california: Sonoma, CA Real Estate ~ January 2007 - 02/05/07 12:29 PM
For the month of January 2007 14 homes sold in the quaint town of Sonoma.  These homes took an average of 124 days to sell.  They started with an average list price of $890,100 and sold for an average of $785,879.  Only 18% of all available listings in Sonoma are in escrow, indicating a Strong Buyer's Market.
As San Francisco is seeing more and more multiple offer situations, and the inventory in Marin County is scarce, Buyers will soon have a renewed interest in place like Sonoma, where the quality of life is very high -- but the prices of homes are not.  … (0 comments)

california: Marin County Real Estate ~ City by City Details for January 2007 - 02/05/07 12:23 PM
We are seeing a real turn in the market here in Marin County.  The numbers really speak for themselves.  For more information about the area, please visit my website.

california: A little bit about Santa Venetia - 01/26/07 04:52 AM
Santa Venetia is a neighborhood in a North Eastern part of San Rafael, and home to the Marin County Civic Center.  As you come off highway 101, at the North San Pedro Road Exit, into Santa Venetia, the Civic Center is on your left and Santa Venetia Market is on your right (along with some bail bonds businesses and Bogie's Cafe).  If you head further down North San Pedro Road the Marin Jewish Community Center will be on your right.  This facility offers a health club, swimming pool, cafe, venues for events, community activities and more.  The neighborhood on the other side of … (0 comments)

california: Walking Tour of Sonoma - 01/22/07 05:10 AM
This morning, like so many others, is so beautiful that I am inspired to go for a power walk.  Only today, I brought my camera, so I was slowed down from time to time by the surrounding natural beauty.  I am a lifelong resident and native of Marin County, but also have another love--and home--in the beautiful town of Sonoma.  Just blocks from the Plaza, you might be amazed at just how unspoiled it is here.  Feel free to join me on my walking tour.
It's a great day.  It's a great life.

california: Marin County - 2007, Are we getting off to a good start? - 01/19/07 12:43 PM
Typically, for closed sales, February is the absolute worst for Marin County.  On average, for the past six years, 213 closed transactions will transpire in Marin County.  To date, 91 transactions have closed, indicating that we might be a little slow starting off this year.  However, if my business is an indicator, things are picking up.
The average sales price is skewed for this month, since Andre Agassi's Tiburon home closed for $20M after a whopping 1217 days on the market.  However, one would think that it would take longer for something like that to sell since the average Joe doesn't have … (0 comments)

california: Sonoma, CA - 2007, are we getting off to a good start? - 01/19/07 12:31 PM
Typically, January is not a gangbuster month for real estate in Sonoma, CA.  Over the past ten years, on average, there are 29.3 homes sold/transactions closed in the month of January in this quaint wine country town.  So far, 9 have closed.  This would indicate that this month will be slower than average.  However, if my personal business is an indicator, things are picking up.  My phone has been ringing with buyers and sellers alike.  Not to mention, the homes that are closing are higher priced, bringing the average sales price up for this month so far.  I have no crystal … (0 comments)

california: A little bit about Sonoma Valley - 01/13/07 05:48 AM
Sonoma Valley is Northern California´s original Wine Country and is located about 50 miles northeast of San Francisco and 20 miles southeast of Santa Rosa.  Sonoma Valley is a wide, flat, expansive valley bordered by two jutting spectacularly dramatic mountain ranges.  The three main towns are Sonoma, Glen Ellen and Kenwood.  The local economy here is comprised primarily of agriculture, tourism, and public services.  Sonoma serves as the economic hub of Sonoma Valley, which has approximately 39,000 residents.
The weather here offers four true seasons.  Summers in Sonoma Valley are very warm, with some days being downright hot.  Winters in Sonoma Valley can be several days on end … (1 comments)

california: Marin County Historical Average Sales Prices - 1965 to 2006 - 01/04/07 01:02 PM
This is the chart that the pessimists have been waiting for.  Sorry to disappoint them, but the final average sold price for residential units for 2006 ($1,012,919) was slightly higher than 2005 ($996,159).  Along with the dip in volume that you see in 2001 (previous posting/chart), there was also a dip in average sales price for that year.  Could it have something to do with September 11?  (doh!) 
When the County updates their website, which includes homes sold off the market, you can find that updated information in my next post, or you can always visit my website and click on … (1 comments)

california: Marin County Historical Units Sold - 1965 to present - 01/04/07 12:52 PM
This chart, which is (thankfully) easier to read easily depicts the drop in volume for 2006.  While you can see the drop is significant, it certainly is not the slowest year we have seen in recent history.  In 2001 the total for the year, including those not on MLS, was 2676.  For 2006, as far as my research could turn up to date, 3191 residential units were sold.  Once the County updates their website, my charts will be updated with those homes sold off the market.
Source:  BAREIS and and current rhrough January 4, 2007.

california: Marin County Recent Home Sales - 2001 to 2006 - Average Sales Price - 01/04/07 12:45 PM
This chart shows the average sales price, month over month, from 2001 to 2006.  While the volume of homes being sold in Marin County has dropped considerably, home prices are holding pretty steady in this very desirable place to live.  Natural beauty, mild weather, close proximity to large cities (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose), excellent schools and low crime, all contribute to the quality of life.
Source:  BAREIS and I update these charts after the County of Marin updates their website, as several times throughout the year there are transactions that take place outside the MLS.

california: Marin County Recent Home Sales - 2001 to 2006 - Number of Units Sold - 01/04/07 12:39 PM
The chart below shows the activity, month by month from 2001 - 2006, for number of residential homes sold through the local MLS here in Marin County.  As you can see, 2004 was the peak of activity, slowing some in 2005 and really tapering off in 2006.  Bear in mind that this is not prices, merely units.  Prices will come in the next post and you will see that prices are holding pretty steady even if the volume of homes being sold is not.
Source:  BAREIS, current as of January 4, 2007.

california: Historical Home Prices for Sonoma, California - 01/02/07 12:37 PM
This chart shows that home prices are holding steady, not dropping as some sources might have you believe.  In fact, there have been $20M-$35M deals that got pulled of MLS for privacy reasons, which would make the final average selling prices even higher.  Being that most of us can't afford homes (estates) like that I'm not too concerned about not skewing the numbers for us average folks.  I am very pleased to inform you that the average price for 2006 is the highest that I could confirm at $830,139, compared to 2005 at $818,868.
Source:  BARIES, current as of January 2, 2007

california: Historical Volume for Sonoma, California - 01/02/07 12:31 PM
This chart shows, historically, back to 1997 what kind of volume the town of Sonoma typically sees.  Again, 2006 was... well... pathetic.  But the end of the year indicates that things are picking up and I am optimistic about 2007.  Especially since prices are holding steady and interest in this beautiful town is picking back up.
Source:  BAREIS, current as of January 2, 2007

california: Recent Sales Prices for Sonoma, California - 01/02/07 12:23 PM
This chart shows the wild fluctuations of home prices from month to month in this beautiful town.  It does not, however, show all the activity.  The reason for that is that celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Robin Williams and the like insist on complete privacy and the homes are pulled off the market and the deal is finalized with the utmost secrecy.  So, that said, average prices are typically higher than what the records show.
Source:  BAREIS, current information as of January 2, 2007
(I wish the image quality was better, and I'm working on that.  You can always go to my website ( … (1 comments)

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