lubbock homes: Contract to Close Guidance for Home Buyers - 04/10/16 11:34 PM
You found the Lubbock home you want and your agent submitted an offer.  You are now entering the time frame known as Contract to Close.  It is too early to celebrate because there is lots to do over the next 30 – 60 days.  This process can be stressful but a good REALTOR and LENDER can help smooth the way.
Be ready to negotiate with the seller.  Depending on the housing market in your area you may or may not have the upper hand.   The seller can reject your offer, give you a counter offer, or accept your offer as written, which rarely happens in … (3 comments)

lubbock homes: Tech Terrace Homes Spring 2016 Update - 04/09/16 05:33 AM
If your dream home is one that has charm and character, situated in a neighborhood with mature trees, diverse architecture and neighborhood shopping, then Tech Terrace is the place for you.
Since Tech Terrace is a popular Lubbock neighborhood, homes here often sell quickly.  I can save you time and money by monitoring listings and representing YOU when you are on your quest for a home.  
Today in Tech Terrace there are 21 homes listed for sale.  The prices range from $126,000.00 to $799,000.00, sizes range from 2 -5 bedrooms, from 1260 to 6039 square feet.
Would you like a studio at home? … (2 comments)

lubbock homes: Downsizing in Lubbock - 06/03/15 05:17 AM
For most of us downsizing is based on finances, health, being nearer extended family, or a desired change of lifestyle.   You may want to sell your big home and buy smaller to save money on taxes, water bills and to reclaim the time you’ve spent doing yardwork.
For most of us, options for a smaller home with less maintenance include traditional homes, garden homes, condominiums and townhouses. 
Garden homes are a very popular choice.   A garden home occupies most of the lot and often features landscaped patios with very small or no yard.   
Traditional homes with a small or low maintenance yard … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Top Ten Tips for Lubbock Home Buyer's (contract through close) - 01/08/15 03:53 AM
 You found the home you want and your agent submitted an offer.  You are now entering the time frame known as Contract to Close.  It is too early to celebrate because there is lots to do over the next 30 – 60 days.  This process can be stressful but a good REALTOR and LENDER can help smooth the way.
Be ready to negotiate with the seller.  Depending on the housing market in your area you may or may not have the upper hand.   The seller can reject your offer, give you a counter offer, or accept your offer as written - … (4 comments)

lubbock homes: Top Ten Tips for Buyer's - 01/04/15 04:50 AM
Let’s assume that you already know the basics and you are pre-approved for a home loan (necessary unless you are paying cash) and that you have chosen a local REALTOR to guide you. 

 A few months before you want to buy a home, look at homes for sale online to see what is available and how much they cost and attend Open Houses to familiarize yourself with what type of home you can expect to get for what price.  Trulia is user-friendly or your real estate agents website* may have a search engine that ties in with the multiple … (3 comments)

lubbock homes: Searching for a Home in Lubbock? - 02/10/12 02:00 PM
I am working with three buyers now.  Customer one is looking for homes to flip, likes to find 3/2/2 homes under 80,000.00.  They don't come along often, but can be found.  Client two is looking for a 3/2/2 in south Lubbock.  Her main criteria is that the kitchen have sufficient cabinets, the master bedroom be larger than 13 x 15, and that the at least one of the other bedrooms be a good size.  Client three wants a three or four bedroom home of at least 1900 square feet in the Cooper school district. 
Every buyer is looking for something special, … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Showing Lubbock Homes! - 11/02/11 09:13 AM
I have an appointment to show a home in South Lubbock this evening.  But the winds are cold and howling.  What is a real estate agent to do?  Bundle up and go show the home!  Look forward to seeing this great family and hope we can find them a perfect Lubbock home!
Do you or someone you know plan to buy or sell a Lubbock home in the next few months?  Not many people actually WANT to move during the holidays (how many days till Christmas?) but some do because right house comes along, or because of a significant life event, or in … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock's First Freeze! - 10/28/11 04:09 PM
Lubbock's early morning temperature was 32 degrees!  The weatherman says that Lubbock's first freeze was at 4:10 this morning.  Brrrr.  And while Lubbock's temperatures fluctuate wildly, our housing market in Lubbock remains stable. 
I love my job as a Lubbock Realtor!  Helping individuals and families find great Lubbock homes.  If you wonder how to begin the process, I'd be glad to help.
Mary Benton, REALTOR
Keller WIlliams Realty

lubbock homes: Lubbock TX Realtor announces personal home COMING SOON! - 10/07/11 12:39 PM

Welcome friends - it is Fall and our great Ransom Canyon home will soon be on the market.  We have loved living in Ransom Canyon but decided to move back into Lubbock.  Our 2800 sq ft. home is a 3/3/2, with large basement, inground pool, huge covered patio, 700+ square foot workshop.  You need or want more?  This ranch style home sits on an acre with lovely mature oak trees, crepe myrtle and peach trees.  More?  Navajo Trail is home of the greatest neighbors we have ever had.  More?  The kitchen has been completely updated in the last three years and we had … (2 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock Homes and Home Auction Information - 08/30/11 10:47 AM

There is a great Lakeridge home that is going up for auction.  This home has been listed and withdrawn, and then it has been a HUD home owned by Fannie Mae but still the home did not sell.  The primary problem is likely the location in that the home sits on a corner lot on 98th Street just a few blocks east of Slide Road. This is a wonderful neighborhood but high traffic street.  I have owned a home on a busy street before and don't want to again but I would say this - if you are mostly an 'indoor' person … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock School Calendar 2011 and Lubbock Homes - 08/14/11 02:19 PM
Hey, if you are getting all your back to school shopping done, it would be nice to know what date to send the kids back to school!  Lubbock ISD has their school calendar's in a couple of different formats.  Just go to  On the left side of the page you will find 'calendars' on the menu bar. I'll give you a headstart...first day of classes is August 22nd!
Most Mom's I know fall into one of two categories.  Those shedding tears that their baby is starting school...and those who are checking out zumba classes and making lunch dates.  These same two types … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Tech Terrace Homes Update, Great Lubbock Homes Available! - 06/20/11 04:32 AM
Greetings all! Of all central Lubbock neighborhoods, Tech Terrace is by far the most popular with homes here in great demand. Earlier this week I took some time to drive through the neighborhood. The tree-lined streets are quiet and I never tire of looking at the great variety of homes. If you are new to Lubbock and have not yet been to the Tech Terrace neighborhood, it is the area located between University and Indiana, and 19th Street and 34th Street. I just took a look at Lubbock's multiple listing service and found that there are currently 26 homes for sale … (2 comments)

lubbock homes: February Homes Tour Information! - 02/07/11 06:36 AM
If you like to look at homes in Lubbock, please join me for a mini-tour of two or three great homes later this month.  Each month I will preview Lubbock homes in a different subdivision.  Part of my job is being familiar with the inventory of homes for sale and I'd like to have friends, colleagues, home buyers, home seller, and someday clients join me.  Your feedback may also be helpful to the listing agents or sellers of the Lubbock homes we tour.
This month I will tour new townhouses in the Castellina Subdivision in the 4500 block of 19th Street!  … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock Homes - Preview Tours 2011 - 01/13/11 03:26 AM
Do you enjoy previewing homes?  Part of my responsibility as a Lubbock Realtor is knowing what is on the market in Lubbock so I regularly make time to preview homes for sale.  Starting this month I will focus on a particular neighborhood and invite friends, colleagues and prospective someday clients (buyers and sellers) to join me.  Whether you are in the market to buy now, planning a move in the near future, love looking at homes, or want to keep an eye on price versus condition of homes in your area, you are welcome to participate.  I will look at homes in established and newer Lubbock neighborhoods.  Each … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: TTU Students and Parents! Great Lubbock Homes for Sale Now. Whisperwood Townhouse! - 12/27/10 03:30 AM
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Today I am putting away decorations, getting my home back to 'normal', and planning my work week.   Semester break and leases up on 12/31 typically make this a busy week for those looking for a home in Lubbock.  I am available to help you find a home this week!  I can set up custom searches for Lubbock homes in our MLS system and email you the results. 
Many Texas Tech students want a home in the Tech Terrace neighborhood.  While I love showing and selling homes in Tech Terrace, I will guide you … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock Homes For Sale - Owner Financing Available - 12/07/10 09:26 AM
I have talked to a number of buyer's lately about Owner Financed homes in Lubbock.  Although they are rare, we do have some available today.  A search of the MLS system showed 17...that is around 1% of all homes listed that are willing to owner finance.  I want to tell you about a few of these homes that are available now with OWNER FINANCING.  Specifics found below!
However, I'd like to review some of what it takes to get into an owner financed home.  It is an alternative but certainly not a good plan for every potential home buyer.  Read on!
The FIRST … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Country home near Lubbock - 10/06/10 02:43 AM

For those who aren't from around here, Lubbock, TX is on the high plains of Texas and our economy is agricultural based.  Of course we also have Texas Tech University and the best hospitals in this area of the state.  Most Lubbock homes don't actually have cows grazing in the front yard and we don't have dusty streets and saloons either.  What we do have is a great economy and lots of wonderful homes for sale in all price ranges.  If you are from out of state or elsewhere in Texas and looking for a new place to call … (4 comments)

lubbock homes: September Update - Lubbock Homes for Sale - 09/20/10 04:47 PM
I have had a great few weeks with lots of business and some fun travel too.  I have been to Phoenix, Vegas and Austin.  But like Dorothy says, there is no place like home.
The Lubbock real estate market is still very stable but has shifted to a buyer's market.  This means that buyers have more to choose from, while sellers are likely making more concessions to get their homes sold.  All in all it is a super time to buy a home in Lubbock.
I just did a search of our Multiple Listing Service and wow!  I show 1536 homes … (0 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock TX Homes for Sale in May 2010 - 05/24/10 08:41 AM
This month we have a wonderful inventory of homes in all price ranges.  If you are looking for a modest sized home at around 75,000.00 or ready to move up to an expansive ranch style home, give me a call today.  No matter what price range you are looking in, I will save you so much time.  I will get my information directly from the multiple listing service, so my information is current.  I will be able to find specific features that you want so that there is no need to look at 15 homes to find the right home!
Here … (1 comments)

lubbock homes: Lubbock Homes and Tech Terrace Real Estate update - 05/05/10 02:32 AM
We had a great month of April both in terms of nice amounts of rainfall and real estate transactions.  SOLD - the great home I had listed at 2504 108th Drive.  Congratulations to the Nevans and to the buyer!
Homes for sale in Lubbock - 1213
This figure is what is available in the Multiple Listing Service and includes garden homes, condos, single family homes, etc.  This is a great inventory.  Call me if you'd like to begin looking for a new casa.  (today is Cinco de Mayo!)
Tech Terrace homes for sale - 51
Checking the multiple listing service for … (0 comments)

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