The New York City Department of Finance is implementing a new program to allow propertyowners, lienors, or their designees (or executors/administrators of the estates of owners) toregister to receive electronic notification when a deed or deed-related document, or a mortgage, ormortgage-related d...
    It is often said that home ownership is the American dream. Far too often these dreams are stolen and hopes are dashed through predatory schemes perpetrated by selfish and greedy fraudsters who victimize the innocent simply to enrich themselves. We will continue to investigate such fraudulent...
  Foreclosure fraud, as if times aren't hard enough, is running widespread. A lot of fraudulent companies are in search of desperate homeowners to prey upon and take what little bit of money or equity they have left.   Foreclosure fraud can begin with a knock on the door, a call, a letter in your...
Florida Quality Council- REGISTER NOW!!!!  Quarterly meeting of the Florida Quality Council Please note our South Florida location for this meeting!!! Friday, August 20th, 2010 Registration is available now on-line at Meeting Topics Mortgage Fraud Trends Ann...
  A Massachusetts woman has been indicted in connection with allegedly trying to delay or avoid foreclosure of a home mortgage by falsely reporting the death of her child to the mortgage company, and thereafter knowingly falsifying information in an affidavit filed in, Massachusetts Superior Cour...
The downward trend in the housing market has provided an ideal climate for mortgage fraud perpetrators to employ a myriad of schemes suitable to a down market. Unfortunately, mortgage fraud has been a relatively low-risk, high-yield criminal activity which is accessible to many. Five individuals,...
The most serious type of mortgage fraud is referred to as “fraud-for-profit” and involves multiple loans and an elaborate scheme to gain illegal proceeds from property sales. The most common type of fraud-for-profit is “illegal property flipping,” which usually requires two major ingredients: fal...

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