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Sometimes the obstacles we face seem too much for us, the hills too high to climb.  Sometimes it seems the Universe is simply playing one massive joke.  We’ve worked hard, paid our dues; why do the struggles still come?   Everything is relative.  Our difficulties are never more than we can handle...
I wear two hats. On the one hand, I spent 40 years in the residential building business, both running my own company and serving as top executive in two of the largest homebuilding companies in the southeast. My other interest, vastly different from the first, has been in studying alternative hea...
A valuable storehouse of information for Home buyers, sellers, remodelers, and Realtors® can be found at Providing up-to-date advice and news in the world of real estate, the website is continually growing to meet the demands of a complex housing market.   The latest addition,...
Established as a part of the 2008 Economic Stabilization Act, Hope for Homeowners is a voluntary program that encourages lenders to work with borrowers who are having difficulty paying their mortgages. Those who qualify will be offered FHA insured mortgages with a new balance that, in some cases,...
Remember when President Bush, flanked by Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke, spoke to us in a somber tone and said he was urging Congress to pass the Bailout Bill? Remember when they told us it was necessary to keep our economy from collapsing? Well, many think they lied; and th...
There have been some highly respected financial analysts who have said just that, but what they’re describing won’t be a return to the conditions we had during the great depression of the 1930s. There have been safeguards built into the system that will keep us from such a disaster. I don’t expec...
Sure, we all want to be optimistic; a positive attitude feels good. We want to project positive images for the future for that may truly help to create the outcomes we desire. But does that mean we cannot face the obvious? If we fail to acknowledge the realities that surround us, we miss the oppo...
  1. Don’t put your house on the market until both you and it are ready. Make sure you’ve done your homework on pricing and have decided on both the listing price and what you wish to net from the sale. You should have already selected your Realtor®, and all of your touch-ups, clean-up, repairs,...
Okay, the election is over and about half of the country is unhappy with the results; some are downright angry. The pundits are already describing all the potential negative scenarios. Talking heads across America will search for new villains and will continue to hawk their views of how we’re goi...
There are times when buyers and sellers can not reach agreement, and if you appear to be in such a situation, don’t be afraid to walk away. There is no one single house for you, even though the one you have chosen may seem that way.                                                                 ...

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