homes for sale: How to Sell Your San Gabriel Valley Home During a Pandemic - 08/13/20 02:17 PM
Selling Real Estate During the Corona Virus PandemicThere have been a lot of significant changes in the real estate industry caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic. In this article, we provide some of the best tips that home sellers can use to improve their chances of finding a buyer for their property. If you're interested in working with a realtor in the San Gabriel Valley, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. We would be glad to represent you in your real estate transaction, help you find a buyer fast, and get the best deal … (1 comments)

homes for sale: Closing Costs in South Tampa, Florida - 07/21/20 07:05 PM
Tampa, FL Closing CostsClosing Costs
Closing Costs are the various fees you have to pay when finalizing a real estate transaction. There are many costs involved at the end of your deal, and it's essential to understand what these are and the reason you're paying for them. If you're a home buyer and you're looking for ways to save on your purchase, negotiating some of these closing costs and having the seller pay them is a great way to reduce your overall payment. Our team can walk you through the various closing costs involved when buying a home in South Tampa.
Check out … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Upper Collegewood, Walnut, California - 07/12/20 09:51 AM
Upper Collegewood, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportThe Upper Collegewood Neighborhood
Upper Collegewood is a lovely suburban neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Walnut, California. The community is northwest of the corner of Amar Road and Grand Avenue, directly west of the Mount San Antonio College campus. The area features beautiful single-family homes with varying year builds ranging between the 1960s to 1980s. The older age of the properties in the community means property prices are quite affordable, making it an excellent area for those looking for a starter home in the city. Home sizes are quite diverse, with houses coming as … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Timberline, Walnut, California - 07/12/20 09:40 AM
Timberline, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportThe Timberline Neighborhood
Timberline is a lovely subdivision in the southern portion of the city of Walnut, California. The community is in an ideal location providing attractive home options for buyers looking to live in an area a reasonable distance away from the primary business and industrial centers in the region. There are nearby public parks and schools available to residents in the community, making it an excellent place for families looking for a new home in the city. 
Homes for Sale in Timberline is a combination of three unique suburban home models that feature 1,306 sqft, 1,546 sqft, or … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Walnut Ridge, Walnut, California - 07/12/20 08:30 AM
Walnut Ridge, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportThe Walnut Ridge Neighborhood
Walnut Ridge is a beautiful cul de sac neighborhood in the heart of the city of Walnut, California. You'll find the suburb directly east of Walnut High School, making it conveniently close to schools, shopping malls, commercial areas, and all the employment opportunities in the many industrial businesses in the southern part of town. The private subdivision features suburban cul de sac streets that are lined with mature trees and well-manicured front yards. Homes in the community are well-maintained, offering some of the best residential real estates in the region. These residences range between … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Homes for Sale near Walnut High School, Walnut, CA - 07/06/20 11:32 AM
Walnut High School, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportHomes near Walnut High School
Walnut High School is one of the top-performing schools in the city of Walnut, CA. The school does so well that a lot of the properties supported by this educational institution get a bump in their real estate value because parents want to live close to the school. Residential neighborhoods close to Walnut High School are mostly suburban areas known for their lovely single-family homes. These residences typically feature three to four-bedroom models with spacious open floor layouts, large kitchens, garage parking, and spacious living areas. You can also expect … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Peterson Ranch, Suisun City, CA - 07/05/20 01:25 PM
Peterson Ranch, Suisun City, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Peterson Ranch Neighborhood
Peterson Ranch, like many other communities in this part of Suisun City, serves as an excellent place to move into for busy professionals and staff working at the nearby Travis Air Force Base. The property provides a relaxed living environment with well-maintained amenities and beautiful tree-lined streets. Homes in the area come in two or three-bedroom layouts with 2.5 to four baths. Other unique features that add to these residences are the beautiful brick accents, tiled roofs, and plain wall colors that match your neighbors. If you're looking to buy a new home … (1 comments)

homes for sale: Lawler Ranch, Suisun City, CA - 07/05/20 01:15 PM
Lawler Ranch, Suisun City, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Lawler Ranch Neighborhood
Lawler Ranch is a lovely residential neighborhood in the southeasternmost portion of Suisun City, California. The suburb can be found along Highway 12 right next to the communities of Dover Terrace South, McCoy Creek South, and Quail Glen South. Visiting the neighborhood, you'll find beautiful single-family homes, family-friendly amenities, well-maintained green spaces, and spacious streets with mature trees lining the roads. The area is a short drive away from Downtown Fairfield and the city center of Suisun City. Residents living here have easy access to dining, retail, and entertainment establishments, making it an … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Village Oaks, Fairfield, CA - 07/05/20 12:57 PM
Village Oaks, Fairfield, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Village Oaks Neighborhood
Village Oaks is one of the newest suburban developments in the western part of Fairfield, California. The new neighborhood is right next to the Solano Community College Campus in a booming region with lots of new commercial and entertainment businesses. The area offers fantastic opportunities both for families looking to buy a new home in Fairfield and investors looking to build equity in real estate. Located on the western edge of Fairfield, Village Oaks serves as an ideal bedroom community to other cities in the region, including Oakland, Sacramento, Francisco, and Napa.
Homes for Sale … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Brookline, Fairfield, CA - 07/05/20 12:22 PM
Brookline, Fairfield, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Brookline Neighborhood
Brookline is another new suburban subdivision this time located in the Vacaville Junction district east of the city of Fairfield, California. As the name implies, Vacaville Junction is right between the eastern edge of Fairfield and south of the town of Vacaville. Thanks to its location, the neighborhood is an excellent place for families who have members who work in both cities or at the nearby Travis Air Force Base.
Like most developments in the area, Brookline serves primarily as a bedroom community for the busier business and commercial centers of the region as well as the air … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Ivy Crossing, Fairfield, CA - 07/05/20 11:45 AM
Ivy Crossing, Fairfield, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Ivy Crossing Neighborhood
Ivy Crossing is a new residential development by Discovery Homes in the eastern part of Fairfield, California. The neighborhood is close to other suburban communities in the region of Suisun City. The planned community will feature 111 individual properties. These homes range between 2,152 sqft up to 2,528 sqft and 2.5 baths to 3.5 baths. Property prices here start at $510,500 and go all the way up to $550,000 depending on the model you'll opt for during your purchase. If you would like to get additional information on Ivy Crossings, including a … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Waipouli Beach Resort, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 10:26 PM
Waipouli Beach Resort, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Waipouli Beach Resort Neighborhood
Waipouli Beach Resort is a beautiful beachfront condo resort at 4-820 Kuhio Highway on the eastern part of the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The property is conveniently located in the heart of the town next to the Kauai Village Shopping Center, restaurants, retail, and other tourist-friendly establishments. There are lots to do in the resort, and the concierge staff can schedule various island-based tours at your convenience. The property features well-manicured gardens and shared spaces and world-class resort amenities for you to enjoy at your leisure. For investors looking to purchase … (1 comments)

homes for sale: Islander On The Beach, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 10:19 PM
Islander On The Beach, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Islander On The Beach Neighborhood
Islander On The Beach is a beautiful beachfront condo resort that offers fantastic vacation accommodations and investment opportunities for buyers looking to purchase a unit in the property. Residences in the resort come in the standard 1-bedroom configuration featuring either oceanfront or garden views. The condo is in between the North Shore and South Shore districts providing residents and guests easy access to both regions. The property is also only 7 miles away from Downtown Lihue where you'll find a wealth of tourist-friendly attractions and activities.
Check out our original … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Wailua Houselots, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 09:39 PM
Wailua Houselots, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Wailua Houselots Neighborhood
Wailua is a lovely town on the eastern side of the main island of Kauai County, Hawaii. The mostly rural community features a beautiful collection of single-family homes that come in a variety of designs, including ranch-style, Hawaiian-style, and plantation-era homes. Many of these residences are long-standing homes with families living in them for many generations. If you're in the market for a new home on the island and prefer to live close to nature in a welcoming and friendly subdivision, then Wailua is an excellent place to start your search.
Check out our … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Wailua Homesteads, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 09:12 PM
Wailua Homesteads, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Wailua Homesteads Neighborhood
Wailua Homesteads is a vast residential community nestled behind Mount Nounou, along the Wailua River. The district is on the eastern part of Kauai Island, Hawaii, and serves primarily as a bedroom community for locals living in the region. As the name implies, properties in the area are large homestead-style residences that were developed on top of the old plantation-era communities in the region. Thanks to its location and through the efforts of the residents, Wailua Homesteads has well-preserved green spaces and mature trees surrounding the many houses in the neighborhood. If you're … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Pikake, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 08:37 PM
Pikake, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Pikake Neighborhood
Pikake is a master-planned neighborhood in the very heart of the town of Lihue in the main island of Kauai, Hawaii. The private subdivision is right between notable attractions in the city including the Kukui Grove Shopping Center, the Puakea Golf Course, the Vidinha Stadium, and many more. If you're looking for a convenient home close to everything you need, you'll surely want to visit this community.
Pikake offers a fantastic collection of luxury single-family homes matched with its well-maintained community amenities, premier golf course, and beautiful mountain views. Homes are properly managed to ensure they … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Poipu Kapili, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 02:26 PM
Poipu Kapili, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Poipu Kapili Neighborhood
Poipu Kapili is a 4-star condo resort at 2221 Kapili Road in Kauai Island, Hawaii. The resort is an oceanfront property and offers a fantastic view of the beautiful beaches of southern Kauai. Residents and guests are a short walk away from the beach and have easy access to the many dining, retail, and entertainment establishments throuhgout the town of Poipu. The condo resort is a fantastic real estate investment opportunity providing buyers the chance to buy a unit either for personal use or as a rental property for a good potential for … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Poipu Kai Resort, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 01:39 PM
Poipu Kai Resort, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Poipu Kai Resort Neighborhood
Poipu Kai Resort is an exclusive resort condominium in the famous town of Poipu in the main island of Kauai County, HI. The resort is in a highly sought-after location at 1831 Poipu Road, providing residents and guests direct access to the many beachside attractions and notable sites in the region. The property is a short drive away from the many restaurants, bars, retail establishments, cafes, and many more local businesses in the area. Residents are also a short walk away from the beach where they can enjoy the crystal clear waters … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Makahuena Condo Resort, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 01:27 PM
Makahuena Condo Resort, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Makahuena Condo Resort Neighborhood
The Makahuena Condo Resort is a premier condominium resort in the town of Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii. The resort sits on an overlooking hillside with breathtaking views of the ocean and convenient amenities for guests and long-term residents to enjoy. The property is a short walk away from the beach where you can enjoy the world-famous beaches of the island. The property also sits along Pe’e Road next to other resort condos and the many commercial and entertainment establishments that tourists frequent when going on holiday in the town of Poipu. If you would … (0 comments)

homes for sale: Poipu, Kauai, HI - 07/04/20 01:07 PM
Poipu, Kauai, HI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Poipu Neighborhood
Poipu is a significant tourist destination and one of the primary centers of the southern region of Kauai Island, Hawaii. The town serves as one of the best holiday destinations in the area and serves a good portion of the people coming into the island for a holiday. Due to its natural beauty and welcoming living environment, there's a huge demand for real estate in this town. This, in turn, has caused a lot of residential development throughout the community, including various private subdivisions, exclusive golf communities, various property developments, and the traditional suburban neighborhoods. … (1 comments)

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