benicia rental houses: Benicia Rental Houses update, May 2013 - 05/05/13 03:39 AM
 Benicia Rental Houses update, May 2013
The market for rental houses / properties / homes in Benicia, California remains very robust.   The local rental home market does not make extensive use of the MLS used to share information on home sales so there is not a reliable central location for information on rental information.
In order to fill this knowledge gap for the benefit of the public, both owners and renters, Delgado Property Management has developed this report to share information regarding the Benicia rental home market.
To provide a little background:
From March 1, 2013 to April … (2 comments)

benicia rental houses: Moving to Benicia, California, and finding a rental house - 07/08/12 02:21 PM
Moving to Benicia, California, and finding a rental house
We meet a lot of people that are moving to Benicia.  This shouldn’t be surprising since we are a property management company and our line of work is matching up interested renters with available rental homes. 

Folks move for many reasons.  We have found that people move to Benicia primarily because:
1.  They are relocating to the area for a new job
2.  They choose Benicia for the schools and/or the small town atmosphere
Yes, the details will differ with each telling, but the story usually revolves … (9 comments)

benicia rental houses: The best Benicia Property Management blogs of 2011 - 12/31/11 10:40 AM
Best Benicia Property Management Blogs of 2011
As we bid farewell to 2011, it is only fitting to honor the tradition of looking back on the year gone by.  At Delgado Property Management, our chosen way of honoring 2011 is to revisit the best blogs of 2011.
As it turns out, there aren’t many folks blogging Benicia Property Management topics.  In fact, I’m the only one that I know of.  So, that admittedly simplified the process a bit.  I chose the following blogs as “Best of” based purely on my own thoughts, not taking into account blog posts … (2 comments)

benicia rental houses: Fair Maiden, a story of love and yearning in Property Management - 12/10/11 05:32 AM
Once upon a time... (well, not THAT long ago. I mean, I’m only in my 40's and she's in her 30's (but looks like she's early 20's))
In a land far, far away... (well, a couple exits down the freeway)
A handsome young prince... (that would be me, just play along would you?)
Journeyed far from the Kingdom of his youth to find his fortune... (just graduated from college and got a job)
Lo and behold, during the travels I stopped for lodging... (needed a place to rent)
And there, like an oasis in the hot … (9 comments)

benicia rental houses: Dear Homeowner / Investor, why I ignore you on my Benicia and Vallejo rental website - 09/06/11 01:40 AM
Dear Homeowner / Investor, why I ignore you on my Benicia and Vallejo rental website

Dear Homeowner / Investor,
On occasion, Homeowners / Investors of rental properties have observed that our website, showing Benicia and Vallejo rental homes, does not cater to YOU, the client.  The entire site seems to be devoted to rental listings and appealing to potential renters looking in Benicia and Vallejo.

Are we daft?  Have we lost our marbles?
Yes, Delgado Property Management does understand that you, Dear Homeowner / Investor:
- pays our fee for renting your home
- is our … (7 comments)

benicia rental houses: Have you ever seen a whale with a polka-dot tail? - 09/03/11 07:52 AM
Have you ever seen a whale with a polka-dot tail?
One of my sons began Kindergarten just recently and among the stories that he's bringing home are all sorts of new songs with catchy lyrics, one of which goes...
"Have you ever seen a whale with a polka-dot tail?"
Of course, mine is not the only child who has recently just started school and this led me to think of many of the new renters that have been coming to meet us lately.
Due to economic circumstances, there are many who were recently homeowners pursuing their American Dream but now find … (6 comments)

benicia rental houses: Maybe it's a good time to consider renting instead of selling? - 09/01/11 06:01 PM
Maybe it's a good time to consider renting instead of buying?
Times are tough, we all know it. California seems to be taking as big a hit as anywhere else, if not worse.
In Benicia and Vallejo there are For Sale signs in every neighborhood.  The areas are nice, the homes in good condition, some of the homes are nearly new.  The schools are great, the communities vibrant.  But, here and there you can see that folks have have either chosen to walk away or worse.
Hard to stand out in the crowd...

Yet, the rental market in Benicia … (12 comments)

benicia rental houses: How we rent Benicia and Vallejo homes so quickly - 08/28/11 04:47 AM
How we rent Benicia and Vallejo homes so quickly
I'm often asked how we rent Benicia and Vallejo homes so quickly.  In order to find qualified potential residents quickly for our rental homes our approach is really quite simple-
We don’t make them search for us!

We recognize that most people embarking on a new rental home search in the Benicia and Vallejo areas will start with the internet.  So, we have devoted a great deal of time and effort developing our internet presence to make it easy for Benicia and Vallejo potential renters to find us! 

benicia rental houses: Homeowners, do NOT use packaged lease forms bought at a store! - 08/22/11 05:43 PM
I was browsing through Zillow questions recently and I found a question from a home owner as to where they can get lease forms to rent out their home.

A prior response to the question said that they could buy forms at a local office supply Store!  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

PLEASE, for your own sake, do NOT use lease forms purchased at an office supply store as the basis for your contract between you and the resident that will be living in your rental home.
Think of the lease agreement as a contract that is a document to protect your legal … (5 comments)

benicia rental houses: Listing photos are important to show off your Benicia rental property - 08/16/11 06:16 PM
Listing photos are important to show off your Benicia rental property
At Delgado Property Management, we pride ourselves on our listing images.  We believe that showing a home in it's best "light" helps attract interest in the home which in turn helps get the home rented much more quickly.  To this end, we post only high quality photos taken by an experienced real estate photographer using professional level camera gear and lighting.  
Consider the following two photos, NOT taken by our company.  In fact, these photos are actually much better than many that we see.

Now compare … (8 comments)

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