oregon: Welcome to the 2016 Real Estate Market! - 01/28/16 08:32 AM

In Oregon, the inventory of homes active on the market has remained low through December and January. For Sellers listing their properties at $399,999 or lower, it means lots of showing activity! However, many home Sellers are forestalling listing their property just yet due to limited inventory to choose from for relocating. However, for Sellers looking to sell quickly or who have already identified a property to purchase, it will remain a Seller’s market until inventory increases in the following months heading into spring.
While residential listings remain low, Buyers looking to build still have extensive inventory to choose from in the … (0 comments)

oregon: Have You Met The Kelly Group Yet? - 01/12/16 08:18 AM
The Kelly Group is one of the top real estate teams in Oregon and in all of the United States! In 2015, we sold 335 homes worth $110 million. Our listings sell for an average of over 98% of the list price. They also have a median days on market of only 28. We are a team in the true sense of the word with different team members specializing in different aspects of real estate. Unlike most agents who are forced to do everything, from administrative work to lead generation, your listing agent's only priority is to get your home sold. … (2 comments)

oregon: Three Ways to Ease Your Fears About Making a Move in 2017 - 01/12/16 07:44 AM
With low inventory in many markets throughout the country, many homeowners are afraid to sell their homes because they’re concerned that they may not be able to find a new one. This can be a real problem, but if you are seeking to sell—whether to upgrade or find a new neighborhood—there are a few ways to combat the low inventory.
 1. Look to buy first
In most markets it is a real mistake to put your home up for sale before you start looking for your new property. Identify the geographic area where you are interested in buying. Even if you don't see … (1 comments)

oregon: A Dry Foundation is a Happy Foundation! - 01/12/16 04:02 AM
Keeping water away from your home’s foundation is an important part of maintaining your home's structural integrity. Water can cause soils to expand and contract as well as do damage to the interior of the home should it flood.
Keep your gutters clean and make sure downspouts will divert water to a place where it can drain away. If your home is equipped with a sump pit you may want to install a pump, or if you have a pump make sure it is operating properly. If your basement has a drain be sure it is clear in the event that you … (2 comments)

oregon: Five Lighting Tips for Basements - 01/12/16 03:54 AM

Making your basement an enjoyable place to spend time can be tricky. Without the right lighting it may feel too much like a dungeon (unless you’re into that!). Here are a few quick tips:
 1. Maximize the natural lighting. Trim back shrubs and other plants that block sunlight from window wells. If the window well has a cover, keep it clean or replace a cover that blocks light with one that lets light pass through.
 2. Choose light colors for walls, carpet and furniture. As much as we all miss the dark brown faux wood paneling from the ‘70s it doesn't do much … (3 comments)

oregon: Great Mountains of the Pacific Northwest - 01/12/16 03:35 AM

If you are planning on moving to Oregon is very important to note that Oregon is perfect for hiking, sightseeing and photography because of its numerous mountains. The Northwest is home to a variety of different mountain ranges which can be extremely picturesque as a view from your back window. In Oregon, you could be in close view of some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the Northwest by carefully selecting your property. Mountain view can really add to the value of your home and can give you plenty of opportunity for hiking, exploring and getting in touch with the outdoors. … (3 comments)

oregon: Top Reasons For Considering a Move to Oregon - 01/12/16 03:00 AM
If you are looking for an excellent area to settle down with a family or even just for yourself a commonly overlooked state to settle in these Oregon. From the eclectic art scene of Portland to the natural beauty of Oregon city to the fantastic outdoor activities in Bend, Oregon has cities and areas that are perfect for nearly any personality type. Here's some of the top reasons you should consider Oregon as a house hunter:
Property values are on the rise: Oregon is becoming an extremely attractive place to live, with low crime rates and high school graduation rates that are … (1 comments)

oregon: Why is Everyone Moving to Oregon? - 01/12/16 02:49 AM
There are numerous hot spots around the nation, locations that people are flocking to in droves because the quality of living and offered amenities is simply extraordinary. Of these hot spots, it may come as a surprise to many that Oregon has topped the list for two years in a row. For us native Oregonians there is no question, this is the place to be!
In a recent study from United Van Lines where over 129,000 moves were tracked, the company found that "66% of all interstate moves in Oregon were from people moving into the state, rather than leaving it." This … (2 comments)

oregon: Why You Need to Move to Oregon Today! - 01/12/16 02:31 AM

Many people consider relocating to Portland, Oregon for several reasons. Do you love the close proximity to the famous Oregon Coast, St Helens, Mt Hood and more? There are seemingly endless acres of large forest available for hiking, fishing and camping. Furthermore, there are great attractions where tourists can visit including luxury villas for rent and sale. Real estate business has been doing very well in this region given its close proximity to social amenities as well as other entertainment facilities. This state sets the national bar for bicycle commuting/riding in lieu of cars, making it recognized worldwide as the innovators … (2 comments)

oregon: The 2016 Forecast Breakdown - 12/24/15 03:58 AM

Predictions for the New Year’s real estate market include forecasts of a healthy market with steady growth similar to 2015. While some market areas have still not recovered their home value prior to the recession, the 2016 market is expected to raise home values in most areas and hail the return of a more normal housing market.
One of the areas often found lagging behind the recession and housing bubble recovery continues to be rural areas that have smaller buyer pools. As 2016 is expected to see retirees, millennials, and younger generation x’ers (ages 35-44) comprising the majority of the buyers’ … (7 comments)

oregon: Peanuts at Kelly Land - 12/24/15 03:51 AM

Thank you to everyone who attended this years Kelly Land. The event has a huge success, with over 1200 families and children visiting this year! The Kelly Group and the whole Peanuts cast gave out sweets, hot chocolate and gifts. Two decorated Christmas trees, complete with wrapped presents, was donated to two special families this year.
From seeing so many familiar faces and new visitors as well, I am reminded just how much I am thankful for! I am thankful for this wonderful, caring community that comes together each year. I am so thankful for everyone who came out, despite the cold … (5 comments)

oregon: Kelly's Portland Metro Market Review - 12/24/15 03:10 AM
October's Months of Inventory for the Portland Metro Markets:
The months of inventory (MOI) for the Portland Metro markets, including Washington, Multnomah and Yamhill County, has continued to decline through October and November. The further decrease in MOI occurred for all price categories from $200,000 to $1,999,999. Though, similarly to October, the decrease in MOI is not due to increased home sales. Instead, decreased MOI reflected the reduce number of active listings in all categories. Listings priced between $200,000 to $399,999 saw the greatest decrease of inventory while retaining the largest buyer pool.
As the percentage of pending sales per total listings has … (0 comments)

oregon: Oregon Rains Hitting Hard - 12/07/15 05:16 AM
Oregon's winter weather is no secret to most Americans. There is rain, so much rain... And today, Oregon's renown precipitation is really wreaking havoc! Today, McMinnville, Amity, Dayton, Yamhill-Carlton, Willamina and Gaston were among the first to close schools. Road closures this morning began with a portion of Highway 18, Highway 99W, and Highway 47 north of Yamhill among others.
Whats more, the McMinnville Fire Department started a sandbag station at 1900 NE Riverside Dr. Sheridan also opened a sandbag filling station today at 2pm. Find a list of Clackamas County sandbag stations here.
In Portland, flooding is causing MAX delays as well as localized landslides. Clackamas … (1 comments)

oregon: The Kelly Land Count Down Has Begun! - 12/03/15 01:58 AM

Look who stopped by the office to help decorate a tree today! We are so excited for Kelly Land & it's almost here! We can't wait to see you December 9th & 10th from 6:30-7:30pm. Our first give away was today and more give aways will follow. Be sure to like The Kelly Group on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our giveaways and to enter in our drawings for free prizes, including this awesome dancing Snoopy!
View previous posts about Kelly Land here:
Kelly Land is Next Week
Join Us For Kelly Land December 9th and 10th
Frozen at Kelly Land - Night 2!
Frozen at Kelly … (2 comments)

oregon: Kelly's Portland Metro Market Review - 12/01/15 01:24 AM
 September’s Months of Inventory for the Portland Metro Markets
The months of inventory (MOI) for the Portland Metro markets, including Washington, Multnomah and Yamhill County, continue to remain relatively steady from August to October. While the MOI across all price categories has dropped slightly since last month, the decreased MOI isn’t reflective of increased home sales. Instead, the slight decrease in MOI seen between September and October reflects the decrease in active homes on the market as sellers begin to withdrawal their listings through the winter months and holidays.
While most of our listings are beginning to see a decrease in showings, the … (2 comments)

oregon: The Kelly Group - In Our Own Words - Scott - 11/30/15 08:59 AM
Meet yet another of The Kelly Group's newest team members, Scott Green! Learn more about Scott in his own words and how he will be helping sellers reach their homeownership dreams in the Salem/Keiser area.
I started my path to real estate by first attending Ohio State University and enrolling in one of the top real estate programs in the country. I majored in business administrations with a focus on finance, real estate and urban development. After graduating, I worked as a lead portfolio analyst, managing European properties for the Real Estate Investment Trust.
Realizing my passion was working directly with people, helping sellers and … (2 comments)

oregon: Kelly Land is Next Week! - 11/30/15 08:18 AM
Kelly Land is just around the corner! Have you marked your calendar yet? This year, the festivities will kick off on December 9th and 10th, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at our office in downtown Newberg.
While there will be a return of Santa and a winter wonderland, look for this year’s unique theme by watching the above video and following us on Facebook! Additionally, we will soon kickoff our countdown to Kelly Land with Facebook prizes and giveaways. We look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces!
Check out a quick video from last year's Frozen at Kelly Land:

oregon: Buyers, Are You Really Ready to Move? - 11/30/15 08:01 AM
It is hard to know when you are really ready to move forward with house hunting, making an offer and packing up the moving van. So many things often have to come into alignment, from starting a new job, waiting for the school year to end or waiting for your current listing that is active on the market to get a solid offer.
However, it is never too early to begin your search for your ideal home or property. By staying up-to-date with current listings and market fluctuations, you will have a better idea of what you can afford in the … (1 comments)

oregon: What does Christmas mean to Oregon? - 11/12/15 08:27 AM

When I ask the question “what does Christmas mean to Oregon”, I am not referring to the spirit of giving, of the hope and love that Oregonians feel. I’m not asking about the faith and devotion that the holiday renews in so many of our residents. I am asking instead on an economic level what Christmas means to our state.
For those of you reading this that have never visited the beautiful Pacific Northwest, then you might not know that Oregon is the leading state in Christmas tree production. Over 63,000 acres of Oregon’s stunning countryside is devoted to growing the … (1 comments)

oregon: Honoring Our Veterans in Oregon - 11/11/15 02:01 AM
Please remember to honor our veterans today! There isn't enough we can do to thank the brave men and women for their service and sacrifice. For Oregon's veterans and active service members, please check out these Freebies and Veterans Day discounts! I hope you were able to participate in the Ross Hollywood Chapel Veterans Day Parade this morning as well!
Thank you all so very much for your time, service and sacrifice. I would be greatly honored to meet you and help you meet your home ownership dreams!

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