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Serene High Desert Acreage … (0 comments)

green living: 10211 E Rock Creek Lane, Pearce, Arizona - 04/26/10 03:15 PM

green living: Myth and Magic of Manufactured Homes - 09/30/08 06:37 AM
Myth and Magic of Manufactured Homes.

Manufactured homes are great options for buyers who need an inexpensive option for a home and also for homes in rural places. A manufactured home can be completed in much less time than a site built. The quality of these homes has much improved since the “trailer” or ”mobile” phase. These homes can be ground set or on pedestals or walls. Either option might prove useful depending on the environment they are in. Raising one off the ground in an area that has occasional flooding might be just the answer to being able to … (2 comments)

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green living: What To Do With Old Mobiles - 07/17/08 10:32 AM

What to do with old mobile homes?

...........sometimes called trailers and other times manufactured homes.

In Arizona a mobile unit older than 1976 cannot be un-affixed from land to be affixed as “real property” to another parcel. It is likely few lending institutions will lend on such a property even if it stays on the existing lot.

Many communities are raising farms of these structures. Large hulking pieces of metal are sitting on, often, abandoned property. This does not make for a safe or attractive environment.

Send it all to the dump :(


green living: Living Green, Rural and off the grid. - 02/12/08 06:36 AM
 I list many rural properties in Cochise County Arizona. I currently have 2 that are "off grid". They use solar power for electricity and passive heating. 
I often receive emails from folks wanting to know details about the property. But recently I received one that asked
" What are some surprising bad things about living off grid?"
After I wrote the response I saw that this is some information that many folks may want.
The following is an excerpt from the email that I wrote. He is interested in a particular property.
  The power is generally 100% solar. If there is a … (2 comments)

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