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I overheard bits of a conversation between a couple at the next table while out to dinner Saturday night, more of a debate really, on whether they should get a real or an artificial tree for Christmas. Points were exchanged back and forth on convenience, cost and personal preference. I waited for...
One skill a Realtor should have is an eye for a good picture and the best methods of capturing a scene be it a sunset or a three piece bathroom. Not long ago photography was a hobby requiring an investment in thousands of dollars worth of equipment and a dark room. Anyone can be a photo wiz now w...
There is one glass half full thing you can say about the tough economic times we are experiencing and that is they always bring out the inventor and entrepreneur in many of us. Have a look at Canadian hany man Red Green's two minute how to video showing you an inexpensive home addition project yo...
One glass half full thing about tough economic times is it can bring out the inventor and entrepreneur in many. Check out Red Green's inexpensive home addition project that is sure to add value to any home.
Buy low, sell high, the universal principle of investment and if it were as simple to implement as it sounds we would all be reaping the rewards. The real skill is in best determining where the bottom of any market is before it passes by and it takes a few months of steady value increases to kno...
My Hometown My Hometown mikespot My experiences and observations about Barrie Ontario Publish at Scribd or explore others: Creative Writing mike montague home town
  The fabric of the North American economy is under a stain, potentially as great as any witnessed in the past century. It isn’t going to heal of its own accord this time around. Many of the economic models, methods and corporate behaviors that have guided the capitalist world in the past are bec...
  Mortgage Backed Securities are like boxes of chocolates. Criminals on Wall Street stole a few chocolates from the boxes and replaced them with turds. Their criminal buddies at Standard & Poor rated these boxes AAA Investment Grade chocolates. These boxes were then sold all over the world to inv...
  I suppose when the home you live in is the childhood home of someone who went on to achieve celeb status in the world you expect the occasional gawker stopping out front to ponder or snap a picture. If you are John Kiernan of Winnipeg Manitoba you have grown used to this as his home is the home...
The house next to mine is the original hundred year old board and baton farm house in the area and for 15 years has been surrounded by nice 2500 square foot, all brick  subdivision homes that are proudly cared for by their owners. A few years back we had a very strange character living in this o...

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