team thaxton: Active Duty Military PCS to Barksdale AFB, Louisiana? Here Are Five Reasons to Use Your VA Home Loan Benefits - 07/05/12 02:49 AM

If you are active duty military and you have PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders to Barksdale Air Force Base, in Bossier City, Louisiana, here are five reasons to consider using your VA Home Loan Benefits to purchase a home in the area:
#1 Competitive interest rates - even with less than perfect credit
#2 100% financing 
#3 Flexible Credit Requirements
#4 No monthly mortgage insurance. Unlike conventional and FHA loan products, with monthly mortgage insurance premiums that could add to your monthly payment, there is NO monthly mortgage insurance with the VA Loan.
#5 The … (2 comments)

team thaxton: "Boots On" in Leesville, Louisiana, in Support For Our Military - 06/22/12 02:15 AM
It is BOOT Friday with Team Thaxton in Leesville, Louisiana, home of Fort Polk Army Base and the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), and we've got our boots on!  These boots were purchased from and a portion of the proceeds go to various wounded warrior projects.  We show our patriotism and support for our men and women in the military every Friday by getting OUR boots on:

The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by five women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. The campaign provides an easy and tangible way for Americans to … (2 comments)

team thaxton: "If A Man Hasn't Discovered Something That He Will Die For, He Isn't Fit to Live" Martin Luther King, Jr. - 01/16/12 08:36 AM
 "If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live".
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. discovered the cause for which he could die for - and he did. Our active military and every veteran understand this principle - FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Dennis H. Smith, director of VA Maryland Health wrote this today in the Baltimore Sun:"King never served in the military, but he commanded an army of Americans dedicated to fulfilling our country's highest ideal — that all men and all women are created equal; an … (3 comments)

team thaxton: Now THAT'S a Winning Hand - My Heroes at the Poker Table - 01/14/12 09:13 AM

I must complain the cards are ill shuffled till I have a good hand. ~Jonathan Swift

I know little about the game of poker. My husband is a self-employed cattleman and farmer and I am a commissioned sales professional. I have always felt those two things alone were "gamble" enough for my life.
But several of my friends and colleagues love to challenge each other to a "friendly" game of poker after a long day of meetings when we gather together in one place from the far corners of the USA for various corporate events. Because … (4 comments)

team thaxton: Day 28 of the 2011 December Blogging Challenge - Seeing It Before It Happens - 12/28/11 07:39 AM
"Picture yourself in your minds eye as having already achieved this goal.  See yourself doing the things you'll be doing when you have reached your goal."  Earl Nightingale  a

Many people have a written business plan but few have a written business vision. Today I asked all of my team - 16 of them - to write out at least two paragraphs of their vision of what they want their life and business to look like for one year from today - December 28, 2012. I wanted them to take the time to "see" themselves in … (7 comments)

team thaxton: Day 27 of the 2011 December Blogging Challenge - Write Your 2012 Business Vision BEFORE Your Business Plan! - 12/27/11 03:15 PM

Many people are writing their business plans for 2012 but what about a business vision?  Before you can adequately write a business plan, you must write a vision statement of what you want your business to actually look like in 2012. Most of us would agree in the real estate business that to begin to build a house with a set of plans while having no clear picture in your mind of what that house would look like after it was built would not be the best idea! The same is true for making plans to build a … (5 comments)

team thaxton: Forget New Year's Resolutions! Instead Write Your Three Words for 2012 as the Foundation to Achieving Your Goals and Plans - 12/26/11 10:44 AM

As 2011 is winding down and 2012 is just days away, many are beginning to consider their resolutions, goals, plans and dreams for the upcoming year. Chris Brogan suggests an alternative plan to achieving your 2012 goals.Chris Brogan is the New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, and a featured monthly columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine, who has shared an idea which he calls "My Three Words".  Your three words are chosen for the year and your goals and plans center around those words.  You can check out his (and several others) three words for last year HERE.

team thaxton: NO! I Will NOT be Glad When Christmas is Over! This is a Season I ENJOY - Not a Season I ENDURE! - 12/24/11 09:53 AM

NO! I will NOT be glad when Christmas is over! How many times have you heard someone say "I'll just be glad when Christmas is over....". That bothers me every time I hear it. It always has. It always will. Many people get bogged down in the stress of buying gifts they cannot afford, cooking so much food that most of it gets thrown away and going to parties that they really don't want to attend. The true Spirit of Christmas is so much more than this. Is my life stress free at Christmas?  NO! 

I am … (5 comments)

team thaxton: The December Season of Celebration and Sharing.... Why Not Give a Special Gift to a Wounded Warrior? PLEASE SHARE THIS - 12/16/11 09:46 AM
During this season of giving, I would like to share with you an incredible opportunity for you to give a very special gift to some very special people - the wounded warriors of "Operation Enduring Freedom" deployed from our very own Fort Polk, Louisiana. These heroes were welcomed home this past Saturday, December 10, as the local Vernon Parish, Louisiana, community recognized and honored approximately 3,800 returning soldiers in the "I'll Be Home For Christmas" celebration and parade. This unit deployed to Afghanistan in October of 2010 and began returning to Fort Polk in August of this year. Over 1,200 … (6 comments)

team thaxton: Day 16 of the 2011 December Blogging Challenge - Preparing an "After Action Review" - 12/16/11 09:42 AM


Day 16 of the 2011 December Blogging Challenge and I am to write an AAR - an "After Action Review" of our event last week, the "I'll be Home For Christmas" parade and celebration. As a civilian and business professional, I would have called it a "survey" - or maybe even a "testimonial". However, the chairman of the Military Affairs Committee which spearheaded this event is a retired military commander, therefore, it was an "AFTER ACTION REVIEW". Ed Williams was an incredible chairman and his former military experience served him well for this leadership position. He asked … (5 comments)

team thaxton: December's Season of Celebrations and Sharing - A Community Comes Together To Welcome Home 3,800 Troops! - 12/13/11 05:16 PM
December's Season of Celebrations and Sharing - A Community Comes Together to Welcome Home 3,800 Troops!

The heroes from the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division were welcomed home  this past Saturday, December 10, as the community, community leaders and the city of Leesville recognized approximately 3,800 returning soliders, in the "I'll Be Home For Christmas" celebration and parade.

The 4-10 deployed to Afghanistan in October of 2010 and began returning to Fort Polk in August of this year.

Welcome Home, Heroes! 

team thaxton: Sifting through the Photographs.....Day 13 of the December Challenge - 12/13/11 07:49 AM
Today I will begin to sift through the photographs from the "I'll Be Home For Christmas" parade and celebration held last Saturday in Leesville, Louisiana, home of Fort Polk Army Base and Joint Readiness Training Center.  This event was to celebrate the return from Afghanistan of 3,800 warriors of the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division.
As you can see below - it is going to be hard to pick the "best" photos! 
A portion of these photographs will be used by the Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce along with other area businesses in sharing with others what this community did … (3 comments)

team thaxton: December Season of Celebration and Sharing - Playing Santa to Twelve Children of Four Military Families - 12/12/11 08:29 AM

This year my team and I decided we wanted to play Santa for 4 military families. Two familes were from Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana, and two were from Fort Polk Army Base, Leesville, Louisiana. These are families who have requested assistance through organizations who connect the families to businesses and/or individuals who are wanting to give back to our warriors' families. The majority of these families have a deployed father or mother. One family of four children which we chose are with their grandmother and their parents are both deployed.  The team was so excited as … (5 comments)

team thaxton: "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Celebration - Heroes Coming Home - 12/11/11 03:46 PM
The heroes from the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division were welcomed Saturday as the community and the city of Leesville recognized returning soliders, complete with family activities, a change of command ceremony and the Leesville Christmas parade.  The event was appropriately named the "I'll Be Home For Christmas" celebration and parade. Approximately 4,000 soldiers from the 4-10 participated in the activities, which were highlighted by a change of command and responsibility ceremony. The change of command and change of responsibility ceremony included the passing of colors from Col. Bruce P. Antonia and Command Sgt. Maj. Steven L. Womack to Col. Mario … (0 comments)

team thaxton: Boots on the Ground in Leesville, Louisiana - 12/11/11 03:33 PM
This past week, my team gathered for two days in Leesville, Louisiana, home of Fort Polk, Louisinaa, to celebrate and serve at the historic event "I'll be Home For Christmas" parade and celebration. We were literally going to get our "boots on the ground" to serve those who serve! 

On Saturday, we were planning to join with hundreds of others to serve lunch to approximately 3,800 troops plus 2,000 family members. The community was coming together to welcome home these 3,800 soldiers from the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, who had been deployed to Afghanistan in … (2 comments)

team thaxton: Inviting Others to Share the Joy of Giving - 12/11/11 09:29 AM
One of my fellow BNI (Business Networking International) members, Everado Recendiz, a certified business coach with Action Coach, recently shared a cause with our BNI group, the Shreveport Closers.  He told us that at any given time in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, along with 9 surrounding parishes, there were over 300 children living in foster homes. These foster parents receive no additional assistance from the state to provide gifts for these children at Christmas. 
Everado was so moved by this fact that he sent out an e-mail to our entire group, asking if any of us wanted to participate in … (2 comments)

team thaxton: What's YOUR "Give Back Program" for 2012? - 12/11/11 08:40 AM
In planning for success in 2012, one of the non-profit organizations in which I want to become more involved and one where I want to give even more next year is the Boot Campaign.  Our "Give Back Program" for 2011 was to purchase and give away 365 pair of boots and we have almost reached our goal.   For every pair of boots purchased from, a portion of the proceeds go to several wounded warrior projects.  But for 2012 - we want to do more!
The Boot Campaign is a non-profit organization which was started by five women … (6 comments)

team thaxton: Do You Have A Business Vision For 2012? What Would You Choose to do if You Thought ANYTHING was possible? - 12/07/11 05:18 PM
 As me and my team are preparing our 2012 business plan and setting our goals, we will also talk about our business vision. One of the questions I will ask my team this week-end will be concerning their vision for 2012:  "What would you choose to do if you thought ANYTHING was possible?"

One of the exercises will be to write out some of the HUGE dreams they have always had and goals they wanted to accomplish - holding nothing back - thinking anything is possible!
Then beside each of these goals, I will ask them … (4 comments)

team thaxton: 2012 is almost here - Remember to Set Big Goals! - 12/07/11 04:49 PM

One piece of advice I give to to my team - Always set big goals!

Goals can be defined as the ongoing pursuit of a dream or “dreams with a deadline”!  I apply the S.M.A.R.T. method of establishing goals, i.e., they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.
 But don’t start stop there.  I have asked my team to answer the following questions after they have written each of their goals:
(1) Why is reaching this goal important to me?
(2)What are the benefits of reaching this goal?
(3) What are the … (4 comments)

team thaxton: Success Means Asking the Hard Questions - Even of Yourself! - 12/07/11 04:15 PM
This week, I have been focused on preparing for a gathering in a few days with my team.   My team's success is extremely important to me.  I know that for them to achieve success - personally and in business, they have to be willing to ask (and answer) themselves the hard questions. 

Before we gather in a few days, I have asked my team members to take a good hard look at their life, business and their daily disciplines and ask themselves these questions:

1.  Where am I now?
2.Where do I want … (2 comments)

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