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What: "Walk a Mile In Their Shoes" Cross-Country Walking TourWhen: Starting Memorial Day - Monday, May 25, 2009 - 8:00 a.m.Starting Point: Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DCDestination: Naval Medical Center San Diego, CABy way of: VA--WV--OH--IN--IL--MO--KS--CO--UT--NV--CADistance: A...
TEXAS VETS PAY ATTENTION!!!! May 20, 2009 If you lived in Texas and were a legal immigrant and served in the U.S. Armed Forces you may have had some problems with Texas law and tuition waivers. Well it seems that the politicians pulled their heads out long enough to correct that error. Read up an...
It’s Time for Vets and Military Personnel to get cracking on Home Projects May 20, 2009 Now through May 27th Lowes and Home Depot are offering an addition 10% off purchase price to those who are or who have served our country. You have a long weekend so get those projects done cheaper. Good Luck ...
Have you ever been sitting in the office, amongst the acres of cubicles, and hear some one laughing? I did the other day at Homes for Heroes. What is it about us humans that has to find out what the laughing is about? If I had heard just normal talking I would not have given it a second thought....