real estate: Puget sound investors are coming back in to the Real Estate market to buy investment homes. - 02/23/11 05:06 PM
That's right.  Smart investment money is starting to come off the sidelines as those investors recognize the value in Puget Sound real estate.  Prices have adjusted to value levels, and in some cases, way below value levels.  That brings the folks who have been sitting on the bench into the game.  And that is good news because it helps to shape the perception of others. 
Of course it's always about location as location proves value.  A quality product in a quality location at a value price.  That's the shape of the current market.
Should you be buying right now in our … (0 comments)

real estate: How long does my home short sale take to complete after I have a Purchase agreement? - 06/21/10 05:19 AM
The length of time a short sale approval will take is difficult to guess. Here are some estimate, but every lender and every deal is different.
Lenders often find themselves in a tight spot when borrowers default on payments leading often to a foreclosure, or those whose payments are delayed due to various reasons. The approval process in such cases gets delayed and it is not unusual to find bottlenecks along the way, leading to backlogs extending for days, weeks and in some cases, even months at a time.
The short sale process is long and tedious, requiring a detailed set of regulations … (1 comments)

real estate: 2580 sq foot home on West Hill Kent with lots of potential. Great investment potential. - 07/14/08 04:10 PM
Great value and opportunity! 2580 sq. foot one story with finished daylight basement. Home is currently being remodeled and already has a new roof, new windows, new paint in and out, 2 new French doors, and new large deck made of 2X6 pressure treated wood. This home just needs to be completed inside (estimate of $18000 to complete, call for details) Home feature's 4 beds, 3 baths, 2 car gargage, large yard, and deck with views of Kent Valley. Easy commute to all areas and close to shopping. Call for more info or showings. Work is currently being done, so please … (0 comments)

real estate: Questions from a new Real Estate agent in the Seattle, Washington area. - 02/26/08 03:57 AM
I recently was questioned from a new Real Estate agent and thought she had some good questions that I answered......
1. What are the communication skills and personal qualities a person needs to be a successful Real Estate Agent?
Answer- I believe communication is very important. You must be able to communicate and make sure your client understands everything about the transaction. Personal qualities are different for every client, but I think one needs to be enjoyable (because you will spend a lot of time with them), business smart (getting them the best deal), and a problem solver (problems always arise in Real Estate). 2. Should one be … (1 comments)

real estate: Ardell DellaLoggia is building Brio Realty and the rest of us are rising because of it! - 01/21/08 03:05 AM

"Ardell DellaLoggia is demanding and always pushing." And those are good things!
Ardell has helped Brio Realty become a very exciting place to be an agent. Where else could you get the assistance, respect, and help of the finest Broker in the Seattle-Bellevue area? Ardell is always requesting us agents to write blogs, attend seminars, and other things that will help us all in the long run. I feel she wants to make us all succeed and if she does not motivate you...then nobody can!
Her current concern is our sour market condition or at least that is what other agents … (11 comments)

real estate: Sample Hardship letter for a Countrywide short sale on a Bonney Lake WA home. - 01/10/08 01:34 AM
Here is a sample Hardship letter. Feel free to use as a tool for creating a similar type of document.....
RE: Hardship Letter - Short Sale for (property address)
Loan #
Dear Countrywide:
We purchased our home at (Address) in (date) for the price of $(0).  At the time, we were happily married and our jobs supported our home. Towards (date), we had gone through some major relationship challenges and the only option for us was to separate and we did that in (date). We are currently in the process of getting divorced. Unfortunately, with our separation, we could not afford this home anymore and had to vacate … (9 comments)

real estate: Kent, Washington 3 bedroom remodeled home. Close to Auburn, Renton, Seattle, and Bellevue. - 12/04/07 03:22 AM

real estate: Better than new! This Bonney Lake Mountain Vista home has all the upgrade features, Mountain views and close to Lake Tapps. - 11/16/07 03:27 AM

real estate: OPEN HOUSE in West Hill Auburn area near Lake Killarney area! Two open houses to choose from. - 11/08/07 08:38 AM
OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY 10:00am-2:00pm 11/10 Two seperate open houses to choose from!


real estate: Nice 3340 sq foot home in Auburn, Washington sitting on 1.21 acres in the West Hill. - 11/03/07 05:49 AM

real estate: Featured homes for sale in Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, KPS, The Lakes in Washington State - 10/26/07 04:19 AM
5 Featured Listings for the Puget Sound, Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, KPS, The Lakes in Washington State.
 Listing #: 27186765
Price: $499,000Status: Active Beds: 4Baths: 2.75 Sq. Ft.: 3440 Neighborhood: Lake Killarney County: King City: Auburn   Listing #: 27167958 Price: $349,900 Status: Active Beds: 3Baths: 2.00 Sq. Ft.: 2300 Neighborhood: Midland County: Pierce City: Tacoma   Listing #: 27167922 Price: $338,000 Status: Active Beds: 4Baths: 2.50 Sq. Ft.: 2377 Neighborhood: Key Peninsula South County: Pierce City: Lakebay   Listing #: 27168063 Price: $335,900 Status: Active Beds: 3Baths: 2.25 Sq. Ft.: 1680 Neighborhood: Kent County: King City: Kent   Listing #: 27177405 Price: $252,000 … (4 comments)

real estate: Open house in Harbor Reach of "The Lakes" in Kent, Washington. 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium with Lake views - 10/26/07 03:52 AM
Open house this Saturday at 9:00am-1:00pm October 27, 2007. Come look at the Lake views! … (0 comments)

real estate: Builders and/or investors....1.21 acres in West Hill Auburn zoned R-4. 3440 sq ft home. - 10/16/07 08:42 AM

real estate: Could we be hitting a bottom? Some good signs, some bad signs. What's your opinion? - 10/12/07 05:23 AM
 There are many mixed reports right now and they include good signs and bad signs. I usually gauge the Real Estate business on how mine and my office sales are doing and there has been some up-tick in buyer interest for the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area. Here are some of the positives and negatives....and a chart showing the emotional Real Estate cycle. I think the Puget Sound, Washington area is in the Desperation/Panic area of the chart.
Market emotion cycle chart
Positives headlines in the market
1) Mortgage applications up 2.4%. MBA's weekly survey shows that volume moved higher despite an uptick in interest rates; refinancing accounted for 46% of … (6 comments)

real estate: When it rains, it pours! And thats a good thing. - 10/10/07 01:23 PM
 I have been an agent for many years and starting to question the things I have been doing. Obviously, most of us are experiencing a slow market, but it sure seems to weigh on you. Today I had a lot of good things happen and I am back on the happy train! I got mutual acceptance on one of my listings, showed another home that the clients wants to write an offer on, and signed a new listing.
I am not trying to brag, but I just want to offer some support for other agents...Keep planting those seeds and they will sprout before you … (8 comments)

real estate: Home sitting vacant? Try the lease-option and wait the slow market out! - 10/07/07 06:45 PM
FSBO SOLUTIONS MLS Marketing Options Plan Lease your home now! And get a better tenant! My name is Jason and I see that you are leasing your home. I have several clients in the Puget Sound area that are interested in a lease-option a home. If you are willing to lease-option your home, I should be able to quickly find someone. If you are not sure what a lease-option is, I will explain.... A lease-option is basically a lease with an option to purchase your home at a set price, determined by you plus an increase of 4-5% per year. The … (1 comments)

real estate: Don't want to hire a Real Estate agent? Evaluate the whole process first! - 10/02/07 08:05 AM
 List of Pros and cons of selling FSBO (For Sale by Owner)
Selling your home without an agent means More Money. If that's not an incentive, what is? By selling it yourself you save the fees or commissions (thousands of dollars) that you would have to pay an agent. But beware, many people make costly mistakes that will cost much more than hiring an agent plus a lot of undesirable stress.
Real estate agents are paid good money for a reason. Selling a home takes a lot of time and energy. Open houses, dealing with potential buyers, closing sales and dealing … (3 comments)

real estate: The slow Real Estate market is bringing back contingent offers. Here are the pros and cons. - 10/02/07 07:58 AM
Contingent offers and why they are making a comeback.
During the strong sellers' market of recent years, contingencies were rare because buyers were confident they could sell before closing on their next home. Times have changed due to a slower real estate market.
What are Contingent offers???..... A contingency in a purchase contract is a condition that must be satisfied for the sale to go through. With a contingent-sale offer, the deal is not complete until the buyer's home is sold. If the buyer's home doesn't sell, the buyers are usually released from the contract without penalty and the seller's home goes … (2 comments)

real estate: Pictures say a thousand words! Where is the Real Estate Market now? - 09/26/07 05:57 AM
These two charts show normal moves in a Real Estate cycle. Some think the Real Estate market goes straight up. Not true. It is cyclical and I believe we are in the Anxiety (chart 1)and the post boom (chart 2)of the cycle and it will take a bit of time to go through the trough. Here are some charts showing emotional cycles and Business cycles.
Chart 1
Chart 2
What do you think?

real estate: Flipping homes in not as profitable as the shows may state! You can make money but,.. - 09/26/07 04:59 AM
The TV show Flip this House spurred a lot of interest in making money in real estate by flipping houses. However, the show only tells part of the story. Often, the viewer never gets to know if the renovated house sells or not. How can you learn about making money flipping houses if you don't get the entire story on how much profit the investor made? Also, the investors rarely get their hands dirty and hire out all the remodeling, which costs a lot.Another reality show scheduled for The Learning Channel, Property Ladder*, also focuses on the "rehabbing" side of flipping … (3 comments)

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