rent control: Ballot Measure for Rent Control in Long Beach. - 05/01/18 10:37 AM
Proposed Ballot Measure for Rent Control in Long Beach if passed most certainly faces legal blowback. New information is presented in the April 25th memorandum from City Attorney to City Manager, Patrick West, Mayor and Members of the City Council identified six instances “so far” where if the proposed Ballot Measure for Rent Control in Long Beach ordinance were to pass litigation is certain to follow. Attorney City Staff identifies six different conflicts and warns of possible other City Charter violations within new Proposed Ballot Measure for Rent Control in Long Beach.
I am not shocked by the findings presented in … (5 comments)

rent control: L.B. City Attorney Warns “Proposed Rent Control Petition Is Illicit.” - 04/25/18 09:28 AM
I recently started writing a series (1, 2, 3,) of posts about the possibility of Long Beach falling prey to a newly proposed rental control petition. In my last post regarding the proposed rent control initiative in Long Beach, I said: “You’ll most likely hear from me next on this matter when the City reports back with their findings!” Well, the impact memo is out and City Attorney did not mince words.
Before I go into the City Attorney’s findings, here is a quick summary of the situation:
After 2-years of persistent failure and several unsuccessful attempts, in January of this year, a … (2 comments)

rent control: What About The Facts? - 03/29/18 12:12 PM
Rent Control -Should Facts Matter?
I recently wrote a post about being on different planets. The moral of the post “in spite of wanting the same end result different ideals make it impossible seeing eye to eye in attaining the desired result.”
Of course, it is ok to have a different ideology but when facts get altered that’s when things get ugly and it becomes not ok. And as it relates to rent control (IMO) not only should facts matter but pushing a false narrative that threatens the future of a city and rob property owners and their rights to a free enterprise is … (12 comments)

rent control: The 2018 Long Beach Multi-Family Unit Sell-Off - 03/27/18 02:08 PM
The 2018 Long Beach Multi-Family Unit Sell-Off
Why is the Long Beach Real Estate Market inundated with an inordinate amount of multi-family unit apartment buildings for sale?  Between off-market deals and LoopNet’s current listings, there are well over 150 multi-family unit buildings for sale in LB right now. And you don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to understand the sell-off, all you need to know is that there is a proposed Long Beach Rent Control Initiative that can potentially make the ballot.
By the excessive amount of multi-family apartment buildings for sale in Long Beach, you’d think investors might be interested … (4 comments)

rent control: We Are Just On Different Planets - 03/22/18 05:10 PM
We Are Just On Different Planets
Tuesday night was a true learning experience as I realized I was just on a different planet.
Let me give some context to this story and set the stage before I explain. For quite some time a small advocacy group is on the attack; their mission “Rent Control in Long Beach.”
Recently this year, the City Attorney’s office had no choice but to clear the submitted proposed initiative, titled the Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance. That’s not to say the City Attorney’s office backs the initiative or trust its legality. All that means is the advocacy group … (23 comments)

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