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Being a real estate agent in Temecula is more than a full time job - it's a BUSINESS and needs to be treated like any other business.  Take a look at whats involved, it may open your eyes . . . Real Estate Marketing and Software: The Price is Right 2012 Introduction: There are SO many real estate...
SOUTHWEST RIVERSIDE COUNTY MARKET UPDATE:  MAY 2012 The Temecula real estate market has been a topic of heated conversation over the last 5 years as we have seen prices plummet to it cyclical low point in February 2009. As we continue to watch it climb – now reaching 27.3% above that low point, a...
What Every Temecula Real Estate Cash Buyer Need to Know In todays volitile Temecula Real Estate Market, cash buyers may have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating a contract with a quick escrow, but there are still several important considerations that must be taken before rushing into a co...
Probate and the Tax Professional Once again, I find myself disclosing why you should read this series of articles with the understanding that this is not to be considered either Legal or Accounting Advice as I am but a mere mortal REALTOR who has earned the Certified Probate Real Estate Specialis...
Do You Need a Probate Attorney? Acting as the Executor, Administrator or Trustee of an Estate or Trust can seem like a full time job, at times.  If you are reading this series of articles, then you are probably just starting to figure it out.  As I disclosed in the first article of this series, I...
Who’s Who in a Trust? In my previous article, “Who’s Who in a Probate” I covered the roles of an Administrator, an Executor, a Personal Representative (PR).  I talked a little bit about Full Authority and Limited Authority and even discussed Bonds.  I defined, in my own words, what a Fiduciary sh...
Who’s Who in a Probate? Personal Disclaimer I should start this series of article with a disclaimer – I am not the person you want to come to for legal advice when it comes to Probate or any other matter that has legal consequences. I am a REALTOR who has been certified by the U.S. Probate Servic...
 PROPERTY DESCRIPTIONPride of Ownership Abounds in this wonderful Sun City home with views of the Golf Course right across the street from the quiet shaded and covered private patio. Home has many professional designer upgrades and features.Click here to see more information >>   Style: Condo/Tow...
Reading a Property Profile / Preliminary Title Report in Temecula Any Investor or potential home buyer of Temecula real estate should become familiar with the Property Profile and Preliminary Title Report (PTR) to avoid problems prior to closing escrow when purchasing a new home. The Property Pro...
The Probate Process The legal Probate process will generally not be resolved in less than 9 months and normally will not extend much past the 18 month point.  Much depends on the speed and motivation of both the Attorney for the estate and the PR (Personal Representative). This article is the sec...


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