homes in maine for sale: The History Of The Home Listing For Sale.. No, Not DOM. - 04/16/17 01:48 PM
The history of the home listing for sale is not always known or shared.
We are not talking the days on market history forĀ (DOM) but the past bits and pieces of the property information shared. Understanding how the home was built, who lived there and why this addition was put on, for what purpose.
The builder at the time of construction if alive could share much.
Who did built the house and what was his reputation? Where did he shine or come up short?
What was added to help or hurt the place over the years?
What used to be on that empty lot to … (9 comments)

homes in maine for sale: Replace, Repair A Maine Home Hammering Heard But... - 04/27/15 08:58 PM
Maine is a small population big area state and the housing is low cost.So despite the thrifty nature of our residents to make do with what they have, the DIY to take it up a notch.
The simple fact remains that all the low cost houses for sale in Maine make it cheaper often to make the big move. Cross town, out in the country or to a lake, something waterfront for a new pleasant boundary.
Where your neighbor is more apt to be four legged, furry, not so talkative.
Cheaper to replace than repair or modify to fit your situation in life … (16 comments)

homes in maine for sale: Maine Stream Fishing..Dangle A Line Across From This Abraham Street, Houlton Maine Home For Sale. - 05/24/10 05:53 AM
If you are under sixteen, you can fish Pearce Brook and that is a feature being right across the street from this 10 Abraham Street Houlton Maine real estate. Since 1969 the family that lived here were happy campers, but the kids grew up. The owner says find a nice couple, family for the neighborhood. Someone that likes to fish that is shorter to the ground. Houlton Maine is a super place to raise a family and we have many new US border patrol, customs, immigration agents being a border town with Canada considering a move here due to 911. Hardwood … (2 comments)

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