Found a site that had helpful info that I thought I would share. It has pumpkin patches, festivals, corn mazes and more for the Brandon, Florida and Tampa Bay area! Let me know if you go to any, how they were, and send pictures! I will know to take my little one next year!Pumpkin Patches and More  
In Plain Sight: You Won’t Believe the Advertising in Your Kitchen and Bathroom You'll view your home in a whole new light once we break down all the branding you see there on a daily basis.   EMBED INFOGRAPHIC   We’ve come a long way since the days of “Mad Men”. Technology has helped the world of...
We have all had neighbors that have had this in their yard....  Don't be these neighbors! HA! Halloween has a special effect: we have enjoyed it as children, and we surely enjoy it now as adults. It is now when all our creativity and imagination can come to light, and we can use it to create outs...
It's the weekend and your plans are _________________________?   What ever you have planned I hope you have a wonderful weekend!    Are you looking to buy or sell in the Brandon Florida or Tampa Bay area? Call John Soliman & Associates at HomeXpress Realty 813-326-9776 or www.iSellTampaBay...#Tam...
  Thought this would be great Q & A to share as I have heard this question several times!      Pay Off a Student Loan or Buy a Home? Weighing whether buying a home will overextend a graduate with debt Q. I am 25 years old. I have a job and would like to buy a home before interest rates go up, but...
He-Man’s Castle Grayskull for Sale Buy the Power of Grayskull!   EMBED INFOGRAPHIC   One of my earliest memories is the Christmas when my father gave me a He-Man action figure. I was beyond excited. I still have it floating around my parents’ house, beaten and bent like favorite toys should be. ...
10 Home Maintenance Tips for this Fall Season Each season your home goes through changes in temperatures, weather conditions, aging, and of course human abuse! In order to keep all your components of your home running smoothly, and to avoid costly repairs later, it’s helpful to conduct seasonal m...

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