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Market activity, ideas about living more sustainably (by being more 'green', walking more), and informing on places and events in and around Vancouver, Washington.



Umm, Umm, Good Coffee! Beyond Good One of my three most favorite coffee shops in Vancouver, Washington is River Maiden Coffee, at 602 Devine Road, Vancouver  Washington. I was in there today. I'm on cup number two of my journey through their selection of three Ethiopian coffees. I was visiting my...
Greenwash is a term that has come up several times in my awareness the last couple of weeks.  Greenwash is the term applied to companies, mostly, that are loudly proclaiming their green actions when their practices and culture contradict those green actions. So, generally, greenwash is a derogato...
Getting Greener Everyday Will making your home greener increase its re-sale value later? This is what I hope! I've been looking for the information that will help me help home owners determine re-sale value when they've green-upped their non-certified homes. That is how I ended up on the Green Ho...
Well, I asked and they said... I worked with a young couple last year as their buyer's agent. They qualified for a loan and had some pretty specific parameters, so we were looking for the right house. Well, we put an offer in on one house but there was some confusion as to whether the home had se...
Monday Market Musings, Vancouver, Washington The ratio of active listings to pending listings is a bit over 7 to 1. This is a slight increase over last week's, and is about what it's been most of the last two months. This ratio is for the whole area (Vancouver north to Salmon Creek and Vancouver ...
Are we there yet? The current inventory for Vancouver, Washington homes appears to be about 12.7 months worth (meaning, at current rate of sales, and no new homes coming on the market, it would take 12.7 months to sell everything available today). This is the third month in a row. I've  seen pret...
Monday Market Musings This Monday there is a slight increase in number of homes on the market. There're 544 homes in pending status today and 298 of those are at or under the $250,000 price mark. Of the 3873 that are available for sale, 1783 are in the price under $250,000. Recent statistics from...
Walking Vancouver, Washington Last month I was a volunteer 'trail counter' for Vancouver Parks and Recreation. It was a great experience, especially since the weather was great and my fellow volunteer is one of my personal local heroes. I spent a couple of hours learning more of her interesting l...
Friendships keep rolling along I caught the friendship ball tossed toward me from Mark Hall. I've been with the same real estate office pretty much as long as Mark and his lovely wife, Janice. I've always admired them and I'm honored to have recieved this toss. Friendships. Well, they are prized ...
Green at what price? How much more are you willing to pay to have a green certification for your home? Or to have a walkable location? Green and walkable? Certainly if you're not green leaning the answer is nothing. But if you are concerned about having a less detrimental impact on the environmen...

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