walnut: Upper Collegewood, Walnut, California - 07/12/20 09:51 AM
Upper Collegewood, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportThe Upper Collegewood Neighborhood
Upper Collegewood is a lovely suburban neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Walnut, California. The community is northwest of the corner of Amar Road and Grand Avenue, directly west of the Mount San Antonio College campus. The area features beautiful single-family homes with varying year builds ranging between the 1960s to 1980s. The older age of the properties in the community means property prices are quite affordable, making it an excellent area for those looking for a starter home in the city. Home sizes are quite diverse, with houses coming as … (0 comments)

walnut: Timberline, Walnut, California - 07/12/20 09:40 AM
Timberline, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportThe Timberline Neighborhood
Timberline is a lovely subdivision in the southern portion of the city of Walnut, California. The community is in an ideal location providing attractive home options for buyers looking to live in an area a reasonable distance away from the primary business and industrial centers in the region. There are nearby public parks and schools available to residents in the community, making it an excellent place for families looking for a new home in the city. 
Homes for Sale in Timberline is a combination of three unique suburban home models that feature 1,306 sqft, 1,546 sqft, or … (0 comments)

walnut: Walnut Ridge, Walnut, California - 07/12/20 08:30 AM
Walnut Ridge, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportThe Walnut Ridge Neighborhood
Walnut Ridge is a beautiful cul de sac neighborhood in the heart of the city of Walnut, California. You'll find the suburb directly east of Walnut High School, making it conveniently close to schools, shopping malls, commercial areas, and all the employment opportunities in the many industrial businesses in the southern part of town. The private subdivision features suburban cul de sac streets that are lined with mature trees and well-manicured front yards. Homes in the community are well-maintained, offering some of the best residential real estates in the region. These residences range between … (0 comments)

walnut: Homes for Sale near Walnut High School, Walnut, CA - 07/06/20 11:32 AM
Walnut High School, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information, and Market ReportHomes near Walnut High School
Walnut High School is one of the top-performing schools in the city of Walnut, CA. The school does so well that a lot of the properties supported by this educational institution get a bump in their real estate value because parents want to live close to the school. Residential neighborhoods close to Walnut High School are mostly suburban areas known for their lovely single-family homes. These residences typically feature three to four-bedroom models with spacious open floor layouts, large kitchens, garage parking, and spacious living areas. You can also expect … (0 comments)

walnut: Westhoff, Walnut, CA - 12/27/19 08:11 PM
Westhoff, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Westhoff Neighborhood
Westhoff is a lovely residential neighborhood in the northeastern part of the city of Walnut, California. The neighborhood like many others in the city serves as an ideal bedroom community especially for the nearby Mt. San Antonio College and Cal Poly Pomona University to the east of the suburb. There are plenty of family-friendly features within Westhoff providing additional benefits to the community for home buyers considering a purchase in the area. Schools, public parks, and recreational attractions are plentiful in the city making it an ideal place to raise a family.
Home models in the Westhoff feature … (1 comments)

walnut: Walnut Ranch, Walnut, CA - 12/27/19 07:35 PM
Walnut Ranch, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Walnut Ranch Neighborhood
Walnut Ranch is a premier residential neighborhood in the northernmost part of the city of Walnut, California. The masterfully planned subdivision features highly sought after luxury homes that are some of the best houses you can buy in the region. The area is ideally located far enough from the busy city centers where you can enjoy a quiet living environment but still be close enough that the daily commute is not a hassle.
Home models in the community are Mediterranean-themed single-family residences that come in four to six-bedroom layouts. These properties feature large backyards, attached … (0 comments)

walnut: Snow Creek, Walnut, CA - 06/09/19 10:28 PM
Snow Creek, Walnut, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Snow Creek Neighborhood
Snow Creek is a suburban residential neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Walnut, California. Centered around the similarly named Snow Creek Park, residents have easy access to outdoor and recreational facilities, shopping centers, commercial areas, and the downtown district of the city. Ideally located close to urban areas, the neighborhood is the perfect home for busy professionals who prefer a short drive to and from work. 
Homes for sale in Snow Creek are single-family with large floor layouts, multiple bedrooms and baths, attached parking garage, beautiful exterior designs, and spacious home … (0 comments)

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