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This August will mark the 4th Anniversary of Hurricane Katarina. The City of New Orleans and this region is still rebuilding. Many issues still are in debate and causing delays. A bright spot is occurring as I write this post. Teenagers a report 37,000 are here to help. These teenagers are doing ...
Highway Park Kenner LA Spotlight Neighborhood: Highway Park In the City of Kenner, there lays a quiet, well established neighborhood. The area is Highway Park. This area began developing in the 1960's. How would I know, I grew up there. Many of the street names are named after states. My childhoo...
Metairie & Kenner LAThis week spot light subdivision: Bissonet Plaza A Great Place to Live One of Metairie's great neighborhoods is located between the I-10 and the lake. The area I am referring to is Bissonet Plaza. It is a well establish area. It is support by schools, churches and a public lib...
Business ReportMetairie, LA. No. 7 Cuts Recently I found a new barber shop in Metairie, LA. No 7 Cuts. This is a new start up Barber shop in the heart of Green Acres. The location, the corner of Green Acres and Veterans Blvd. Stop and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that Steve the owner provides. T...
US Flag Request In Louisiana, you can order a US Flag and a certificate through David Vitter office. I feel all Louisiana residents should have a US Flag. These are flag that have flown over the US Capital. Your flag should arrive in six weeks. The flag can be given as gifts etc... For more infor...
New Orleans is still on the comeback trail from Hurricane Katrina. According to City Business, New Orleans LA has been given the Southern Business and Development's Major Market of the Year designation.  One reason for the designation is the Federal City project. It will generate appx. 748 jobs a...
We will spend out time with family and friend in Metairie later today. I will stand with the United States and endure for she gave my family everything. On the grill later today hamburgers, steaks and bake potatoes. For all the heroes who are standing watch this 4th HERE HERE and thank you. For t...
This afternoon my kitchen sink was not working properly. The water flow was extremely slow. This can occur when the faucet aerator is blocked. The fix is simple. Remove the aerator, clean with a toothbrush. Then soak the aerator in some vinegar.  Try this on all your faucets in your home. When I'...
In the greatness of the USA come the soldiers who make soldiers. The Drill Sergeants’; I ran across this video. It brought back some old but good memories. In these times of economy and war there are still people who care enough to give it all they can. GOD BLESS the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOD ...

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