would really apprieciate it.

website: website growing RAPIDLY!! - 01/25/09 05:04 AM
my website gained 75+ members in 24 hours!! thats awesome...  I am still looking to make it bigger.  The long term goal is to have it up to 5,000 members within 3-6 months. I believe I can do this!  let me know if anyone has any good advertising ideas.

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