the southern team: Squatter's Rights in Florida -- Community Service or Scam? - 11/09/10 09:08 AM
Florida, as is often the case, is yet again ahead of an interesting real estate phenomenon. Increasing numbers of people are staking claim to abandoned properties and 'renting' them out to folks who might otherwise be homeless. Citing the laws of adverse possession -- more commonly known as squatter's rights -- the 'landlords' hope to eventually own the properties outright by having paid taxes and maintained the properties for a proscribed amount of time. And, they say, in the meantime, they are providing an altruistic service to the community by providing shelter to the needy.Enterprising and altruistic? Scam artists? Read the article in … (5 comments)

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the southern team: Avoid "Atlanta Pipe," Don't Forget To 'Dress' Your Cabin for Winter, Too... - 10/29/10 04:39 AM
Autumn has finally arrived in the North Georgia mountains. Chilly mornings and cool, sunny days are welcome after the extended warm and dry summer-like weather we've had this year. I was beginning to wonder if I'd be wearing Christmas t-shirts this year instead of Christmas sweaters. The North Georgia mountains are primarily a second-home market, so cabins may go largely unused during the heart of the winter months. As we dig our jackets, scarves and hats out in preparation for the cold months ahead, it is important to remember that our cabins need to be properly 'dressed' for the season too. Nothing's … (2 comments)

the southern team: Autumn weekend in Blue Ridge: Man & nature must have conspired to arrange such perfection... - 10/27/10 08:30 AM
This past weekend saw Blue Ridge bursting at the seams with fall events and visitors. The 'chamber of commerce' perfect weather cooperated, with temperatures in the low 70's and a cloudless cobalt blue sky that provided the perfect backdrop for autumn's vivid reds and golds.One of the weekend's big draws was the Blue Ridge Harvest Festival, held at the old State Farmers Market. Arts and crafts were the centerpiece of the festival, and there were items to choose from to suit almost any taste, from hand-turned wood bowls to hand-crafted quilts to home-made jams and preserves. There was also a large … (5 comments)

the southern team: The Money You "Lost" in Your Price Reduction Wasn't Real - 09/13/10 08:24 AM
Phil Faranda's post "The Money You "Lost" in Your Price Reduction Wasn't Real" -- funny (painfully so!) and to-the-point -- should be required reading for any seller in today's market. He cuts to the chase...and to the bone. Enjoy!

With a median home price hovering near $700,000, even a modest price reduction on a Westchester County home can be tens of thousands of dollars. I have to approach a reduction with the diplomacy of a funeral director but be as convincing as a physician imploring his patient to quit smoking. 
No one could predict after the stimulus where prices would go, but it is … (4 comments)

the southern team: Cornbread: One woman's recipe to reclaim her foreclosed home - 09/13/10 01:54 AM
When Beverly Davis lost her full-time government job in 2006, it set into motion a series of events that ultimately led to her lender foreclosing on her three-bedroom, two-bath home. With a 'never-surrender' attitude, the Atlanta resident is using a recipe of equal parts spunk and ingenuity to win her house back. And a recipe for Home Girl's Sweet Potato Cornbread. In the hopes of reclaiming her home, which is currently under contract, Davis has begun an online business that sells cornbread mixes...and throws in inspiration for free.  You can read about her uplifting journey in Sunday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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the southern team: Aska Trails -- A Hiker's Paradise - 07/25/10 02:50 PM
Hiking has become my new passion. Those who have known me for years will find this quite amusing. After all, I was the one who agreed to co-lead my daughter's Brownie troop if -- and only if -- I didn't have to camp in a tent or hike. Used to be the thought of hiking conjured up images of bugs, crawly things, and most dreaded of all, sweat. Today it brings me peace, joy, and most welcomed of all, sweat. I never cease to be grateful to live in an area that has such a wealth of natural beauty, and, thanks to … (2 comments)

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the southern team: Blue Ridge Market Report -- Say Hello to a Good Buy!! - 07/23/10 12:49 AM
The first six months of 2010 saw the number of residential sales in Fannin County ahead of 2009's sales, with the median sale price down. There were 199 units sold through June 30th of this year, compared with 148 sold in the same time period last year. The median residential sale price this year was $185,000. That is down 15% from 2009's $216,250, and down a whopping 33% from 2007's high of $277,750.
In practical terms, that means that if you purchased a $300,000 cabin in 2007, you might expect to sell it for $201,000 this year. That's very bad … (4 comments)

the southern team: Georgia Mountain Fair WOWS Three Generations! - 07/18/10 05:34 AM

This year's Georgia Mountain Fair marks it's 60th ANNIVERSARY! This means this wonderful event is providing fun, food, and entertainment to a third generation of fair-goers.
The fair starts this coming Wednesday, July 21, and runs through July 31st. This year's musical acts include Roy Clark, Brenda Lee, the Bellamy Brothers, and Ray Price, to name but a few. Sunday, July 25, will feature a day of inspirational artists including The McKamey's and The Primitives.
Admission to the fair is only $9 per person, $8 on Customer Appreciation Day, July 28th.
The fair is held at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds … (2 comments)

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