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As we all settle down after the holidays and get back in our usual routine, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office would like to remind residents to remain alert when they are running around. In the past month there have been many instances of personal theft from vehicles, garages, and homes when do...
Live in Loudoun County and want to stay up to date on local events and government proposals? Sign up for the Loudoun County Alerts where you can choose topics such as traffic jams, local government meetings, metro plan changes, sheriff reports of crime and safety classes, and much more. The webs...
Okay, so there was a bit of sarcasm in that title if you didn't catch it. But even though tax season is not a desired time of year by many, it's a notable time of year that all US residents are fully aware of. Feelings aside, the fact is that there are many Loudoun County residents that need assi...
Are you a Loudoun County Government or Loudoun County Public Schools employee? If so, you may be eligible for a grant to assist you in purchasing a new home. The new Public Employee Homeownership Grant Program is being set in place to help low- to mid-income Loudoun County employees assistance i...
With temperatures hoovering in the 30's & 40's during the day and dropping into the chilling teens at night, many people find themselves with heating bills hundreds of dollars higher than in previous months. After all, about 46% of all utility bill costs in a home go to heating and cooling. Ther...
Freecycle is a local yahoo network group for the Cascades, Sterling, and Potomac Falls areas where residents are able to post unwanted items for pickup by other local residents. A neighbor of mine shared their success story with me about the speedy turn around time with multiple people requesting...
Searching for a new home? Concerned about the possible airport noise with the proximity to local airports? is a great place where you can get answers to these questions. Just choose which airport is closest to the area you are interested in and view the flight traffic information inc...

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