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If you were opening a restaurant or shoe store or even a lemonade stand, finding the right location would be among your top priorities. After all, a spot on a popular street with a lot of pedestrian traffic would be more beneficial than, say, holding your grand opening 100 miles from any recogni...
Advertising is about grabbing attention. It’s the reason fashion ads feature so little clothing, which – when you think about it – doesn’t make all that much sense. But a photo of fully dressed models won’t grab nearly as much attention as bare skin. The same is true on the Internet – though no ...
Face it. You’re no Hemingway. And frankly, you don’t need to be. Keeping a business blog doesn’t require you to be a literary giant but it will require you to come up with some topics to write about. In the end, knowing what to write is more important than knowing how to write. Which means, you ...
Say you’re a fisherman. Selling the fish on what an excellent chef you are and how delicious they’d be if they’d just get in the boat wouldn’t catch you many fish. However, lure them in with bait and, with a little patience, you’ll have them hooked. Content marketing through social media works i...
From time to time, articles are written in newspapers and magazines declaring the death of email. And while it may be true among tech-savvy, 15-year-old iPhone users with Facebook and Twitter apps, for the rest of us, email remains an effective and popular way to stay in contact with clients, pr...

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