One of the evenings this past week presented me with some great variety in photographic opportunities on Fishhawk Lake from my front door. I had posted the fall twilight shot and that same night saw a perfect "All Hallows Eve" full moon. Here are a couple of shots over the canal at Fishhawk Lake....
Do You Want a GREAT Moving Company?We had a tough move ahead. Downsizing from 6214 sq ft to 1500. And we live out in the sticks, waaaaaay out in the country and don't even have cell service. So I am used to companies not coming out to Fishhawk Lake. My husband has an assistant who was trying to h...
Fishhawk Lake Fotos-October Sunset 2015Nothin' like it. Had to grab my camera before the burnished colors faded into twilight. Ahhh, my love of the lake will never die! 
Speechless Sunday--A Lotta Talk and Not Much Action!This scenario could relate to real estate if you think about it!This could be any crowded city or a place where there are many buyers but not much inventory! Just watch and see what I mean.                          
Kathy Streib consistently brings us really informative posts and this is no exception. As my husband and I plan another monumental move, this list will make my life so much easier! Bookmark this and share it with your clients, too. Thank you, Kathy! (I am thinking of you, Kathy, with every box I ...
 Friday's Fotos at Fishhawk Lake-Surreptitious Species Somewhat secluded, I found these feathered friends.This bald eagle sat across the lake high up in the autumn leaves  patiently waiting and watching for fish.  A Kingfisher deftly hidden amongst the pinecones. A Great Blue Heron blending into ...
I was experimenting one evening with my videos. I call this FLOW.Wonder if you guess what it is? I'm sure some (in my age bracket) will recognize it right away!                        I'm sure some will think I've partaken of the new easy-to-get hooch in Oregon, but NO. I was just playing!!  
Truth be told when you are under a great deal of stress it really helps to combine friends, humor and wine! It has been a crazy time of transition with so much happening in my world as-of-late that I don't recall the simplest things, like my own name--well--ALMOST. Not because of wine, but becaus...
Tuesday Travelogue-October 20thWelcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our sixty-sixth week!  Each week, some ActiveRain bloggers are spotlighted to take us somewhere we may not have been on some kind of virtual travel (and it doesn't cost a dime!). Here is the p...
Speechless Sunday--Crane in the CloudsThe sharp contrast of the lines of the crane backed by the soft purple haze of the clouds felt like a nice juxtaposition for a twilight photo. It was another great photo op at Fishhawk Lake!

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