Does being more expensive mean better quality and results? Many people believe that when an item or service costs more it must mean that it's because the quality or service is better. Some times, that is true. I admit I am a name brand shopper,  particularly when it comes to food and groceries. I'm sorry but in my opinion, my Haggen-Dazs ice cream tastes way better than any other national or store brand out there. And I like my Bounty pper towels and Quilted Northern toilet tissue a lot better than those other supposed leading brands.
And when it comes to … (2 comments)

real estate: ARE YOU TAKING MONEY OFF THE TABLE? - 05/14/12 06:47 AM
I ask myself all the time why one would take money off the table when there may not be a need to. I'm hearing that home prices are rising, rates are low, there are buyers but not enough homes for sale. So, if this is true, why aren't the properties that are on the market not selling?
I think that we all would agree that the right pricing is critical to the success of selling a home. Second to that success is probably location. And third, condition. Obvously pricing is under our control. If the property is priced correctly, you're one-third … (2 comments)

real estate: Bankers, Do You Really Want to Play Landlord? - 03/28/10 01:41 PM
With all the bank-owned homes on the market, many are just sitting there. Week after week, month after month they sit and they sit. No activity, no offers. And the offers that do come in are so so low. Then, the bank takes so much time to make a decision that the offer goes away and the homeowner is forced into foreclosure. Financial institutions have become landlords.
So what can they do to get these properties sold and off their books? How do they get out of the role of property manager? The answer really is simple. Have the property staged. It's … (5 comments)

real estate: Are "Designer Touches" A Good Thing When It Comes To Selling? Before and After - 03/03/10 06:40 AM
I see lots of listings advertising "designer touches" throughout and more often than not, this is what I see. A beautiful home that has been exquisitely decorated all to the current owner's personal taste. I see these same homes still on the market week after week and month after month. Why? Because they are too taste specific. Yes, the home is beautiful and well maintained and priced right. But the field of potential buyers has been limited to a narrow pool of people who happen to have the same taste as the owner and waiting for that buyer to appear. Everyone … (9 comments)

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